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    Jul 2, 2009
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    Bortman Weekly (but it's released when ever I can, oh the irony) is a new series I'm starting up to give the original characters that I always draw supporting fiction.

    Also, every episode will come with a selected piece of music to listen to during reading to give atmosphere.

    (and TFW2005)​

    And please, don't forget to comment!!! ;) 

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    Jul 2, 2009
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    On August 2, 1943, the PT-109 ship, along with PT-162 and PT-169, were ordered to continue nighttime patrol near New Georgia in the Solomon Islands, when it was rammed by the Japanese destroyer Amagiri. On this ship was a young Navy man named John "Jack" Kennedy, who gathered his surviving crew members together in the water around the wreckage, to vote on whether to "fight or surrender". In the raging ocean current, Kennedy managed to get swept away and was never seen again. Many years later, in 1960, corrupt presidential candidate Richard M. Nixon, won the election. Because of this, Nixon botched the Cuban Missile Crisis, causing the US to go to Nuclear War with the Soviets. The Soviets claimed that they would strike each time zone of the US, moving east, until their demands of armistice were met, but the US would not back down. In the wake of destruction, major cities like Los Angeles, New York, and Chicago were destroyed in the process, but the cities began to rebuild with American spirit. A rift in the UN was caused, making both the Soviets and the Americans to be both expelled due to conflict. As the smoke settled from nuclear warfare, a new breed of human emerged. From mutations caused by radiation, a select few in the next generation of humans began to gain strange abilities. This began a new age. An age reminiscent of the Golden Age of Heroes during the 1920s and '30s. A nuclear age. Where people could do things that their hero fore-fathers mainly couldn't. As we emerge anew, a new hero shall come who unifies the world, normal or different. His name is Robert Warwick. You may better know him as… BORTMAN…

    Selected Music: Canto 34 by Five Finger Death Punch
    YouTube - Five Finger Death Punch- Canto 34 (Official song)
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    Jul 2, 2009
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    So yeah. I'm posting today. I thought that just keeping it weekly would be good, but this week will be the 3 part pilot.

    And please, don't forget to comment!!! ;) 

    Pilot, Pt. 1:

    Date: May 4th, 2027

    Location: New Chicago, IL

    (Cut to Robert Warwick, and Lena Bennett, and a large group of people are at O’Malley’s Clubhouse, a sports bar located in the South Loop watching the NBA Playoffs. The crowd cheers as a basket is shot.

    Robert: NICE!!! Hey bartender, get me two G&Ts…

    Lena: And a Cosmo!!!

    Robert: Yes, and a Cosmopolitan.

    Lena: So, are we staying after the game?

    Robert: Depends. I’m getting pretty bored. We ain’t winning anyway.

    Lena: Screw it. We’ll leave now.

    (Cut to Robert and Lena walking along a dock along the Chicago River as dogs bark, gunfire and screams of fear and glee abound.)

    Lena: I think I finally understand, Robert.

    Robert: Why?

    Lena: I’ve been really thinking about life lately, and I understand why complete peace is never existent. I mean, it’s just the way life works. There always has to be balance. Life and Death. Light and Darkness. Peace…

    Robert: …and War.

    Lena: Exactly.

    (Lena lights a cigarette)

    Robert: How can you do that? A: They taste like ass, and B: they mess up your lungs.

    Lena: Maybe I should…

    (Lena throws the cigarette on the ground, but all of a sudden a person holding a metal baseball bat and wearing a bowler hat bashes Robert right in the legs, falling on the ground)

    Lena: ROBERT!!!

    (Another person dressed like the other grabs Lena’s shoulder)

    Battlestar 1: Hello, beautiful… Oooh, you’re coming with me…

    Lena: Fat chance, a*****e!

    (Lena picks up the still lit cigarette and burns Battlestar 1 in the eye)

    Battlestar 2: You don’t know who you’re messin’ with. You’re in Battlestar territory now…

    (Lena runs to a phone, but it’s disconnected)

    Lena: Damnit…

    (Cut to about 10 Battlestars surrounding Robert as Lena hides behind a dumpster)

    Battlestar 3: You’ve done it now buddy. Game over…

    Robert: Or I could just press…CONTINUE!!!

