Botcon 2007 Games of Deception Box Set

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    This set has really appreciated in value as of late, and it saddens me to let it go. But my 5th anniversary is coming up and I want to get the wife something nice.

    The set itself is MINT on top of mint. The box is absolutely pristine, and the toys are mint with all correct launchers. The instructions, file cards, COA, folder, and comic are all present and mint. You will rarely see one like this.

    Make an offer. A set recently closed on ebay for $1250 and the only other one on there (besides mine) is listed at $1500. This is headed for $2000 I believe.

    Please limit comments to "pm'd" or questions specifically regarding the item. Discussion in this forum is not allowed and will be reported (leading to a warning, most likely). If you don't like the piece, keep it to yourself. The price is lower than others are selling it for. Thank you for honoring the forum rules.

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