Botcon 2012 set pieces for sale

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by n10zguy, Jan 7, 2012.

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  1. n10zguy

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    Aug 13, 2003
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    Botcon 2012 boxset pieces for sale

    Okay my friend decided after I placed the order that he no longer wants his sets, so I am going to be offering the individual pieces here up for grabs.

    The rules are simple. Priority goes to the first person who is ready to pay and higher priority is given to people wanting to purchase multiple items. Prices listed do not include shipping, but I will offer free shipping to anyone buying 3 or more pieces and an additional $20 off for anyone buying an entire set. The listed prices are in effect for as long as the Primus/Iacon packages are still available for sale but once they are sold out (which, considering that the Primus packages were 50% gone within 1.5 hours of the registration going up, will be very soon) the prices will increase so secure your pieces now.

    Payment is paypal only sent as a gift. I have some feedback on here in the Junkion exchange but they are all as a buyer. I have 910 (100%) feedback on ebay under the username "n10zguy". I have been a member of the TF community for many years (you can find me on all the major boards including the TFCC board under this same username) and I have never screwed anyone over and have no intention of starting now. :) 

    Here is what is up for grabs:

    2 - SG Ultra Magnus - $70 each
    2 - SG Soundwave - $70 each
    2 - SG Tracks - $70 each
    2 - SG Treadshot - $70 each
    2 - Classics Metalhawk - $70 each
    2 - Classics Gigatron - $110 each

    Send me a PM with what you want and I will respond to everyone in the order in which they are received.

    Look forward to doing business with you. :) 
  2. Sol Fury

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    Sorry dude, Junkion rules are no pre-sales, we need you and everyone else to wait until you have things in hand before you start selling.
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