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Discussion in 'Requests' started by Cybertronian, Sep 10, 2009.

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    Howdy, y'all.
    I'm about two-thirds done with 2 seperate Decepticon plane customs that I conceived back in the G2 days (1994). Being almost done with at least one of them, I want to commission box art photos to make custom tech specs from.

    The first one is a female Decepticon made from 100% stock black parts (or at least she will be once my 2nd set of G1 Ramjet wings come in). Darkstar is based on the Ramjet design, and combines G2 Ramjet wings with black elements from G1 Skywarp and the coneheads (Dirge in this case). She is armed with Dirge missiles.

    The second one the G2 Ramjet whose wings were liberated. All teal parts have been swapped out with black ones (from another Dirge or Thundercracker), and he uses Dirge's wings and Classics Skywarp's launchers (which are nearly the same purple color... sort of). When complete, Apparition's wings should be painted a nearly matching purple to the G2 Ramjet fuselage.

    What I want, art-wise:
    • Darkstar: Starting from Dirge's box art, I want her to have Ramjet's wings drawn on, in place of Dirge's. All body parts would be black, except for her face (more of a used charcoal color, from nose to chin), and cockpit (which should be tinted a bluish color, instead of smoke/coffee-colored tint). Her eyes should be reddish. Her decals should come from the following sources -- Thundercracker: kneecaps (blue areas changed to violet), feet; Skywarp: intakes; Starscream/Ramjet: ribcage/midsection. If a more original piece is developed, see if you can make her chest have more in common with a humanoid female chest, as in my drawing I used for her 12-year-old profile page.
    • Appartition: On the cheap, Apparition could start from purple overlain over Dirge's art, and worked from there. If an original piece of art is made though, try to remember that while his body and wings are purple (like G2 Ramjet), his fists, feet, leg jets, afterburners, chest, and arm interior are black (like G1 Dirge, Thrust, etc.). I just recently switched him back from a smoke-colored 1985 cockpit to a bluish G2 cockpit, but either color tint may be used. His weapons should look like Skywarp's (1984 Box Art). His eyes can either be yellow, gold, red, or something in between. His decals should come from the following sources -- Dirge: intakes (red parallel bars changed to magenta -- or not); Skywarp: ribcage/midsection; Skywarp or Thrust: feet (trapezoids -- magenta or not -- near top, Skywarp style); Thundercracker or Skywarp: kneecaps (colored area in Skywarp's violet). Most Skywarp decals are best referenced from Thrust's box art.

    Anyway, thank you for hearing me out, and let me know if either one or both pieces are doable.
    -- Cybertronian.

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