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    Over the past few months, I've been spending my spare time putting together my own ideas for Botcon sets, and I wanted to share them. I didn't really know where to put this so I put it here, because I don't have any Digibashing equipment. Also, if one of the robot ideas has been done by someone else... don't kill me.:eek:  So far, I have amounted 18 different sets. Here they are:

    The Beast Paradox

    A Beast Wars / Universe Set. In the far future, Galvatron has ordered that his Predacons construct a new Teleport Gate using some schematics form the first one. During construction, an attack by Lio Convoy and his team of Maximals causes the machine to malfunction and pulls Megastorm, Dirge, and Thrust into a rip in time. Meanwhile on a Pre-Beast Wars Cybertron, Megatron has hired Scavenger to aid Dinobot in digging up something near the coast of the Rust Sea, and Optimus Primal has sent Blacharachnia, Optimus Minor, and Cybershark to spy on them. The Predacons have found and dug up the bodies of Trypticon and Sky Lynx. By placing his spark in a blank protoform, Megatron revieves Trypticon as a mighty 3-headed dragon. The rest of the Maximals arrive and battle ensues. As they fight, Optimus Primal removes the spark of Sky Lynx and revieves him to counter Trypticon. As the battle goes on, the rip in time spews the Future Predacons into the fold, along with Tankor. Now, with the apposing factions battling, and Megastorm plotting under Trypticon's sparkless body, everything must be righted, and the time rip closed before all of the universe is destroyed.

    Main Set
    M - Energon Sharkticon = Cybershark
    M - Cybertron Thunderblast = Blackarachnia
    P - RID Bludgeon = Megastorm
    P - Cybertron Thundercracker = Thrust
    P - Cybertron Thundercracker = Dirge

    Set 1
    M - Cybertron Hardtop = Optimus Minor
    P - Cybertron Menasor = Scavenger

    Set 2

    A - Beast Wars Transmetal II Tigerhawk = Sky Lynx
    D - Cybertron Scourge = Trypticon

    V - Cybertron Demolisher = Tankor

    The Pit of Destruction

    An Animated Set
    . Some organization is kidnapping Autobots and Decepticons alike. The Autobot Elite Guard is being put in to investigate these kidnappings, and their chief detective, Nightbeat, is put on the case. By allowing to be kidnapped, he finds out that the captured robots are being force into gladitorial combat by a tyrant called Clench. In the holding chambers, he meets an Autobot named Bluestreak, and hears about how Clench and his thugs destroyed his home town, and how he was the only survivor. He also meets the other Autobot prisoners, T. Wrecks, Firestar, Outback, and Afterburner. The fights continue, until in comes down to a one-on-one fight between Nightbeat, and the big 'bot Clench for freedom.

    Main Set
    A - Rodimus Minor = Nightbeat
    A - Jazz = Bluestreak
    D - Ultra Magnus = Clench
    D - Jetfire = Darkwing
    D - Jetstorm = Dreadwind

    Set 1
    A - Grimlock = T. Wrecks
    D - Blitzwing = Overcharge

    Set 2
    A - Arcee = Firestar
    D - Blackout = Spinister

    Set 3
    A - Swindle = Outback
    D - Starscream = Thrust

    A - Prowl = Afterburner

    Country Road

    An Animated Set. The group of Earth-Loving Autobots, The Music Lover: Blaster, The Nature Fanatic: Beachcomber, The Biker Chick: Mudbath, The Jokester: Freeway, and The Recyclist: Landfill, have set up camp in the woods around the outskirts of Detroit. They can be heard faintly in the surrounding areas, sing their music. "Country Road! Take me home! To the place, I belong! Vector Sigma! Country Road..." But one night, a convoy of destructive Decepticons ran through the woods, destroying everything in their path, making their way towards Detroit, to challenge the Autobots that took down Megatron. Now these Peaceful Autobots must do what they can to stop this powerful onslaught.

