Bought a new DVD set today

Discussion in 'Video Games and Technology' started by Shaun_C, Jul 19, 2006.

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    I bought the Astroboy series on DVD today.I mean the 1980 colored version not the 1963 black and white version.

    It's pretty cool as I haven't seen Astroboy for over a decade.

    My ONE disapointment is that this set only has 51 out of the 52 episodes.This set is missing the episode that takes place before Astro joins the robot circus.The episode I'm refering to is the episode in which he first meets Atlas:redface2: 

    I'm actually going to e-mail Manga Entertainment after a night's sleep to see why that episode was skipped.Kind of a let down since it's an important episode.

    But oh well still it's a good set and pretty cheap as far as DVD sets go

    This is probably the last set I'll buy for a while.The next DVD set I'll buy will most likely be Thundercats S2 V2 available near the end of the year

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