Birth of a leader - Rewrite

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    So, my first story I wrote was a bit, let me say bad. But I think it had potential, so I decided to do a rewrite. I can't make any promisses, so don't expect to much of it. So, without further delay, here's the rewrite:( i'm not good in introduction, just gave myself the wrost critic ever)

    Birth of a Leader – rewrite

    Season 1: Beginning of a new age

    Chapter one: The empire’s hope

    In the first days of a new cybertronian year, a prophesie was made. Not only the higher goods had interfeared with the real life, but the hands of an Autobot priest were colored black from energon. Priest Diogultha, protector of the holy scrolls, keeper of the secret, became torn apart between two legions. The faith of the transformers wasn’t his only concern, but the excistence of life, the universe and eventually, peace was resting on his shoulders.

    ‘As I clean my sword in the energon that ran trough your circuits my brother, you bestowed the wisdom of the future on me’, the body of Ultimus Prime shook one last time as Diogultha extracted his sword out of the spark of his former king.

    The first and only king of Cybertron.The priest turned round and walked over to the giant window inside the royal chamber. His orders were to kill Ultimus, not for treatchery, but for peace. It was Ultimus himself that had ordered him to do it. The light of Cybertron’s moon shined upon Diogultha’s face. His optics narrowed, the blue light was nothing compared to the hatred he felt for his actions.

    ‘I’m sorry it had to be this way my king. But the stars don’t lie.’

    As he cleaned his sword with the curtains, he felt the power of the upcoming prophesie running trough his circuits. The royal sacrifice was been approved. Their god Primus would grant him a look in the future. Diogultha’s optic computer shut down and the holy power gave him an image of pain, the lose of a father. The battle he saw, was burned on his optics. A firm Autobot, capable of leadership was bending over another body, the body of his father. With rage in his eyes, the robot would not succeed. So it was the prophesie told him to watch out for this son.

    ‘The day this youngster will be born, the stars will shine red and blue. His actions will determine the entire future of our race. His enemy will make him suffer as he feels the anger of pain. Find the missing key, and save it from the buriel grounds.’

    Diogultha’s energy was drained together with the power of futuresight. His legs couldn’t cary the weight any more, they bend. His massive body fell down to the ground. The emergency program diddn’t start. His prophesie was only heared by the walls. But only the two fading sparks new that that night, the walls had ears.


    The room of birth wasn’t really a chamber were crying babies laid down in little beds. But this was the place were new born sparks were granted a body. Five monitors lit the room, creating a shadow behind the controller of the computer. It had been for years now that a new twin spark was born. But they were seperated, a father had claimed a spark, saying he didn’t want the other one. So the unfortionate lonely spark was granted to the army. The sergeant who would take care of it stood next to the “bodymaster”.

    ‘So, is his future already decided, soldier?’
    ‘No, he doesn’t need to be a fighter, it will be his choice.’ Ex-haust replied to the other bot in the room.
    ‘So, no fighter…’ he punched some buttons and the body on the screen altered.
    ‘Than I should choose this prototype model. It has a low-class armor, but speed and strength are normal. He can always change his power if he wants to.’ Silverbot explained.
    ‘That would be fine, thanks I ow you one.’ Ex-haust placed his hand on Silverbot’s shoulder, after a few clics he walked over to the modification machine.
    ‘Within a few moments the spark will be merged into the body, you’ll only have to give him a name.’

    The Autobot sergeant thought deeply as he placed a finger on his chin. His old red eyes closed and searched his data banks for any usefull names. None came up. Silently Silverbot came closer, his greyish color reflected a part of the light. His yellow optics were eager to see his creation.

    ‘Did you see the stars tonight?’ Silverbot joyfully jumped up and down on his toes, holding his hands behind his back.

    The jet engins weren’t a big problem. His friend looked down on him and Silverbolt could tell he didn’t understand the question.

    ‘Maybe Optimus. That would do well, it isn’t a common name here on Cybertron, not in Iacon for I’m certain.’ He transformed into his jet mode and flew off. The energon trail in the air slowely vanished as the engine’s lights disappeared in the dark. Ex-haust liked the name, made him think about the legend of Primus. “Once, Primus thought he needed a fourtheenth son, so he called him Optimus Prime, he should be a great leader.” Well, that was the part of the Legend he still knew.