    Main Set
    A - Soundwave w/ Laserbeak = Blaster w/ Sundor
    A - Jazz = Beachcomber
    D - Bulkhead = Roadblock
    D - Swindle = Growl
    D - Arcee = Flamewar

    Set 1
    A - Wreck-Gar = Landfill
    D - Blazing Lockdown = Ditrius

    Set 2
    A - Oil Slick = Mudbath
    D - Prowl = Axer

    A - Bumblebee = Freeway

    Attack of the Autobots

    A Shattered Glass Set. Galvatron and his heroic Decepticons have set up a new power station on Cybertron to provide much more power to the whole planet. Joining him, are Octane, who is happy to give Galvatron all the fuel he needs, Shockwave, the easy-going guardian, and the Battlechargers, Runabout and Runamuck. At the opening ceremony of the power station, they are attacked by a destructive group of Autobots. Inferno, the pyromaniac, Roadbuster, the reserved, obedient warrior, Smokescreen, the loud, hothead, Grapple, the architect that build masterpieces just to see them blow up, and Overload, the micromaster that has a big surprise in store for those goody-goody Decepticons...

    Main Set
    D - Cybertron Evac = Galvatron
    D - Universe 2.0 Tankor = Octane (Sandstorm)
    A - Armada Overload = Overload (Roughstuff)
    A - Cybertron CD Hotshot = Roadbuster (Venom)
    A - Universe 2.0 Prowl = Smokescreen (Thundercracker)

    Set 1
    D - Energon Shockblast = Shockwave (Astro Magnum)
    A - Universe 2.0 Inferno = Inferno (Cindersaur)

    Set 2
    D - Cybertron Runamuck = Runabout (Twin Twist)
    A - Cybertron Mudflap = Grapple (Load Hauler)

    D - Cybertron Runamuck = Runamuck (Topspin)

    The First Mission

    A G1 Set. On a far-off planet, the mighty Decepticon Thunderwing has set up a massive factory to produce weapons. One of these weapons has been described a an 'organic shell,' as heard in spy reports. Now, a new group of Autobots has been set in to shut down production of these weapons. Little do they know, they will need these 'shells' if they are to triumph.

    Main Set
    A - Energon Slugslinger = Doubleheader
    A - Cybertron Buzzsaw = Sky High
    A - Cybertron Ransack = Vroom
    D - Cybertron Starscream = Thunderwing
    D - Cybertron Unicron = Bludgeon
    D - Cybertron Demolisher = Skullgrin

    Set 1
    A - Cybertron Evac = Crossblades
    D - Energon Starscream = Roadgrabber

    Set 2

    A - Energon Ravage = Catilla
    D - Cybertron Snarl = Carnivac


    A - Cybertron Overhaul = Longtooth

    The Universal Conflict

    A Universe Set. As Nexus Prime travels from Universe to Universe in search of Prima's Star Saber, little does he know that this traveling can cause universal disturbances. These disturbances cause spacial rifts to appear in many universes, dragging some inhabitants into a blank universe; a dark void surrounded by large chunks of floating rubble. Now Nexus Prime must end the ensuing battle, and return the inhabitants, and blah, blah, blah...

    Main Set
    A - Cybertron Clocker = G1 Swerve
    A - Universe 2.0 Dinobot = Beast Wars Grimlock
    D - Classics Ramjet = Shattered Glass Dirge
    D - Energon Shockblast = Revenge of the Fallen Soundwave
    R - Universe 2.0 Hound = Gobot Jeeper Creeper

    Set 1
    A - Classics Mirage = RID Skid-Z
    D - Armada Red Alert = Power Core Combiner Smolder

    Set 2

    A - Cybertron Brimstone = Animated Swoop
    A - Armada Terrorsaur = Linkage Ravenus

    D - Universe 2.0 Sideswipe = G2 Rage

    Demon in the Dark

    An Animated Set. An Autobot citizen, Glyph, is asked to the Metroplex due to her extensive studies in ancient languages. A Decepticon, Wildrider, was captured by the Elite Guard and information about a cult and some ancient language was retrieved from him. Now with the aid of her workmates, Fixit and Dealer, along with Elite Guard members Jackpot, Crossblades, and Roadbuster, she must help stop the cult leader, Galvatron, and his followers from performing a dark ritual to revive the monstrous fiend of Cybertronian lore, Unicron. Little does she know, one of her closest friends has been forcibly reprogrammed...

