Botcon 2010 Rapido/Cindersaur FOR TRADE

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by zuffyprime, Jul 3, 2010.

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    Hi guys,
    I have an extra set of the Botcon 2010 Rapido/Cindersaur set.
    The set is 100% sealed.

    (also have a Botcon 2007 set: springer/huffer which I'm selling)

    I'm interested in trading. I would also sell it outright.

    I'm Looking for the following:
    Energon Galvatron:
    Galvatron (2005) - Decepticon -

    Primal Prime:
    Primal Prime (2000) - Maximal Prime of Justice -

    Universe/ Classics:
    Ultra Magnus & Skywarp two pack

    Transformers Collectors Club: Punch/ Counterpunch

    Binaltech Figs:
    Shockwave, Jaguar Ravage, Prowl etc... (already have sideswipe, jazz, convoy), not interested in repaints except for swerve.

    G1 Headmasters

    G1 Chinese k/o figs (ie) the MIB G1 figs like octane, springer, cyclonus etc...)

    Burning Convoy - clear translucent plastic 96 bw optimus primal

    Botcon Tigertron

    Botcon Arcee

    Botcon BW Optimus Primal

    Botcon evil Hotrod

    SDCC nemesis prime

    Botcon Apelinq

    SDCC Soundwave

    Lmk thanks!

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