Botcon Roomate/ road trip Tread

Discussion in 'Transformers Conventions and Get Togethers' started by gen1fan, Jul 20, 2006.

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    Ok , Suprise that this tread has not be start on this board.

    As this will be my 1st botcon show. I see that some member would like to go but the price of the rooms and the toy set are making it hard on some of the member. If you have a hotel room booked aready and are looking for someone to to help out with the bill post here that You have a room and that you are looking for a roommate. Or the same goes the other way.

    As for me at this time I have myself and 3 other people in my room so I'm full in my room. I'm looking for 1 maybe 2 more people for the road trip to botcon.

    I'm out of Virginia Beach, Va. So if you some where on the way to Botcon. I can pick up, All I ask is that you help out with the gas bill. Bascily my route is I-64 all the way.
    So if you are in one of the following cities or closet to and you are thinking of going to botcon but money is tight let me know And I will get you all the info.
    Tide Water ARea of Va
    Richmond , VA
    Charlottesville, Va
    Waynesboro, Va
    Staunton, Va
    Lexington, Va
    Covington, Wv
    Charleston, Wv
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    man if i were in va i would totally ride with you... would really help that staggering airfare price

    and I'd be willing to go in on/split a room if anybody's interested...

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