    (Robert punches Battlestar 3 right in the chin and starts fighting all of them)

    Lena: Oh, my god.

    Battlestar 4: You got real balls, don’t you?

    Lena: I don’t know, do you?

    (Lena kicks Battlestar 4 in the groin)

    Robert: Wow, that was cheesy.

    Lena: Well so was your “Continue” bit.

    Robert: Touché…

    (Lena and Robert continue fighting more Battlestars, Robert using a hologramal spear from one of the Battlestars and Lena using a similar rapier, until all are taken down)

    Robert: This thing handles well. I’m keeping it. Real compact.

    Lena: Ditto. Let’s go home.

    Robert: Know what? I’ve got an idea…and it’s so crazy, it might just work…

    (Cut to Robert sewing while Lena enters their apartment, an abandoned hotel from the 1930s)

    Lena: Why, exactly do you need this material anyway.

    Robert: A few nights ago really inspired me. I mean, we took down 20 gangbangers. Imagine a person who keeps the peace, when the corrupt lawmen can’t get off their lazy asses. A man who can help rebuild the world when someone gets in their way. A sentinel of peace and virtue, while having a little fun with it.

    Lena: A superhero? Have you lost your goddamned mind?

    Robert: Nope, I think I’ve actually gained sanity. I’ve gained enlightenment!!!

    Lena: Oy vey.

    (Robert grabs a set of clothes from the table and runs into the bathroom)

    (Robert busts out of the bathroom wearing a black jumpsuit with a red full torso bullet proof vest over it with a B with a lightning bolt through it on the chest with red gloves and boots with a domino mask)

    Robert: Lena Bennett, it’s officially time…to kick some ass…
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    Jul 2, 2009
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    Pilot, Pt. 2:

    Date: May 8th, 2027

    Location: New Chicago, IL

    (Cut to Robert on a CTA train, with a scruffy looking wheel chaired African-American man in a tweed coat with a fish like smell across from him)

    Robert: So how are we going to find crimes in progress again?

    Lena: I hacked into the old CIA Redbuster surveillance cams from back during the Soviet war.

    Robert: Redbuster?

    Lena: A Big Brother-esque program that kept look out for Soviet spies. They were in use even after the bombings, ‘cuz everyone was still paranoid. They’ve been down until 3...2...1... And we are go.

    Robert: How were you even able to hack into these.

    Lena: The security code is obsolete. Easily hacked with the right computer.

    Robert: Like your Frankenstein-ed mindf**k of a laptop.

    (Cut to Lena’s put together laptop in her lap)

    Lena: Robert, don’t be an ass. Francine has been more reliable than most current technology.

    (The man across from Robert moves next to him)

    Robert: Hi?

    Man: Hey kid. Little late to be dressed like that, isn’t it? Going to one of those newfangled raves or sumthin’?

    Robert: No man, I’m Bortman… Protector Of The People, Sentinel Of The Future!!!

    Man: Uh huh, well watch yourself kid. Don’t make the mistake I did.

    (Robert sees that the man’s leg, which is bandaged)

    Man: Oh, this old wound? ’76. Frikkin’ protesters.

    Robert: Why, you one of them?

    Man: No, no.

    (Man smiles and strangely, has sharp, shark like teeth)

    Lena: Robert, I got something to tell you!

    Robert: What?

    Lena: Code Red in the train next to you.

    Robert: S**t.

    (Robert goes to look in the window of the door, and 3 Battlestars are in the other train)

    Robert: Hey man…

    (Robert turns around and the wheel chaired man is gone)

    (All of a sudden a gunshot is heard and the glass of both trains is shattered.)

    Battlestar 1: The hell you think you doin’?

    (The Battlestar bust into the other car)

    Battlestar 2: Who the hell do you think you are?

    Robert: I’m the guy who’s going to KICK…YOUR…ASS!

    (Battlestars run up and start beating down on Robert)

    (All of a sudden a laser spear goes through one of the Battlestar’s back, he falls down, and the rest back off)

    Battlestar 1: Oh, so you want to play like that, do ya?