    ‘Optimus… Yes, that should do it.’ The merging of the spark was done and the machine stopped working. A blue light came out of the dark tunnel. The table started to move and a body left the tunnel. As the optics of the new born transformer left the tunnel they shone brave and full of life. Only one word lay on its lipes: ‘Optimus’.
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    so cool it nice to rember prime when he was born
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    My first tought about this story was that Optimus, just like any pther transformer, started from nothing, so he needed to learn everything, and that's what this story's about.

    Chapter 2: The Council split's

    The dark room above one of the citadels of Iacon was silent, it didn't brought any peace along, but an evil darkness. In the middle stood one metal chair, rough and unfinished. One moniter hovered in front of it. The window in the screen showed a surveillance camera. The video showed an Autobot sergeant bending over a protoform, inserting a key with possible alt-mode's for his proportions. After the scanning was clear, a form was picked and the body shifted. Together they left the room.

    'Rewind and play, again', the metallic voice carried throughout the room. The robot placed his finger on the screen, and touched a short-cut. Another window popped up as the video played again.

    'Download data, compare with other Autobot data-files in the banks. Extract information from genesis closet. Leave no trail.'

    A beeping sound confirmed his order. The Decepticon strangeled his fingers and looked at the data flow in front of his nose. Their wasn't anything sweeter than pure data, a snack for his processor. His optics beated with every power surge trough the screen. He couldn't wait for his plan to go in action. A red light above the door signed him someone was coming. He pressed a button on the screen and it hovered away. The door opened and a small but wide robot entered.

    'Council member Leon, your appointment is here.'

    Leon wove him away with his fingers in approvement. As the Transformer turned around and tried to close the door, Leon said something that made him wait.

    'Inferno, bring the appointment here, cancel all the other appointments, don't even open for the citadel master.'
    'Yes sir Leon.' Inferno left the room and closed the door.

    Council member Leon placed his hands on his legs. He looked in himself and played the surveilliance video again. He had to know if the prophesie was right. Again the red light went off and the door opened. Leon stood up and turned himself to the door. A larger robot entered with a protoform behind him. The red optics of the new transformer looked at the ground but it already seemed if they were filled with hatred and desire to fight. The Decepticon in front of the protoform bowed and almost touched the ground with his head.

    'I bring you Megatron my liege, as you ordered I installed the program you desired. Succesfully of course.' He raised his torso again and the same gaze was noticeball in his eyes. But there was something else too, a gaze filled with.. fatherhood, a dad who didn't want to give away his son. Leon noticed it and smirked, as he came closer, he looked deeply in Omegatron's optics. The Decepticon slowly stepped back and lowered himself to one knee.

    'Do I see rebelion inside you?' Leon slowly walked round him.
    'If so, the laws are strict and painfull', he seemed to enjoy that last word as he stopped in front of Omegatron.
    'No my liege, I would never disobey you. I wouldn't dare to gamble with my circuits.'
    'Good...', Leon layed his hands on Omegatron's shoulder and looked at the protoform.
    'Megatron', the new Decepticon ally raised his head to look at his master.
    'It's time to choose your alt-mode.

    Megatron nodded, but his optics were empty, there was no soul. A lifeless drone, created only to obey order. The perfect pupet.


    Across the table sat the most important leaders of Iacon. No one was abscent, except member Leon. A irritating sound went trough the room as everyone spoke at the same time. It was dissaprooving. No one seemed to be happy with his absence. A knock on the door abrupted the conversation, it was Inferno, the servant of Leon.

    'I am sorry to tell all yopu Council members that Member Leon has been interrupted. he can not come here, He has more important things to do.'
    Every 'Former in the room was astonished, the rudeness. There only was one rule for this happenings; immediate exit. Leon was fired as a council member. There was nothing more important than a meeting in the First Citadel of Iacon.
    Inferno left the room and transformed in his truck mode, his engine roared as he drove off to his work again. After a few cycles of driving he received a message.

