Botcon 2007 Thundercracker

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    Ok, this review will be short.
    Yeah, I know there might be a review for him somewhere on the boards. But according to the index there isn't, so here goes. I snagged him off ebay last year, before the Henkei one was released and the backlash ensued over the Henkei's flaws. With this one, I have the orginal 3 Seekers plus Ramjet ( I hope to someday aquire Thrust and Dirge once I have the funds)

    Vehicle Mode: F-15 Eagle (though I think that Classics modified the cockpit area)
    Transformation: If anyone has a Classics Starscream, then it's same as the other characters of this mold (Starscream, Skywarp, Acid Storm)

    Color Scheme: dark blue with mettallic flakes within the blue plastic (similar to the G1 version), gray chest/ intake sections (like Skywarp). The wings have the same red/ gray lines at the edge of the wings, and yellow tips on the running lights. The rub symbol is actually on the mid-point on the fuselage instead of the wing like Starscream and Skywarp.

    Missle Launchers/ QC: Thankfully, I got one with the correct launchers. Joints are still stiff. Missles are the same dark blue as the robot.

    Overall, I give it a 8.5, due to the fact that a) Thundercracker was only availible through Botcon and is still a exclusive at this writing and b) The F- 15 type Seekers aren't tiny poseable gods like the Car Brothers, due to the wing placement in robot mode and the pelvis are keeping the legs from fully sitting, but we don't buy these things for the intent to pose like Marvel Legends or DC Universe Classics or Masters of the Universe Classics, so they're still great. It's a good reproduction of the orginal G1 Thundercracker. Oh, and the colors are darker than the Titanium War Within Thundercracker

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