    (Battlestar 1 pulls out a gun and shoots Robert in the chest, but it bounces off)

    (Robert slashes Battlestar 1 across the cheek and falls down)

    (Robert grabs Battlestar 2 by his shirt)

    Robert: WHERE IS IT?

    Battlestar 2: What man? I’ll give you my money, my chain man. Just, just let me go man.

    Robert: Just tell me where the safe house is.

    Battlestar 2: Okay. 2135 South Michigan…

    (Battlestar 2 passes out from stress and Robert drops him to the ground as the train stops and Robert runs out)

    Robert: Lena, do me a run on 2135 South Michigan.

    Lena: 2135 is “Home to the abandoned Lexington Hotel, most famously being the offices of Al Capone…Yadda Yadda…Associates…Yadda Yadda…Creighton Warwick, Welsh immigrant and Mobster and…”

    Robert: Did you say Creighton Warwick? That’s my great-great-grandfather! Damn!

    Lena: Wait. “The land is owned by “King” Matthias Salvatore, son of a New Chicago cop who was also a member of Ross’ Legion“…

    Robert: Founded by your uncle…

    Lena: Shut up. …“a crack team of NCPDs which gained powers from a nuke blast.”

    Robert: So we got our man. Prepare, Mr. Salvatore, for your come up ins…

    Lena: You sir, mean comeuppance…

    Robert: Sure Lena, sure.
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    Jul 2, 2009
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    Please, don't forget to comment!!!

    Pilot, Pt. 3

    Song 1 (Opening, paused during club fight, continued during Salvatore fight): Bullet With Butterfly Wings by Smashing Pumpkins

    YouTube - Bullet With Butterfly Wings HIGH QUALITY By Smashing Pumkins

    Song 2 (Club fight): Spit It Out by Slipknot

    YouTube - slipknot-spit it out

    Date: May 9th, 2027

    Location: New Chicago, IL

    (Cut to Robert in his Bortman suit getting off the bus in front of the Lexington Hotel)

    Lena: Are you going to really do this? Take down a freaking gang? Are you INSANE?

    Robert: No, Lena, it’s the debt that all men pay. The debt they pay to their country, their city, themselves.

    (Robert start scaling the hotel, and busts out a window, walking in on a drug deal)

    Dealer: The hell?

    (The buyer runs out, as Robert walks by the dealer, tazes him, and walks out into the decrepit hallways, walking up staircases until he hit’s a door guarded by two Battlestar bouncers, the bouncers snarl at him, cut to a shot of the staircase, punching noises are heard and the two bouncers fall down the staircase)

    (Cut to Robert busting down the door, revealing a large ballroom turned dance club, emblazoned with a large neon sign of the “Red Derby Room”)

    Lena: Are you in?

    Robert: By in you mean surrounded, then yes, yes I am Lena.

    (Cut to Robert surrounded by Battlestars)

    Battlestar 1: Hey DJ!!! Put on something for ass kicking!!!

    (Start fight scene of Robert taking down every Battlestar working his way to an elevator in the back of the room)

    (Cut to Robert fighting the last Battlestar)

    Robert: Going up!!!

    (Robert bashes the last Battlestar’s head against the elevator gate, the gate opens, and Robert goes in)

    (Cut to Matthias Salvatore, with a girl at each side of him at his computer)

    Salvatore: Oh, excellent. Girls, it looks like we have a guest. Leave the King to his work.

    (Cut to Robert exiting the elevator, as he encounters Salvatore)

    Robert: So, you’re the one behind this entire operation, huh?

    Salvatore: Oh yes, such a true rags to riches story…

    Robert: Let’s hear about that.

    Salvatore: No time…

    (Salvatore throws his derby hat at Robert, it extends blades from the brim like at saw blade mid-air, and grazes Robert’s cheek leaving a large cut. Robert wipes the blood off of his face, and flicks it on the floor)

    Robert: Someone doesn’t know how to treat a guest.

    (Robert turns on his laser spear)

    Salvatore: But I do know how to treat assh**es like you, buddy.