    'Inferno, Leon speeking, I want you to track down Starscream. I got a mission for him.'
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    this is getting exicting i can't wait to see what happens next yuo got a gift of keeping yuor readers wanting more i wish i can write half as good as you all my sortys are boring and flat but yuors are so cool
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    Still a bit struggeling with the rewrite, but I know one thing for sure, after the next chapter, nothing is gonna be the same as the original story that was placed before this one on the boards. Enjoy the next chapter.

    Chapter 3: A Cybertronian Day

    Iacon, a big and beautiful city. More a country if you would compare. Filled with tall skycrapers and citadels. The energy stations were for once desserted, they wern’t used anymore after the invention of energon-packs. Small packs of energon that fitted in the belt of a Transformer. Ex-Haust and Optimus drove by a station, the heavily armed battle vehicle stopped and transformed. His body shifted and metal parts shove around, a head popped out and the arms clapped open from the back. The military sergeant pushed himself up as his legs were still forming. He waited until Optimus did the same. The son’s eyes were glowing heavily, he was downloading information from the databanks already. He seemed to be a fast-learner.

    ‘What’s a Prime. I can’t seem to find any other information about that term.’ He placed his finger against his heasd and turned the disk at the side of his head around.

    ‘A Prime is a leader. He or she would be the carrier of a holy artefact called the Matrix. Channeling the energy of the Allspark.’ Ex-haust walked closer and placed his hand on Optimus’ shoulder.

    ‘It has been a long time there was a Prime.’
    ‘I want to be one’, said Optimus smiling a bit, as far as it was possible for a robot without a soul. Ex-Haust laughed and pulled his son with him to the energy stations.

    Optimus looked around and tried to download as many information he could read. Ex-Haust just enjoyed the enviroment. This was one of the last places on the planet were the technology hadn’t taken over everything. This was one of the last places were the stars could be seen, they weren’t covered by the Great Roof that was slowly growing over the planet.
    A yellow car dragged over the open road from the station and transformed. The speed of his momentum threw the robot in the air. When it was fully transformed a blue robot ran closer to the jumping one and jumped himself. He placed his foot inside the strangeled hands of the yellow robot and jumped again. He stretched his legs and closed his legs for a freefall. After a few clics he transformed into a small jet. The jets ignited and the machine soared through the air, it turned ‘round a building and broke the fall of the yellow Transformer. Slowly both of them landed and yelled it out from pleasure. Their trick had worked.

    ‘Nice move boys, testing your engine’s I suppose?’ Asked Ex-Haust as he neared the two youngsters.
    ‘Not quite sire, we are practicing our group feeling, we think it’s important that we can rely blindly on each other incombat.’ The blue robot answered politly.
    ‘Aah, come on Prowl, we are practiging to hoock up with some fembots, yeah’, the yellow bot – named Bumblebee – bragged prowdly.

    Prowl’s optics shot fire, Bumblebee apparently didn’t knew the rang of Ex-Haust. But the Autobot sergeant wasn’t angry, he laughed.

