Black Alternity Convoy, Kamen Rider, miscellaneous stuff

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    If you'd like to buy any of these, shoot me an email at ayakoholic at hotmail dot com.

    Just the one TF for sale, but I thought I'd let you guys get first crack at it before it goes up on eBay:

    Alternity Nissan GT-R Black Convoy/Optimus Prime $40 ON HOLD
    Opened and transformed once, everything's in pristine condition though.

    Kamen Rider stuff:

    Decade FFR00, complete with Decade FAR card. $20.

    SIC Kamen Rider Stronger & Tackle. $45.

    DX Metal Shaft. Does NOT come with the DX Metal Memory; sorry, but I'm holding on to that thing like grim death. It does come with the gashapon memory, though! $35. Note that this one may be expensive to ship, the box is pretty long.

    R&M Kamen Rider Ryuki & Dragredder limited clear edition. $45.

    Kaixa Chess Piece: free w/any purchase

    Figure-Oh exclusive HD Gashapon Zanki: $5 or free w/any purchase

    Miscellaneous crap:

    Super Robot Wars Fairlion-S model kit $20

    Complete set of Homestar Runner figurines $20

    Rey Misterio WWE fan edition DVD swag (wristbands, XL t-shirt, pendant) $10

    Dragon Gate bobbleheads $10

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