    Main Set
    A - Bumblebee = Glyph
    A - Ratchet = Fixit
    A - Jazz = Jackpot
    AD - Longarm / Shockwave = Dealer / Doubledealer
    D - Cybertron Mode Megatron = Galvatron
    D - Starscream = Airwave

    Set 1

    A - Blackout = Crossblades
    D - Lugnut = Stormcloud

    Set 2

    A - Swindle = Roadbuster
    D - Samurai Prowl = Bludgeon


    D - Blurr = Wildrider

    Rivals of War

    A Beast Wars II Set. This tells the stories of the individuals of the Insectron team, and how the rivalry began between them and the Autorollers.

    Main Set
    M - Cybertron Evac = Bigmos
    M - Cybertron Runamuck = Powerhug
    M - Cybertron Hardtop = Drillnuts
    P - Energon Demolisher = Autostinger
    P - Cybertron Landmine = Autocrasher

    Set 1
    M - Cybertron Longrack = Mantis
    P - Cybertron CD Hotshot = Autolauncher

    Set 2
    M - Cybertron Buzzsaw = Tonbot
    P - Cybertron Thundercracker = Autojetter


    M - Cybertron Brakedown = Scissorboy

    Assault on Ragalis V

    A Beast Wars / Beast Machines Set. On the floral planet of Ragalis V, a science patrol of Maximals are stationed, studying the local plant species. Botanica, the Plant expert, Rooter, top Xenologist, Terra, the perky female soldier, Sunburn, the Healer, and Raincloud, the Uppity Air Defender. In the midst of their study, the planet is attacked by a Team of Predacons gathered from all around the galaxy by Iguanus. In order to save the native species, Botanica and her team use all of their collected data to make risky way to fight back...

    Main Set
    M - Cybertron Thunderblast = Botanica
    M - Energon Strongarm = Rooter
    M - Cybertron Red Alert = Sunburn
    P - Cybertron Wreckloose = Transmetal II Iguanus
    P - Energon Scorpinok = Transmetal Scorpinok

    Set 1
    M - Cybertron Clocker = Terra
    P - Universe 2.0 Dinobot = Hardhead

    Set 2
    M - Energon Skyblast = Raincloud
    P - Universe 2.0 Cheetor = Shadow Panther

    P - Cybertron Scrapmetal = Predacon Scout Drone

    Rise of a Leader

    An Animated Set. A story that shows the origins of the current Autobot leader. Back in the olden days, a group of young Autobots were put through some advanced training, by order of Xeta Magnus, and left in the hands of Landmine Minor. These Autobots showed the most promising results in boot camp, with Dion being at the top of the rankings. One day during training, the camp is attacked by a rouge group of Decepticons, calling themselves, The Primitives. With these Decepticons on the warpath towards the Autobots main headquarters, these Autobots must stand up and fight to stop these Decepticons and save their cause.

    Main Set
    A - Cybertron Mode Optimus Prime = Dion
    A - Bulkhead = Landmine Minor
    A - Samurai Prowl = Vroom
    D - Grimlock = Trypticon
    D - Blackarachnia = Crystal Widow

    Set 1
    A - Arcee = Beta
    D - Waspinator = Buzz Saw

    Set 2
    A - Cybertron Mode Ratchet = Skids
    D - Snarl = Killerpunch

    D - Swoop = Terrorsaur

    Fuel Smuggler’s Paradise

    A G1 Set. The Thieving Decepticons, Airwave and Greasepit, have joined forces. With some hired guns, they have set out to steal fuel from all over Cybertron. With the trans-galactic sale of the stole fuel, they have built their own fortress with every commodity imaginable. One of their victims, Pipes, and the tracker, Rollbar, have set out with some other victims to put an end to their fuel smuggling once and for all.