    ‘That’s a very good remark you’ve got there Prowl, it’s indeed very important that you can rely on each other. Now, could you do me a favor?’ The sergeant slowly turned around and made room for his son Optimus.
    ‘My son here is a new spark, his body hasn’t been fully tested, and I saw that you two have a good controle over your bodies. So could you give my son a test?’ Optimus’ head jumped up from his downwards look and his optics widend. Bumblebee grinned and Prowl moved his leg.
    ‘Why not’, Bumblebee bursted forward to Optimus and his upperarm shifted to an electric charged sword and he took a swing at Optimus. The surprised Autobot let his wheels clap down and skidded backwards. He jumped back on his hands and made a flip, his tires crashed into the sword. The electricity became grounded on the rubber. For a moment they stood still, Optimus anticipated and spinned his wheels. Bumblebee was catapulted in the air. Prowl catched him in his alt-mode and flew back to Optimus who was transforming. The Cybertronian truck drove off at full speed. Prowl could easily follow him and made a barrel roll. Bumblebee landed on Optimus’ cabine. Again he transformed and grabed Bumblebee, whom he threw in the ground. Prowl covered his buddy with cross-fire. Optimus quickly reacted with his cyber-shield. It wasn’t big but it defended his armor against the plasma bullets. Bumblebee took the advantage and crawled away. Prowl flew over and circled around. Optimus de-activated his shield and scanned his body for more weapons. His leg compartment opened and a gun appeared. His left arm transformed into an axe. He checked his two new weapons and nodded. That would do. He grabed the gun and aimed for Bumblebee. Prowl noticed the manouvre and took a dive spin. The cooling holes in the gun started to glow red. The heat was visiuable. Prowl transformed and unleashed his aura-blades. The gun was slashed into two and optimus already reacted with his axe. Bumblebee interfeared with his own sword and pushed Optimus back. Prowl stepped in front of Bumblebee and raised his plasma rifle. Optimus rolled to his side when Prowl pulled the trigger. He pushed himself up and scanned for more weapons in his system. His chest opened and an ion beam charged up. Bumblebee transformed and speeded round his oponnent, Prowl took it to the air and made circles above the enemy. Optimus’ main frame was calculating every possible move, his head turned in every directions, his optics widened. The two Autobots kept circling around him. Prowl aimed his gun and fired near Optimus’ foot, he jumped up and Bumblebee attacked. The yellow bot grabed optimus from the back and held on tight.

    ‘Now Prowl!’ His comrade listened and jumped towards Optimus and landed in front of the Autobot and his arms shifted to laser guns and aimed at Optimus’ head.
    The strained warrior let his energon flew and fired his ion beam. The pure blue energy stream errupted and sparkles jumped out.
    Prowl dropped himself and Bumblebee let loose on Optimus. Imediatly he grabed his axe again, his chest closed and the blue light of his spark disappeared.
    A clapping sound came closer, Optimus turned his head and saw Ex-Haust, he was very happy. The military sergeant thanked the two youngsters and walked over to Optimus.

    ‘That was good my son. I’ve asked Prowl and Bumblebee to test your skills. I know them from the city patrol, they’ve just signed in and are very talented.’

    Optimus holstered his weapons his mouthplate disappeared. The look in his eyes was still empty, it was like he didn’t care.

    ‘What’s next?’ Ex-haust became a bit worried, after that test, they’d ussually devolophed a personnal soul. Maybe the spark had to adjust to the body some longer.

    ‘Why don’t you go in the city with Prowl and Bumblebee. I still have some busness to do.’ The two young bots looked at each other and nodded. They hadn’t got any problems with that. Optimus also nodded and followed the two.


    A few miles away two Autobots were looking at the little fight. Both were cloaked and didn’t say a word. Behind them stood three minions. Silent as them and no visible sign of life. One of them terminated his cloaking program and looked back.

    ‘Will it work?’ he asked at his companion.
    ‘Time will tell. I only hope it happens faast, we’ll gonna need him. Not only for leading.’ A pair of red eyes behind him opened and the robot growled silently. His masters didn’t heard it.
    ‘Will he be strong enough to carry the weight?’ His friend shook his head.
    ‘Who will tell? For the sake of the planet, I hope. For his further life, I hope not.’

    Without making any noise, they left, followed by their three minions. The leader of the three growled and made up a plan in his head. It wasn’t a good plan for now, but everything had yet to fall in place. In his head he knew what was wright. Me Grimlock, me KING!
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    cool i hope my sorty will be as good as yuors pal
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    It seems to me that I havn't post another chapter in quite some time. Sorry for that, was a bit busy with some stories on I'll try to post a new chapter one of these days.
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    so as promised, a slightly longer than normal, chapter four. Enjoy

    Chapter 4: Loss of a soul

    The Autobot academy was one of the biggest buildings in Iacon, the Autobot symbol shone above the gate. The entire building was made out of stone, the fabric could only be found on a distant planet. The council room was the biggest room in the school. In the middle there was giant rectangluar table. It had eighteen metal chairs. One for each tudor. Ex-haust stood in front of the window, looking at the Giant Roof. He missed the dark sly, the unlimitted universe. He searched for a hole, unlikly to find.

