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    Name - Black Big Convoy
    Japanese Name - ブラックビッグコンボイ (Black Big Convoy)
    Japanese Number - C-35

    Tech Spec - Faction - Cybertron
    Tech Spec - Sub Group N/A
    Tech Spec - Function - Double
    Tech Spec - Motto - N/A
    Tech Spec - Official Bio - N/A

    Tech Spec - Strength - 10
    Tech Spec - Intelligence - 10
    Tech Spec - Speed - 9
    Tech Spec - Endurance - 9
    Tech Spec - Rank - 9
    Tech Spec - Courage - 10
    Tech Spec - Firepower - 10
    Tech Spec - Skill - 10

    Toy Info - Status (Released, Not Released, Cancelled, Delayed) - Released
    Toy Info - Release Date - Year - 1999
    Toy Info - Release Date - Month - July

    Toy Info - Wave
    Toy Info - Original Price - 2980yen
    Toy Info - Size Class
    Toy Info - Suggested Age 5+
    Toy Info - Assortment Number
    Toy Info - Product Number
    Toy Info - UPC/Barcode Number
    Toy Info - DPCI Numbers
    Toy Info - Per Case

    Toy Info - Reissues - None
    Toy Info - Recolors/Reuses - None

    Toy Info - Toy Variants
    Toy Info - Part Variants

    Toy Info - Additional Info -
    Black Big Convoy is a repaint of Big Convoy, and was exclusive to ToysRUs and Ito Yokado. The package is of Big Convoy with "Exclusive Black Version" sticker on.

    Cartoon / Movie - Overview - Black Big Convoy did not appear in the show.

    Episodes - Beast Wars Neo Appearances -

    Review - Review
    Review - Authors Name
    Review - Overall Score

    Parts - Figure Type - Mammoth
    Parts - Primary Figure Color - Black and Gold

    Parts - Body Armor -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color)
    Parts - Missle Launcher -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color)
    Parts - Missle -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color) - 2 missiles (black) and 2 harkens (black)
    Parts - Other -------(Yes/No) ---(If so, the primary color) - 2 tonfas (black)

    Parts - Additional Info

    Other - (Any other info on the toy or character) -
    The Neo Wars are about to reach the new stage!! The Blentrons have suddenly appeared in the path of Big Convoy Troops who are in the midst of their training voyage. Behind the Blentrons a shadow can be seen, and it is intent on its evil ambitions....! The super computer, Vector Sigma has detected the possibility of the destruction of the universe and already created a new Cybertron warrior who can be a double of Big Convoy. His name is Black Big Convoy!! Will his emergence bring the tranquillity back to the universe...? He has sworn his loyalty to Big Convoy, and now he is ready to join the battle!!

    Note: His Tech Spec and background story was published in the August issue of Comic Bom Bom, 1999.
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    Aha, so that's the story behind this one? I always wondered if there was anything to him, or if he was just a repaint.

    Great addition, thanks as always :) 

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