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Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Darkhawk79, Jun 17, 2006.

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    Jan 15, 2005
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    Here's a list of my wants and then a list of my trade


    Cyclonus gun
    Mirage gun
    Scorponok parts
    Fort Max parts
    White omnibot not sure of his name
    ALT. Hound and Sideswipe and Swerve but he's hard to come by
    Gnaw tail weapon
    Missles for decepticon jets
    Jazz gun
    some g1 hero's of cybertron pvc


    Some Trypticon parts
    Bumblejumper in mint condition
    Omega Supreme in box and works
    Soundwave with box complete but no bubble
    Splashdown in box with bubble still sealed
    Landmine in box bubble open but complete
    Waverider in box with bubble still sealed
    AM Starscream, Over-run, and Axer in box like they came off the store shelf complete and still tied down
    I also have some parts for combiners
    Jetfire kinda needs help but i do have most of his parts including gun clip
    Many different micromaster some still in package
    Metal transformer lunchbos with thermos
    Many other parts to bot just let me know what your looking for and i'll get back with ya
    I also have AM Blaster in package complete
    Many g2 just let me know which ones your looking for but no combiners.
    Transformer find your fate jr books and some other books with records.
    I have the center piece to reflector and the gun to all 3 bots
    Also have bots with no weapons let me know what you need.

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