    ‘Is there something wrong old friend?’ the Autobot sergeant hadn’t heard the door sliding.

    Ex-Haust turned his head, it was Orion Pax. The leader of Autobots. His old servo’s and engine carried a lot of wisdom. But it took toll on his movements. The wise robot came closer, slow even for his age.

    ‘I’ve been looking at that roof for 7 billion solar cycles now Ex-Haust, and even I havn’t found a hole. Stop waisting energon. The Roof is growing my friend. It’s unstopable.’

    The younger Autobot new his master was wright. The Roof won’t stop growing, even scientist didn’t know why. Ex-Haust sighed and turned towards his master.

    ‘The planet is alive, his core has stabelised, you know what that means.’
    ‘Yes, our death. But we all have to die one time. Don’t we’, Orion Pax looked at thetube at the other end of the room. It contained a body of a great warrior, the first and only king of Cybertron. The uniter of Autobot and Decepticon. They still lived among each other, but there was some sort of spark between the two factions. The body belonged to Ultimus Prime, he had given his spark for peace. He had proven himself worthy of a leader. He had ended a war between factions with his own life.

    ‘I believe in destiny Orion Pax, so why is mine so shaded?’ The Autobot sergeant unfolded his arms and turned to his master. His optics were closed, he searched for the beats of his spark. The warmth of it filled his soul with disbelieve.

    ‘Why does my son have soul?’ Orion Pax looked up from the question. His old face managed to create a smile. The deep blue optics simulated a deep sence of time a space. He placed his red hand on the shoulder of Ex-Haust.

    ‘I thought you’d already figured that out. Optimus is a good kid, or else his faction sign would already changed to purple.’ A knock disturbed the conversation. Ex-Haust guided orion Pax to the door and the old Autobot gave one last look to his old friend. He opened the door, to Ex-Haust’s surprise it was Optimus.

    ‘I see you have a visitor, I’ll leave you alone.’ Orion Pax walked to the door and gave Optimus an aproving look.

    Optimus closed the door behind him as a polite gentleman. Ex-Haust loosened his servo’s and leaned against the table.

    ‘father, can we go look at the bio-engineering lab? I’m interested in these research facilities.’
    Ex-Haust grinned, for a moment he could see some emotion in the optics of his son.

    ‘Of course. Come, we’ll take the alteration route.’ He pushed a button beside the door and a path opened to a road inside the school. Several Autobot students and sergeants were driving it in their alt-modes. Ex-haust transformed in his battle truck and Optimus followed in his own truck mode.


    The bio-engineering lab was a newly improvement to the Autobot Academy, several scientists had discovered a new age, like they called it. Ex-haust and Optimus arrived at the giant door and immediatly they heard a great roar. The room shaked heavy and the lights went out for a second.

    ‘What in Primus’ name was that?’ Asked Ex-haust out loud when he grabed his plasma rifle and ion shield. His aiming program ran on full capacity, his readings didn’t show any strange signals.

    ‘Organic levels are off the roof father. What should we do.’ The emotion less voice abrupted his father’s stiffness.
    ‘In heavens sake, grow some soul my boy, what’s wrong with you.’ Optimus turned his head a bit. How was it possible, the absence of a soul made his fysical powers better, his research program was better and he could download way to many information within nanoclicks.
    ‘What’s a soul?’ Ex-haust’s hope fell in a black hole, if the boy didn’t even know what a soul was, then when could he ever develope one.

    The roar sounded again and an Autobot scientist burst trough the wall. Ex-haust ran into the chamber and let loose on his weapon. Broken bottles lay everywhere, a green gas filled the room and started eat away some metal tables. The military sergeant closed his airvents and activated his filter so his internal functions wouldn’t be affected. Then something pulled his attention, a great black spot at the corner of his sight.

    ‘In Primus’ name’, A gigantic organic beast was ravaging trough the room. It was twice as big as Ex-haust. It seemed to be some ape like creature. He had seen such a beast before, in a report of planet scouts. If he remembered correctly, it was called a gorilla. Suddenly the beast stopped ravaging and looked dazeled. His eyes shifted color and a strange noise errupted from inside off the beast, it sounded like a robotic scream.

