Boytown are back in 2006!

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    That's right, you heard me, the original boy band are ripping up the charts again! The last time we heard of Boytown was in 1992, when member Benny G left the group to pursue a solo career. Now older, wiser, and not appealing to the younger ladies anymore, the five group members have reformed, and are taking the world by storm once more!

    Seriously, though, if you see the movie come up in your area, and you like a good laugh, go check out Boytown. The music clip for Angel Baby is damned funny, particularly about halfway through (the scene before sets this up beautifully). It's a look at what happens to boy bands after their time in the sun is done.

    Also done by the guys who made Crackerjack, which was a cutting expose of lawn bowls, so if you liked that movie, you'll love this one.

    Go Glenn Robins! It's got some awesome songs. Special Time (of the month), Do Me, Love Handles, and my favourite (well, beyond the two Boytown tracks) is Seasons in the Sun... *sighs* I love Australian movies.

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