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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Shaun_C, Apr 5, 2006.

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    This is a thread for discussion on Bob Skir's interview on the BM DVD set.I figure since the set has been available since March that we could discuss the interview

    I thought it was pretty interesting.It was also apparent that he's undeserving of the "criticism" he recieved from the fandom.And he obviously put a lot of work into BM

    I think it was smart to bring in a writer who while familiar with writing cartoon shows.That Skir was someone who had no connection to G1.Of course he did some research on the TF roots,hence why we have various G1 references.If Hasbro used someone who was already a fan,BM might've been totally different and possibly not as enjoyable as I found

    I never knew that it was mainly Hasbro that wanted BM to be taken in a new direction.I always assumed that Skir as the writer of the show that the general concept for the plot was his idea.But he says he was told to basically write the show like that.

    I think Bob Skir totally sums it up when he says that bullies on the boards are just people who were bullied in school and are using the anonymity of the 'net to be bullies themselves.Of this this is generally speaking and not representative of the fandom as a whole

    He comes across like a pretty nice guy in the interview. I would've enjoyed the opportunity to meet him at a convention.You know just to say "Hey aren't you Bob Skir? Thanks to you I got interested in TFs again" Which is pretty much true as I only got interested in TFs because of BW and BM

    He slightly touches on the subject of the "EXTREME" fan criticism.But stated as angry as he was about what was said to him.He was even angrier at those on the boards who'd shout down anyone who even said 1 positive thing about BM

    So what'd you guys think of the interview?
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    If I could find the BM boxset around here, I'd buy it and watch the interview... Sadly the only way I can get it is online, at premium prices...
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    While I do believe Skir was influenced by Hasbro to write the story the way he did, I also find it a cop out.

    "Don't hate me! I just wrote what I was told to write!"

    A writer who knows he has to write something people ARE NOT going to enjoy still will find it in themself to throw enough things in to it that people genuinely like it. Beast Machines was a darker show, but I think a majority of people hate how the characters were treated and hate the ending.

    I throw that blame on the writer more than the company behind it.
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    And I agree. However, Hasbro also should not have disrespected the sheer length and width of the Transformers storyline by bringing in someone with no knowledge of TFs.

    I received the DVD set Friday of last week and watched the series over the weekend. The one thought that is pressed in my mind is that this series is the ONLY Transformers series that I simply dont have the desire to watch repeatedly.

    Skir simply wasnt the man for the job. His writing seemed very haphazard and, contrary to some opinion, I saw a great lack of character development.... more of a "We're going to start where we left off, then radically change the character, and then typecast them the rest of the way". The writing was far too "dark" and by the end of the series, I simply felt "heavy", like the weight of the characterizations and the general pace of the show had dragged me down.

    Optimus Primal: Diluted to the point of "I wish they'd kill him"

    Rattrap: Meh...took away his guns and made him more of a technician...nice change but neutered his character development also in the process. Sorry, I never liked McGuyver and dont like McRattrap they turned him into a lovestruck pile of mush at the end!

    Cheetor: Gimme a break, he's still the "junior soldier"...Even making Op weaksauce couldnt make him a leader.

    Rhinox: How could someone screw up that badly at making such a promising character SUCK that much at being evil? I mean, Rhinox had makings of being a prime Predacon in BW, but yet he's so awful in BM, he makes Boris Badanoff look like a genius!

    BlackArachnia: Wow, talk about neutering a character...her entire focus the entire series was hell with the rest of the planet, she just wanted Silverbolt back. Gee, no more Cybertron and the Maximals are all extinct but "Hey, Look Everybody! I have Silverbolt back!!!". I wonder what the old Pred BA would think about her new, "simpering female", obsessed-to-the-point-of-blind-stupidity Maximal self?

    Speaking of Silverbolt: Was it just me or was Skir confused on whether he wanted 'Bolt to be the bitter vengeful 'bot he started out to be, or the same old goofy loveable Fuzor from BW? He seemed to interchange those ideas from shot to shot....sometimes even in the same scene!

    Finally, Megatron: Man, how the mighty have fallen. I think Skir just wanted him there to be a placeholder as the "Evil" that would eventually be triumphed over by "Good", cause he sure didnt do much else. At least, he never really did ever follow thru with the grand plan he had for Cybertron - even tho he had 2 seasons worth of episodes where he could've done it!

    Now that I've had to watch the series in its entirety, I have a more objective opinion of the G1 references. Skir didnt "destroy them" as some had said - but he didnt make very good use of them either....they seemed pretty empty. We coulda done without the "Hate Plague" all over again, and why did he even bother bringing in the "Key to Vector Sigma" bit if it wasnt going to be much of a threat? Obsidian and Strika were "2 of the Greatest Generals in Cybertronian History"? Something just struck me very wrong about that...

    I dont hate the guy or Beast Machines itself. I would've never bought the DVDs if I did. I just dont think Skir is all that good of a writer, and Hasbro were fools for hiring him for the job, especially knowing that he knew nothing of TFs, and I hope they never do it again.

    Edit: Oh yeah, and Waspy being Thrust was the worst ever! No other TF plothole could possibly beat this gaff.
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    i like the guy. I think Beast Machines is an Excellent show on it's own. I think people who hate it are way to into it. It is just a cartoon, and no matter how much I love TFs I would never say some of things that were said to this man for only following the owners of the Franchises wishes. I do not think you can say he is at fault after the interview or that he was a cop out. He was merely doing what Hasbro TOLD him to do. Now how many of you dont listen to your bosses at work and still have your job the next day? If I were in his position I would do the same thing. His writing is excellent. 1000 times better then Armada, energon or Cybertron!

    I also love how he PWNS all the rude people on message boards in general who have no spine and never leave their house.
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    Bob Skir was told by Hasbro to make a show along certain lines. Considering that, he did a superb job. He created a dark TF series, something I doubt we will ever see again. I don't have any particular problems with the way he characterised people; to me, a lot of the progressions seemed fairly logical. Remember, we are talking about a bunch of Maximals who got home expecting to have saved their planet, only to find that they had pretty much doomed it. Try to picture how much that must have weighed on Primal's mind.
    Imagine how you would feel, watching the one friend you respect and admire the most slip into depression, desperation and despair, to the point where you are forced to remove his position and do his job for him.
    Imagine how it would have felt to have been a resourceful, cunning warrior, and then to have been stripped of any weapons you might have had.
    Imagine what is must feel like to have found someone who could change your entire outlook on life, only to have them torn away from you INTO the very life you just left. And imagine how it must have felt to be forced to do the bidding of the one being you oppose the most.
    I'd say that the way the characters we knew and loved changed worked just fine.
    Hasbro wanted someone with no background in Transformers storytelling. They wanted a new outlook; a fresh perspective. And we got it. And people are still moaning about it, all these years later. I shouldn't think that we will ever have an original TF series again.
    It wasn't Beast Wars, but Beast Machines still towers above the absolute dross that followed it (especially RID, which I personally consider to be the worst TF cartoon ever made).

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