    ‘Primal, at ease, control your self!’ Shouted the head scientist. He came running in with some strange tube attached to a needle. He didn’t ran far, the beast quickly raised his arm and punched the scientist away.

    ‘That thing has a name?’ yelled Ex-Haust back. He ducked and grabbed his rifle from the ground and aimed for the heart. He didn’t realize the Autobot couldn’t hear what the sergeant had said. The rubble had blocked his audio receptors.

    Optimus pushed the gun down and looked down at his father. He shook his head. Ex-haust looked at his son, what was he up to? Optimus stepped closer to the gorilla. The beast stepped back a bit. It seemed to be afraid of the Autobot without a soul. It opened it’s mouth and tried to say something in Cybertronians. It sounded a bit cracky.

    ‘Where’s.. your.. soul, I can’t.. feel.. your.. your.. .. .. being’, The beast lifted his arm and touched Optimus’ spark area.
    ‘What do you mean with soul?’ Optimus touched the gorilla hand with his own.

    The beast quickley grabbed his head and seemed to be trying to pull it off. He growled fiersome, several cracks were heard. It fell to his knees and opened his eyes again.

    ‘Come on.. Maximize! Maximize!’ Suddenly a great cloud of steam left his neck, shoulders, crotch, back and feet area. They all shifted and turned, his head lowered and his arms and legs transformed to a robotic essence. On the back canons jumped up to the shoulders. A blue head piece appeared and ligt blue optics opened. The head of the beast mode shifted some more to red chest plate. A white cirlce in the midst of the plate showed a new faction symbol.

    ‘Ahh, the pain, let it stop!’ Primal let loose on his head from the moment the head scientist injected an energon shot in his mainframe. The Autobot had managed to stand up again. Optimus stepped back to Ex-Haust, whom was shocked, he just saw an organic being transformed.

    ‘Sorry for what you had to see, this is our new project. Optimus Primal approved to be a test subject. He’s the first Maximal, an organic Autobot. The only problem is controlling his beast form and the pain when transforming. His circuits havn’t adjusted yet to the organic matter. You see it’s all a matter of bio-adjusting the spark compatibility and adjusting the..’ Optimus Primal placed his hand on the head scientist’s mouth.

    ‘They are not interested. But I’m interested in this boys soul. Where is it?’
    ‘We don’t know.’ Responded Ex-Haust after coming back to senses.

    The Maximal was shocked himself, he looked at Optimus again. He came closer and touched the spark area again. He used his animal senses and found nothing inside. No soul, no emotion. Primal lowered his arm and walked over to the sergeant. He grabed his shoulder and guided him to a further place away from Optimus.

    ‘You’re sure he isn’t one of those cyborg engineers for the mines?’ Anger raised within Ex-Haust’s spark.
    ‘How dare you to speek about my son like that! I’m sure he is a normal Autobot!’ The angry father made a move to step back but Optimus Primal stopped him.
    ‘Maybe his processor is stil in the protoform stage, he could still be evolving. I can ask around here in the tech lab, maybe the professor now more about this.’ Primal turned his face towards the young Optimus.
    ‘Let’s hope he has a soul, for an Autobot without a soul, is a being without a life.’


    Somewhere at the other end of the planet, far beyond the Metal See and the Iron Mountains. The base of the Decepticons was located here. After the War of Sparks where Ultimus Prime had given his spark, the Decepticons have lived in peace with the Autobots, but they rather lived in solem silence. This was the only place where the Great Roof hadn’t grown yet. The council chamber inside the Castle of Rage was empty besides the throne. The Decepticon Leon hadn’t arrived yet do to his exit out off the Council. The door of the council opened. Megatron came in and walked over to the throne, he punched a button on the chair and a screen hovered by. An intercom link popped up and Megatron inserted Leon’s code.

    ‘I’ve arrived my liege, waiting for further commands.’ The screen cakcled a bit when the message was send. The vibration line started to tremble when Leon answered to his servant.
    ‘Very well, now alternate your vehicle mode to a battle cruiser in the docks. Then enter the code I gave you into the mainframe of the Castle of rage.’ Megatron nodded and ended the program.

