BOTS 2011 Dutch Transformers Convention.

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    My fellow Transformer Fans.

    Tomorrow is finally the day. After working very very hard and long, the Transformers Convention known as BOTS in the Netherlands will start.

    From 12:00 till 17:00 you are all welcome at the Crown Business Studio's in Aalsmeer. Very close to Schiphol Airport Amsterdam. We've arranged a huge studio floor filled to the max with Dealers from the Netherlands and even from Germany.

    Thanks to Hasbro the Netherlands, we're going to show all the new Transformers from the upcoming movie "Dark of the Moon". But that's not all... Hasbro has also given us boxes filled to the max with Transformers for us to give away as prizes... YES... you've read correctly... Like last year we've got several ways for you to win awesome Transformer prizes.

    Several ways to win Transformers... We've got the Nerf Challange... shoot darts at Starwars figures in order to win Transformers... we've got a lottery going the entire day. Buy tickets in order to win awesome Transformer Prizes at the end of the day. For the little fans among us... we've got a drawing contest going on in the kids corner. Next to that... we've also got comic artists who are showing their art work and they will draw your favourite Transformer. Also an overhead projector will be at the comics artist stand which will show all visitors how comics are drawn.

    For all the news, dealers listings, events and more... check our website.


    And check out the announcement trailer on youtube.

    YouTube - ‪BOTSnl's Channel‬‏

    So... if you are still looking for that one specific Transformer, or you wish to update your collection with the latest and newest Transformers, then come over... Tomorrow Sunday the 22nd of May 2011.
    The Address of the location is... Van Cleeffkade 15, 1431 BA Aalsmeer. About 5 Kilometers from Schiphol airport. The location has got a Huge free parking garage at the Studio location.

    So come all to the BOTS-NL Transformers Convention of the Netherlands.

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