Botcon 2009 Landshark, Flak and Thunderclash

Discussion in 'Wanted Items' started by metrotitan, Mar 25, 2009.

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    After getting several PM's responding to my Kup thread (telling me that he's going to be very highly sought after, and thus expensive), I'm switching gears and asking for one of these guys instead. I figured Kup would be one of the guys nobody wanted (what do I know).

    If anyone out there is in fact just getting the set just for Kup and Scourge, and wants to trade/sell one or more of the other guys, I'd love to talk. I'd be willing to part with some of my better stuff for them, or possibly buy (or do a part buy/part trade). Some stuff I'd be offering for trade would include:

    - MISB Dark Retribution WST Dinobot GiftSet
    - Botcon '02 Sunstreaker
    - Hasbrotoyshop Exclusive set MISB (Dragstrip, Overkill, Optimus, Megatron)
    - MIB Titanium G1 color Magnus
    - MISB Titanium TRU exclusive Grimlock and Prowl
    - Energon Grimlock/Swoop MIB
    - Energon Galvatron MIB (some damage to bubble)
    - Armada Optimus MISB
    - MISB Alternators Mirage
    - MISB Binaltech Blue Prowl
    - MISB Binaltech Argent Meister
    - MISB Binaltech Arcee
    - MIB Binaltech Bluestreak (box has dinged corner)
    - MOTUC He-Man (still waiting on a trade, but available in the meantime)
    - Sony PSP w/games.

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