Customs: Bot Shots Sentinel to IDW Ironhide?

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    Hey all! Ironhide is one of my favorite bots and my favorite depiction of him has to be Casey Coller's design for him in his comicbook mini-series. Well, since the first time I saw Bot Shots Sentinel Prime I thought, with a little modding and some paint, he could make a great looking Cybertronian-style van mode for a custom IDW style Bot Shots Ironhide. I've collected and attached some reference images so you can compare the alt modes for yourselves below. Also, I decided to mark up a bot mode pic of Sentinel in green to show what all I'd do to make Sentinel look more like Ironhide. Basically I'd just trim off his side antenna bits, try to sculpt on a chin like in Casey's design, and square up his chest a bit. Actually, after drawing this up, it occurs to me that maybe I should wait to see if the official Ironhide is closer to the look I want and I could just switch out the official Ironhide's head/chest piece with Sentinels. Hhhhmmmmm...... Anyway, what do you all think? Could this work? Should I wait on the official Ironhide?

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