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    With Botcon fast approaching I've decided to let go of some of my previous exclusives in lieu of some that I may have missed and/or this year's attendee only (just in case Liokaiser doesn't come through).

    All of the items were bought by myself at each year's Botcon event and well cared for. Adult owned, used primarily for display purposes in a smoke free environment. Unless otherwise noted, they are all sealed, MISB. Pictures available by request. Now onto the list!

    Arcee (pre-registrant version w/ Susan Blu voice chip) - Battery may have died, but still a beautiful piece to own.

    Cyclonus - Beast Machines ultra Jetstorm redeco of G1 character.

    Shokaract - minty G1 like packaging!

    Roulette/Shadow Striker - OTFCC 2 pack featuring the RID Dodge Viper mold w/ new female head sculpts. Brittle plastic window, but mine is wrinkle/hole free!

    Trading for (must be complete, at least MIB and C8.5):

    Ricochet (2008 attendee freebie)
    2008 attendee only exclusives
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