    Main Set

    A - Cybertron Deluxe Optimus Prime = Pipes
    A - Universe 2.0 Hound = Rollbar
    D - Cybertron Jetfire = Airwave
    D - Cybertron Dirtboss = Greasepit
    D - Universe 2.0 Cyclonus w/ Nightstick = Misfire w/ Aimless

    Set 1
    A - Cybertron Evac = Blazemaster
    D - Cybertron Thundercracker = Windsweeper

    Set 2
    A - Energon Rodimus = Oiler
    D - Cybertron Hotshot = Road Hugger

    A - Energon Demolisher = Wideload

    Missing in Action

    A G1 Set. The Decepticon Starscream has set up a suborbital battle station inside of Earth's atmosphere. An Autobot squad of Jackpot, Tyrannitron, and Powerflash, was sent to destroy the battle station, but they were overpowered by Starscream's troops, with only Tyrannitron being able to escape. By heading back to base, he has brought along a stronger team of Autobots to raid the platform, save the captured Autobots, and destroy the platform itself.

    Main Set
    A - Energon Cruel-Lock = Tyrannitron
    A - Cybertron Hotshot = Rad
    A - Cybertron Evac = Windmill
    D - Universe 2.0 Silverbolt = Gutcruncher
    D - Classics Starscream = Action Master Starscream

    Set 1
    A - Cybertron Backstop = Top Heavy
    D - Energon Divebomb = Screech

    Set 2
    A - Classics Jetfire = Powerflash
    D -Cybertron Starscream = Krok

    Set 3
    A - Universe 2.0 Prowl = Jackpot
    D - Energon Downshift = Axer

    D - Energon Ravage = Catgut

    Operation: Sandstorm Infiltration

    A ROTF Set. The N.E.S.T. team has intercepted Decepticon transmissions being sent into space by a Decepticon warlord, named Banzai-tron, hiding out in the Victoria Desert in Australia. A team of desert combat designated Autobots was sent out, lead by Crossblades and his partner, Stinger. Little do they realize that Banzai-tron as amassed his own forces to defend himself. The N.E.S.T. team must now get to Australia and stop Banzai-tron and end his mysterious transmissions.

    Main Set
    A - 2007 Evac = Crossblades
    A - 2007 Scorpinok = Stinger
    A - Revenge of the Fallen Brawn = Outback
    D - Revenge of the Fallen Bludgeon = Banzai-tron
    D - Revenge of the Fallen Breakaway = Windsheer

    Set 1
    A - 2007 Stockade = Ironfist
    D - Revenge of the Fallen Recon Ironhide = Roadblock

    Set 2
    A - Revenge of the Fallen Dune Runner = Gunrunner
    D - 2007 Brawl = Bombshell


    D - Revenge of the Fallen Knockout = Flywheels

    Dawn of a New Generation

    A G2 Set
    . In a new era of Earth, a Decepticon named Clench has assembled a team of Decepticons to attack Earth's major cities and take them over. At the Autobot headquarters stationed on Earth, Professor Gobots sends out a call for help, and the Protectobots Hotspot, Streetwise, and First Aid are sent to help. With some new technology from Professor Gobots, they have their weapons upgraded to combat this new breed of Decepticons. Now they must fight off these Decepticon attacks to save the Earth from Decepticon tyranny.

    Main Set
    A - Universe 2.0 Inferno = G2 Hotspot
    A - Cybertron Crosswise = Professor Gobots
    A - Energon Downshift = G2 Streetwise
    D - Energon Rodimus = Clench
    D - Energon Bulkhead = Powerdive

    Set 1
    A - Universe 2.0 Sunstreaker = Windbreaker
    D - Energon Prowl = Jetstorm

    Set 2

    A - Cybertron First Aid = G2 First Aid
    D - Cybertron Lugnutz = Road Pig


    D - Classics Ramjet = G2 Ramjet

    A Beast Machines Set. A team of Maximals stationed on a far-off planet, Quickstrike, Geckobot, Sky Dive, and Snarl, return to Cybertron, only to find it under the control of Megatron and his Vehicon hordes. Now they must team up with Optimus Primal's Maximals to fight their way through the ensuing waves of Vehicon drones to survive and try to stop this madness.