    (Salvatore pulls a pipe off the wall, as steam begins to fill the room)

    (Robert runs at Salvatore, and they begin to fight, exchanging quips along the way. Finally, Robert knocks the pipe out of Salvatore’s hand, and pins him to the window of the office)

    Robert: You can’t shut the f**k up, can you? Well, lemme shut it for you!!!

    (Robert punches Salvatore in the face, breaking the glass, causing them to both to fall from the top floor down onto a not in service bus, falling through the roof, the driver shrugs)

    Robert: Get me to the closest police station.

    Driver: Sure kid…

    (Cut to Robert holding a conference outside of the police station, as press and police officers surround him)

    Robert: As we gather here today, we have come to recognize the disbanding hold the Battlestars’ hold on the city of New Chicago, bringing another step to peace in this town.

    (Robert begins to walk away as a male reporter asks)

    Reporter: But sir, what’s your name?

    Robert: You, can call me Bortman…

    Reporter: Bortman……

    (Reporter begins to evilly laugh as the camera fades out)
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    Jul 2, 2009
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    Reinvention of the Bortman

    Date: May 10th, 2027

    Location: New Chicago, IL

    (Cut to Lena in a lab coat busting open the doors of an office)

    Lena: DAMMIT, ROBERT!!!

    (Cut to Robert in a cubicle playing with an action figure and punching numbers on a computer, all of a sudden Lena glares at Robert over the wall of the cubicle)

    Robert: Lena, if it’s about the grill being on, I‘m roasting some…

    Lena: No, but the f**k Warwick, you showboated? YOU SHOWBOATED. This is a SECRET IDENTITY. Not a freaking PR game.

    Robert: Maybe then we should consider a redesign to the suit because I’m not restricting myself. (Robert hands Lena a sketch of an all black suit with red sleeves and a cowl.) I gotta get known. The hero can’t be unknown all the time. I don’t think the cowl would work. Too uncomfortable.

    Lena: Hmph. Fine. But if it comes out on our asses that we get whacked, it’s your fault.

    Robert: Don’t worry. I found an old Cold War era holographic shield projector that obscures facial features in photos. Used mainly by spies so they couldn’t be identified in surveillance cameras. Pretty advanced stuff for the 70’s.

    Lena: Ah, you do live up to your year book quote from ‘13. “When I find a new way…”

    Robert: “…I’ll be the first in line.”

    (Both wink at each other)

    (Cut to a security camera feed of Robert and Lena at the cubicle as their boss, British-American industrialist Johnathan F. Scorpius watches at his desk in a room full of security feeds as his associates, cyborg Illysa Johannsen, AKA Experiment X and Fujito Yokomora, AKA Tech Ninja.)

    Scorpius: Well, it appears as if we have another piece to play against in our game. Fujito, take him out.

    (Cut to Chicago Tribune reporter James York,, talking to his editor-in-chief)

    York: Man, I’m telling’ ya we gotta find this guy!

    EIC: I’m sorry, but their’s no reason why we should be trying to find the truth about this guy. It’s probably some nut with a lot of money going out and making himself look like a dick. Nothin’ to make a fuss about. He’ll probably get knocked off in less than a week.

    York: No.

    EIC: Kid, don’t tell me no…

    York: Know what? I’m not putting up with this sh*t. I’m one of the greatest reporters in this down, and you’re losing front page news. I’m out of this dump.

    EIC: It doesn’t matter. Because you sir, are fired.

    (York screams and pushes all the stuff off of the EIC’s desk, and walks out flipping the bird)

    (Cut to a few days later as Robert & Lena are in their apartment as Robert tries on his all black with red sleeved suit, also wearing a headband)

    Robert: I’m telling you this is gonna work. Get the camera.

    (Lena grabs the camera and takes a picture)

    Robert: Now look at the screen.

    (The screen shows Roberts face obscured in the color green)

    Lena: WOAH!!! How’d you get this?

    Robert: Military Surplus on North Lincoln. 20 bucks. They got tons of them and chips too that do the same thing.

