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    Nov 9, 2012
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    Update 10/9/17 now accepting all offers! Just please keep them respectful and in the realm of reasonable please. If its close we can make a deal, or ill send a counteroffer. Feel free to make them interesting, ill throw in a deluxe or voyager figure or two with a higher priced 3p item or set or something. If you DONT hear back from me, sorry but your offer was prob a smack in the face. Thanks!

    ok i lied, not every generation is present. but alot are!

    Hello all, im purging my collection, cutting loose some duplicates. All prices include paypal fees if you wish to send payment for goods, but do not include shipping.
    I try to ship flatrate, unless the items do not fit, in which case I will get you an estimate. And refund if shipping is actually less, or eat cost if shipping is more. Please, u.s. buyers only.
    I dont hold items, the first person to pay gets items. I accept paypal only.
    feel free to make an offer, but prices are already very low, and kind of set in stone. Unless you are buying multiples, we can work out a deal, or I will pay for shipping, or something. We can work something out if you are buying alot. everything is complete, unless noted. most come with instructions.
    please pm me with any questions, or for any pictures.
    Feedback is in my signature, thanks for looking!

    P.s. I will be posting a want list in the second post of this thread, trades are on the table, but please dont ask for ebay prices in a trade.

    Pps. All items are located in los angeles, ca near lax airport and local pickup/ meetup is welcome

    G1/ G2
    G1 omega supreme parts, have tank, leg parts... etc $5 a piece. tank does not work
    Trypticon, complete except for 1 gun, 1 radar, mini car gun and battery cover $50

    G2 megatron, good condition, with 4 missiles, gun, missile pod $30
    G2 devastator, missing 1 wrist and 1 fist, no weapons $15, comes with ko wrists and fists and gun

    hasbro mp grimlock, most recent release, complete with box $70 and scoria boots are available

    Car robots/ robots in disguise/ r.i.d.

    X brawn rally deco $7
    Super sideburn missing small gold gun $7
    Predacon 3 pack $10 for set
    Build king yellow walmart exclusive $15 complete

    Binaltech/ alternators

    Binaltech skids $20 complete with booklet card, gun
    Alternators battle ravage misb $20
    Alternators, all $15 each
    Optimus prime
    Hot rod
    Buy more than 2 and price drops to $10 each
    (3 for $30, 4 for $40 etc)

    Rotf leader jetfire complete $40

    Deluxes 2 for $10 or $5 each with another purchase
    Guzzle, powerglide, flameburst
    Lockdown (aoe lambo), slug
    Crosshairs, drift, strafe, jolt
    Crankcase, dreadlocks have broken off
    Tuner skids, tuner mudflap

    Voyagers, $10 each
    Platinum evasion optimus (from the aoe/ classics 2 pack)
    rts Strafe
    dotm Skyhammer
    aoe Grimlock

    war for cybertron/ fall of cybertron
    Deluxe, 2 for $10 or $5 each with another purchase
    Ravage/ rumble discs

    Voyager, $10 each
    Blaster, grimlock

    Ruination set of 5, $45 complete

    Classics/ generations/ reveal the shield/ chug/ universe/ combiner wars

    Deluxes 2 for $10 or $5 each with another purchase
    Minicon assault team
    Legends starscream, megatron,optimus, bumblebee ($10 for set of 4)
    Ultimate battle optimus and megatron 10 for pair
    ko thrust, dirge
    Straxus/ darkmount, wheeljack
    Trailbreaker, bumblebee (rts, with black stripes), hoist
    Thunderwing, sky shadow, crosscut

    Voyager $10 each
    Universe prowl (white car), cyberjets $5 each

    Combiner wars g2 superion set $50 mint in box silverbolts fist has been repaired at pin