    Main Set

    M - Cybertron Snarl = Quickstrike
    M - Cybertron Wreckloose = Geckobot
    V - Universe 2.0 Onslaught = Strika
    V - Energon Prowl = Mirage
    V - Cybertron Ransack = Thrust

    Set 1
    M - Cybertron Brimstone = Sky Dive
    V - Energon Starscream = Spy Streak

    Set 2
    M - Cybertron Leobreaker = Snarl
    V - Cybertron Longrack = Scavenger

    V - Cybertron Scattorshot = Blastcharge

    Road War

    A G1 Set. On a leisurely drive, the Autobot Tracks intercepts a transmission from a Decepticon convoy on his scanner. He hears that the Decepticons are transporting weapons-grade uranium and weapon structures to their base through an old, abandoned section of highway. As soon as he hears this, he report it to the Omnibot, Downshift, who sends out a signal to all other Autobots in the area to meet up at that area to intercept the convoy.

    Main Set
    A - Cybertron Blurr = Tracks
    A - Cybertron Crosswise = Downshift
    D - Cybertron CD Hotshot = Roadblock
    D - Energon Demolisher = Long Haul
    D - Energon Cliffjumper = Ruckus

    Set 1
    A - Universe 2.0 Ironhide = Trailbreaker
    D - Cybertron Mudflap = Stonecruncher

    Set 2
    A - Cybertron Ransack = Override
    D - Energon Hotshot = Dead End

    A - Classics Rodimus = Sizzle

    Siege on the Rust Sea

    A G1 Set. On an island in the middle of the Rust Sea, a small Autobot research facility has come across an amazing technology that can degrade any material into raw Energon. This facility is guarded by the marine transport, Broadside, the scout, Waverider, and a group of Autobots, sent there to be guards as punishment for problems they had caused. Getaway had broken into and shut down what he though was a Decepticon weapons factory, but what was an Autobot defense station, then tried to escape, but was caught. Slapdash had been put in charge of transporting an alien ambassador, but accidentally forgot her, and she was kidnapped, but later rescued. Swerve had been distracted while driving and drove through an Autobot power station and destroyed the equipment there. Now Megatron has ordered a squad of powerful Decepticons to raid the island and steal the technology, with this band of misfits on guard.

    Main Set
    A - Universe 2.0 Sideswipe = Getaway
    A - Classics Mirage = Slapdash
    D - Cybertron Brimstone = Cutthroat
    D - Energon Mirage = Cannonball
    D - Cybertron Optimus Primal = Apeface

    Set 1
    A - Armada Tidal Wave = Broadside
    D - Energon Sharkticon = Submarauder

    Set 2
    A - Energon Rodimus = Swerve
    D - Cybertron Undermine = Cindersaur


    A - Cybertron Shortround = Waverider

    Big Trouble in Little Iacon

    A G1 Set. On the planet of Cybertron, previously known as Gorlam Prime, a new race of Cybertronianesque live has emerged from a transformation unlike any other. Now with The Expanse closed on this planet, everything was in peace, until the Decepticons returned to plunder the resources of this planet. They claimed to be protecting the planet, in exchange for some materials, but some of the planet's inhabitants saw through that. Most joined sides with the Decepticons, but a group of rebels had heard of these Decepticons and sent a distress signal to the Autobots, but there was no answer. Now, this band of rebels must remove these Decepticons from their world.

    Main Set
    A - Cybertron Armorhide = Overload
    A - Energon Rodimus = Powertrain
    A - Cybertron Starscream = Groundshaker
    D - Cybertron Buzzsaw = Tracer
    D - Classics Mirage = Barricade

    Set 1
    A - Cybertron Thundercracker = Eagle Eye
    D - Universe 2.0 Silverbolt = Vanquish

    Set 2
    A - Cybertron Dirtboss = Hydraulic
    D - Energon Demolisher = Cement-Head

    Set 3
    A - Energon Downshift = Trip-Up
    D - Cybertron Crosswise = Detour

    D - Cybertron Demolisher = Bombshock
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