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    what i the diffrence between walk on and pre reg? I was planning to regester on the late reg on friday. I read at allspark there was some problems with walk-ups at last year's botcon.
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    Walk ins can only attend events on Saturday and Sunday. They are shut out of any events on Friday. They also cannot attend the dinner or game night. On the flip side, it's only $9 a day and you get access to all the Saturday and Sunday panels plus the dealer room.

    The late reg, naturally, gets you access to everything, plus the toys.

    I think people overreacted a bit to the walk in "problems". What happened was that they made walk ins wait outside the panel rooms in a line until just before the panels started while pre reg people were permitted to enter ahead of time. This ensured that people who paid $300 to go to the con were not shut out of seating by a bunch of people who paid $9, which seems perfectly reasonable to me. As it turns out, the panel room was huge and seldom more than half full. Some walk ins were insulted at having to wait outside. To be frank, some of those same walk ins had been bitching about every aspect of the con for months beforehand, so you ought to take their complaints with a grain of salt. There was some perceived rudeness on the part of con staff towards walk ins waiting in line. I don't know about that one. I never overheard any of it, and in fact the staff seemed quite polite to walk ins from what I'd overhear whenever nearby. Again, many of these complaints came from people who had a grudge against the con from the beginning. It could be true, but it could be just as true or moreso that they were being rude to the staff and brought it on themselves.

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