BotCon Cyclonus, "Armada" Dinobots FT, need Alts, Cyb. Primus

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Galaxy Convoy, Jul 30, 2006.

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    Got a MISB, unopened, 2002 BotCon Cyclonus for trade. I'd like to trade for the following 3 Alts:

    Alt. Prime
    Alt. Mirage
    Alt. Camshaft

    All preferably MISB, unopened. Box condition doesn't matter, just as long the figures inside are fine.

    I also have all 3 sets of the Wal-Mart Dinobots that were released during Armada. They're MOSC, with minimal wear on the cards. There are a couple very minor creases. Looking for a Cybertron Primus, preferably with the Unicron head, MISB and unopened. I'll trade all 3 sets(6 Dinobots) for it. Again, box condition doesn't matter, just as long as the figure and contents inside are fine.

    Cyclonus -
    The Dinobots -

    Thanks for looking.

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