Botcon 2007 loose toys, selling individually, taking offers

Discussion in 'Items For Sale or Trade' started by xZAOx, Jun 24, 2007.

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    So I have an extra loose bagged set of this year's Botcon toys. I'm planning on putting them on eBay this evening (at around 6:30 pm CST), but I figured I'd see if anyone was interested in buying them off of eBay first (I hate eBay).

    I'm basically just interested in what you want to offer. Feel free to PM it to me, or just post in the thread. Usually I tend to deal cheaply, and I'm typically more interested in just selling my stuff than making money, but this time will be an exception - I'm basically trying to offset the cost of hotel/plane tickets/box set as much as possible. So, come this evening, I'll either sell to whoever makes the highest offer, or put it on eBay.

    Here's the list of toys, with what they're going on eBay currently. I'm selling individually, but if you want to make an offer on all of them, or "x for the 3 seekers", that's fine too. If people are actually interested in making offers, I'll put the highest current offer in this post too. If noone is interested, then I'll just let this post fade away :) .

    Thundercracker ($125-ish)
    Thrust ($125-ish)
    Dirge ($125-ish)
    Bugbite ($50-ish) Offer - $40
    Dreadwind ($50-ish) Offer - $40

    Loose set ($400-ish) Offer - $450

    Note that those are prices on some auctions that still aren't even over yet. Honestly, I think the cost of the set is going to blow away those prices for the first month-or-so after the con, then it'll probably come back down to about those prices.

    So offer away, or I'll see ya on eBay :) 
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    threw in my offer.

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