Botcon 2010, Arcee, Legends Devy, Scorponok, MOTUC

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    Just got my credit bill and realized that I need to recoup some of my costs. All items for sale are new and MOSC/MIB unless noted.

    Botcon 2010 box set (all 5 figures, paperwork, comic, missing pin) - $375
    Animated Arcee - $18
    ROTF Legends Devastator (Walmart Exclusive) $36
    BW Scorponok (loose and complete with two missiles and bee/claw) - $45

    He-Man vs Superman TRU 2 pack - $34
    Skeletor vs Lex TRU 2 pack - $34
    Orko (Matty version not SDCC version) - $36
    Mo-Larr vs Skeletor - $47

    Willing to trade for:
    Overlord Box
    G2 Skyquake
    Big and small guns for Octopunch
    TFCC Punch/Counterpunch
    Choro Q Prime and Megatron
    BW TM2 Blackarachnia

    PM me if you're interested or have any questions. Thanks!

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