    (Robert bangs his elbow against the wall and all of a sudden the wall opens, revealing a doorway, and Robert falls down)

    Robert: (Echoing from the doorway) Sonuvabitch!!!

    Lena: Are you okay?

    Robert: Yeah. It’s a big room down here. Tons of computers. Tons.

    Lena: I’m coming!!!

    (Lena runs down the stairs, and she gains a face of shock)

    Lena: It’s him.

    Robert: Who, who?

    (Robert gets up and looks at what Lena is looking at)

    Robert & Lena: The… Silver Sentinel

    (Cut to mannequin in a silver suit with a metal spear and a large silver metal Spartan helmet)

    Robert: My god…

    (Robert grabs the helmet and it ignites in his hands, and he drops it and it happens to be black)

    Robert: Oh crap! It’s hot?

    Lena: Strange. It ignites in your hand and then changes color. That’s odd…

    Robert: I do know one thing though. Bortman’s got a helmet now. Long live the Sentinel.

    (Robert puts on the helmet and turns on his laser spear)

    Robert: Let’s roll.
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    Jul 2, 2009
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    Fight Fire...

    Date: May 13th, 2027

    Location: New Chicago, IL

    (Cut to Robert walking town a decrepit Michigan Ave. as he talks to Lena over his communicator)

    Lena: Francine should be hooked up to the Bort-Computer sometime soon. The meter's at 87% download so it still might take a while. By the way…

    Robert: Yo.

    Lena: I'm getting a reading of a structure fire a few blocks from you on the Redbuster feed. State Street.

    (Cut to Robert walking in front of the Tribune Tower as he accidentally bumps into James York)

    Robert: Oh, I'm sorry.

    York: It's okay. You're uh… Bortman, right. New costume I see.

    Robert: Oh, yeah. Thanks…

    (York walks away with a sneer on his face)

    (Cut to Pyrotech flame throwing an apartment as cops and fire truck surround him as Robert shows up)

    Officer 1: Get ready to fire Augustin.

    Augie: Yes sir.

    Robert: WAIT. I got him.

    (Robert tackles and fights Pyrotech as civilians root for Robert)

    Robert: Stop where you are. You have the right to remain silent.

    Pyrotech: How do you fight fire?

    Robert: LIGHTNING.

    (Robert opens his palms, revealing shock nodes on the gloves.)

    Robert: Nice idea Lena.

    Lena: No prob.

    (Robert shocks Pyrotech with lightning)

    Lena: Now, don't forget to use that sparingly. It runs out easily. So think of it as a finishing move.

    Robert: No problem.

    Augie: I saw you out there. Not bad. Anytime you need something, I can hook you up.

    Lena: Ask him about maybe hooking you up with maybe a ride.

    Robert: You got any old police junkers?

    Augie: Hell yeah man. Dude, with me, you got leeway. No cops on your back. Hell, I'm the only cop in this town that isn't a frikkin' crook.

    Robert: I know what you're saying.

    Augie: Here's the code to my precinct car lot. Pick out what ever you want.

    Robert: Cool. Thanks.

    Augie: Ain't a problem with me. I'm willing to help anyone trying to clean up this town.

    (Robert walks off, but all of a sudden a shuriken grazes Roberts face)

    Robert: The f**k? Lena, I almost got a shuriken right through my head.

    Lena: What?

    Robert: Yeah…

    Lena: Get home now.

    (Cut to Robert & Lena at the car lot looking around for a car.)

    Lena: How's this?

    Robert: Too small. Try and see if you could find a newer model that isn't totaled.

    Lena: Like this.

    Robert: Aw. Yeah. Ford '23 Rocket Police Cruiser.

    Lena: Perfect.

    Robert: Problem.

    (Lena nods her head to the side)

    Robert: Know how to hot wire a car.

    (Lena opens the butterfly door of the car)

    Lena: Know how to look if there's key's in the ignition?

    (Robert squints his eyes at Lena)

    Lena: Let's roll.

    (Cut to a montage of Robert and Lena fixing up the car, changing out the engine, making it black and adding a fin on the back.)

    Robert: I shall dub thee… THE BORTMOBILE…

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