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    Originally published for IDW's Monthly Fic Contest-Obscure Characters
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    There was a time I remembered where I was called a Cybertronian and not a Transformer. Actually, my circuits feel a surge at the mere mention of the word Transformer. Each time I hear it I feel a certain amount of betrayal to what I once was, and it bothers me to the core.

    It was an easier time back then. It was a simpler pleasure to work on a Destron tank unit. Back then, at least you knew there was a possibility of the driver ejecting from the unit. There was a small marginal chance your Energon drinking buddy wouldn't go offline that cycle. But, now, when you see that tank, who is also a friend, blow up into parts. They really don't have time to transform, or worse, the transformation just opens up even more vital mechanisms to the oncoming artillery. And, they call that an advancement.

    There's a part of me that always will respect what the Destron leader was saying about us betraying our true forms.

    They really don't get it. The inherit symbolism that I decided to wear with the new smaller body. It's just something of my own choice. It's how small and insignificant I feel because I betrayed my own identity as a Cybertronian. Honestly, it's probably also why I surrounded myself with a bunch of backstabbin' brutes. If they put me offline, I'm not that deeply concerned.

    I will be all the better for it. Of course, there's the other ways to view things with your optics. The way I look at it, I'm blowing up a bunch of traitors no matter where my shells fall.

    At one point, there was a bit of a revival of what once was with Nucleon. They had to get rid of the configuration matrixes in place of Nucleon power plants. And, in a weird way, it was like the true glory days again. Heck, they even dragged out some of the old Cybertronian and Destron war machines and used them as templates for all the new stuff. Ironically, even Megatron found himself following what the Destron leader before him consistently advised: To build machines of war that Transformed, and not reconfigure our own bodies to be Transformers.

    Eventually, Nucleon became just a cycle glitch. I still ask myself why I went back to Energon, to being a Transformer, and not remaining a Cybertronian. After they figured a way to have transformation and Nucleon at the same time, I guess it symbolized another step away from what I used to be, what we used to be. I guess in retrospect, I still see myself and others as traitors to the true race of Cybertron.

    My other "friends" think I'm just an old warrior bot who reveres and honors all warriors that have gone offline.

    Really, I don't celebrate the death of a fellow comrade because he died a warrior. I celebrate the death of another traitor. I seek the continuation making the foul mechs go offline. And, the irony is, that I'm one too.
    And, that's why I go into the thick of it. That's why I want to be offline and put them offline.

    They really think I picked my name because of the amount of ammo spent, that may be one interpretation, and perhaps partially right. I picked it because I remember the shock of the bomb dropped in my hands: The transformation cog, a perfect weapon. It spelled the extinction of Cybertronians, and therefore the death of who I was.

    I just respond in kind.

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