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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by masterjetfire, Feb 12, 2009.

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    Okay im new to this transformers thing

    This is my first year im going to attend botcon...
    but I dont know how this procces works or what i have to do.
    How do i get the speicial figure, do i have to buy it??
    What is with this membership thing?

    Can someone who had been to botcon tell me how this preocces works, im going for the whole weekend.
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    Get the primus package then you get the boxset plus the free atendee figure and then you buy the other figures.
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    There are a number of threads on this subject, you can use the search function to retrieve them.

    However, as a quick guide:

    The website will have a preregistration form. On that form, you can register for the 'Primus' (full attendee) package. This will get you into the show and get you the large box set, plus the attendee figure. There will also be other events, including a dinner that you can add to your package, as well as the option to buy a loose set, and other items. Once completed, you send in the form via phone or fax, and you'll get a confirmation. You should also be aware that all the figures are limited in number, and since they work on a first come, first serve, you should get your form in ASAP. In some years they even sold out of box sets well ahead of Botcon.

    At the show, you can then buy the smaller figure sets and whatever else you have the funds for at the show.

    As there's a discount for being a club member and attending the convention, the discount exceeds the membership fee for joining the club, so if you're not a member, you should join the club (you can join the club on the registration form), which will get you that years club exclusive free figure as well as the newsletter and whatnot, essentially for free and you save a few bucks on your package.

    I would be remiss if I didn't point out that for a lot of fans, Botcon is a very expensive show, with the Box set and the other figures being rather expensive due to their exclusiveness, so don't think this will be a cheap show and you get a lot of free toys from it. This is usually why there's many threads with pages upon pages of people complaining about the figure selection and price.

    Oh, and for the sake of others, please remember to shower.

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