Botcon Dolphin Reservation for Trade and exlusives needed

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    I've got a problem. My employer is sending me to a conference this summer in Sydney, Australia, and my wife and I want to make it into a vacation. This means a lot of the money I would use on Botcon needs to go to that trip instead. I did reserve a room at the Disney Dolphin hotel from I believe the sunday before the show to the sunday the show ends. If someone needs a room there, let me know and I can change the reservation to your name.

    I need some help though. Although I can't attend this year, I still need all the convention exclusives (I can't help myself). This includes the attendee only primus figure (i'll be ordering the non-attendee primus package), the show-only souveniers, and maybe a couple other show only things (like the convention comic, a tshirt, and lithograph).

    I've made this offer before, and I'm making it again; I will pay these amounts to whoever can promise to help me out:

    $80 for the attendee only figure
    150% for the souvenier figures and other exclusive items (150% before tax)
    Actual shipping costs
    Any reasonable packaging costs (like if you have to buy tape and a box)
    All Paypal Fees

    If anyone needs the room at the Dolphin and can help me out, pleaes let me know ASAP!


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