Boxed Brave Maximus, Omega Supreme, Sixshot, Jetfire, 20TH Anv Prime for sale

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    Hello, for sale is a mixed lot of transformers.

    Brave Maximus- $500 Comes with all weapons, Massive Sword, Paperwork,
    box and inner box that holds maximus.

    Omega Supreme- $80 Missing 2 or 3 yellow clips. Electronics work fine.
    Comes with instruction booklet and foreign box. Box is C-6.5

    Jetfire- $125 -100% complete. Box is C-7 and has price written on front of box.
    Jetfire has slight yellowing. Has a rip on the lower right bottom that was taped.

    Sixshot- $75 -98% complete. Missing one gun. Comes with box and instruction booklet. Box is C-7 has a rip on the front and back. Still Displays nice.

    Ultra Magnus- $40 -98% complete. Missing 2 red missiles.
    Very nice shape for a vintage figure. Comes with instruction booklet.

    20th Anniversary Optimus Prime- $65 Sealed in box. Box is C-8 and has shelf

    Payment by Paypal.
    I ship to a confirmed address only.
    Thank you.

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