    3rd Party
    Fansproject "battle gaia". The set includes fansproject flameblast and warcry, white shuttle, orange humvee. All combiner parts from the fansproject reissue ser of explorer and munitioner. The 2 unreleased scouts reverb and gunbarrel, grey tank and green helicopter. Energon barricade. Asking $275 but i am open to offers
    Mmc feral rex predaking. Core 5 members, all complete with all accessories, boxes and paperwork, completion set from tigris $300
    Extra feral rex parts for predacons that came with felisaber included as well
    Oversize felisaber with gun $15 from jinbao set
    Mmc hexatron sixshot $60 complete with box
    X-transbots appollyon masterpiece megatron complete with box $70
    one small defect, black piece on right forearm loose. comes with updated shoulders, not installed
    Defender springer complete with box $30
    Revolver roadbuster complete with box $60
    Intimidator m3 menasor set all complete with boxes $200 shipped
    Function x-6 knight sixknight complete with box $55
    Toyworld orange stage pieces,came with jazz and cosmos. I wont use either one, i have 3. make offer
    Tfc uranos superion set. 5 members, wings of uranos set, amd an oversized silverbolt from the os ko set. The ko torso and 4 limbs give you a warbotron sized superion and all the articulation of the tfc set. $300 obo

    Courageous, grungy, crasher, buggy and slick
    $70 for the whole lot

    Legacy megazord and dragonzord. Both Mint with box. $250 for the pair shipped to the continental u.s.

    Video games
    Super mario world (super mario advance 2)
    Complete with box $20
    Super mario bros 3 (suoer mario advance 4)
    Just game $15
    Pokemon pearl complete with box $20
    New super mario bros ds complete w box $20
    N64 pokemon snap game only $10
    Genesis sonic 1-3 games only $30 for set
    Genesis james pond $5
    Tony hawk proving ground complete $5
    Nfs hot pursuit 2 game only $5
    Ultimate spiderman complete $5
    Simpsons hit and run complete $5
    Gta vice city complete $10
    Batman rise of sin tzu complete $5
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  2. rbarron64

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    Nov 9, 2012
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    want list.
    please people, be kind. i feel my prices are very competitive, so if you want to trade, dont ask for ebay value in exchange for my swap meet prices. thank you! also there are unreleased items on my list, just keeping tabs for myself.

    G1/ reissue/ encore/ ko
    Overlord, at the very least i want the main body, shin guards/ ramps, jet nose
    scamper back/ roof.
    vortex body only is fine (need arms).
    ultra magnus cab only, in good condition (mine has a ton of paint wear).
    Deluxe insecticon barrage
    Ko wheeljack
    Ko black g1 optimus prime
    Micromaster combiners sixwing, sixbuild, sixturbo, sixliner, sixtrain. Reissues prefered for pricing reasons. Only interested in the original colors (except sixwing) unless they are dirt cheap

    mp-36 megatron
    Mp07 takara thundercracker parts- 1 missile pod, stand, pilot, sticker set
    mp09 takara upper body half. let me know what you have. (need to repair mine)

    3rd party
    x transbots beachcomber, cliffjumper
    kfc octane (stratotanker), combiner tapes
    fanstoys hydra sixshot, koot kup, arcee rogue
    Fansproject code virus (black chromedome)
    Fansproject combes (black brainstorm)

    beast wars II, neo
    gigastorm. im interested in most of the others as well tho let me know what you have

    Machine wars (90's kaybee)
    Megaplex, mirage, sandstorm, soundwave, optimus

    car robots/ r.i.d.
    reg prowl need doors

    Model build kits
    Fj cruiser optimus prime
    kotobukiya jets and megatron
    topeam optimus and ultra magnus

    Hummer- red dr0014
    Prius- white eagle dr0010
    Fairlady- police dr0002, silver dr0000
    Hiace- silver dr0005, police dr0028
    Fj- blue dr0007
    Gtr- red dr0030
    Toyota 86- blue dr0018
    Hino- white dr1002
    Alphard- white dr0020
    Cube- blue dr0023

    Soc gaogaigar
    Kob voltron, any version of mp voltron
    Mmw vehicle voltron
    Action toys machine robo motorcycle

    Oddball stuff
    Super gobots Voltron sets, any quirky kos (super combination 17 in 1, ...)

    **pending orders
    swerve, bludgeon @ premiumcollectibles
    Fanstoys terminus @ gcitoys
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  3. lou cipher

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    Jul 4, 2017
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    how's it going my friend, i'm interested in all of the binaltech transformers, will get in touch tomorrow ok my friend.
  4. JazzSanti86

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    Feb 7, 2009
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    I am interested in tuner skids and tuner mudflap
  5. Andrew James

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    Jun 11, 2017
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    BC Canada
    Would you sell just the scoria boots?
  6. rbarron64

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    Nov 9, 2012
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    Bump, im now fielding any offers for figures, see the first post for details. Thanks

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