Botcon Banzai-tron for trade/sale; Botcon Skyquake wanted

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by Octavius Prime, Aug 25, 2012.

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    So, at Botcon 2010, I traded some stuff for the 2009 bagged set of Banzai Tron and Skyquake. Mostly for resale/trade purposes. In fact, I ended up trading Skyquake right there in the dealer room for an Aveo Swerve, which I was fine with. I intended to sell BT later on. Never did, and I've only opened him to take alt mode pics; never transformed. Any how, I was wondering if there are any of you with a sort of opposite situation, as I'm willing to trade my Banzai Tron for a Skyquake (damn dude keeps popping up in other continuities now...). MISB would be nice, but not essential; however, I would want the bio card and obviously have the toy be intact with both weapons.

    Alternatively, if you don't have a Skyquake to trade but want BT, shoot me an offer (has to be enough for me to afford a Skyquake, natch) and I'll consider it.

    Also, does anyone have an extra Target Nemesis Prime "anchor" missile they'd like to get rid of? I know that's a long shot, but a few years back I somehow lost the left leg's launcher panel and missile. I just managed to buy the launcher panel off ebay the other day, but it doesn't have the missile. And, as far as I know, no one's listing the missile on ebay at the moment.

    Also, just putting this back out there, but for a decent offer I still have a essentially unused Botcon 2010 boxset I intend to sell (I'm keeping the bagged set).


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