    Leon accelerated on his path over the Metal See. His plans were falling in place, he had only have to rely on Starscream. Hopefully he would forfill his task.


    The Decepticon bountyhunter Starscream sat on a rooftop, observing the croud below him. His red optics scanned the entire area. It has been a long time since he had been here. He felt like his freedom was taken away from him since there was the Giant Roof now. He sighed in disgust when he looked up. He transformed in his jet mode and flew down silently. Since there was restriction of flying below the 100 miles, he transformed again and let his foot jets do the rest. He hovered down and landed on the ground. No one looked up, it was perfectly normal on Cybertron for a plane to walk amongst the other citizens. He acted normal so he wouldn’t fall out. He walked down the streets, straight towards his goal. The Autobot academy. It didn’t took long before he arrived. The Academy rose up behind the buildings, it was easy to know where the main rchamber was. The big glass window showed the entire room. Immediatly his scanners located an Autobot in the room, a name appeared in his optical processor: Optimus. Starscream smiled and started to run.


    Optimus looked down at the street, the entrance hall of the Academy. Again he was downloading information from the wireless databank of the Academy. His father stood at the door, checking his son. Thanks to Primal and the scientists he knew Optimus was still in his protoform phase. He was still discovering his neoro circuits. His soul was still learning. Ex-Haust was grateful, his son was perfectly normal.Suddenly somewhere down the street a purple flash coloured the buildings. A great strike of thunder broke the heavins in two and destroyed the glass window. Rubble and dust flew trough the room. Ex-Haust had quickley searched for cover. He hadn’t seen his son flying trough the air. Optimus lay down on the ground next to the body of Ultimus Prime. He opened his optics and felt the room shaking, it was an aftershock of the attack. He looked to his right, his father was crawling over to him. He raised his arm, he had lost his perspective and couldn’t calculate the distance. Optimus closed his fingers in an effort to grab hold on his father. Again there was a strike of thunder, but this time it hit Ex-Haust, a Decepticon flew into the room and landed on the sergeant. They started a fight. Optimus tried to push himself up, but it didn’t work.

    ‘No, Optimus, this is not your fight’, said a voice behind him. Optimus looked back and searched for the speaker.
    ‘Why? It is a bountyhunter. The laws obey me to..’
    ‘The laws are futile in cases like this. Listen to me and get out of here.’ Optimus managed to stand up and looked at the fallen body of Ultimus Prime. He came closer and bend trough his knees.
    ‘Yes my son, it is me that speaks trough your head. I, Ultimus Prime command you to leave!’ Optimus opened his leg compartment and grabbed his gun.
    ‘Why should I listen to a sparkless body, according to laws of fysics it is impossible for you to speak.’ The eyes of the sparkless body started to shine a deep blue color. The body rose itself and spoke with a divine tone.
    ‘My soul still lives within this coccoon, it is up to you to forfill the prophesie!’ Optimus felt a growing anger inide himself for the first time. He jumped with brute force to the flying body.
    ‘No! He’s my father!’ From the moment the two Transformers made contact a blue flash abrupted the fight between Ex-Haust and Starscream. Both looked at the two body laying on top of each other. Optimus pushed himself up and turned around the same blue light shone in his optics, he closed them and opened them again. The blue light had vanished, but there was something new in his eyes. The young Autobot raised his fist and looked at it. A strange sort of energy radiated from his body.

    ‘What is this.. feeling?’ Optimus lowered his fist and looked at the two robots.
    Ex-haust was astonished, he almost forgot about the fight. ‘He has a soul.’
    ‘I have a soul?’ Optimus raised his both hands and then looked at Starscream who had stood up.
    ‘You’ve attacked my father, bounty hunter. It’s time for you to pay.’

    Please keep in mind I can't promise any regular updates, my life has changed a bit latly. But I'll try not to dissappoint the readers.
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    so cool to have yuo back pal i missed yuor stoires a lot
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    That part of the story wasn't bad infact it was even better than mine as I too write stories from the either Transformers Energon or Transformers Cybertron
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    Thanks for waiting, I've made a slight change to the plot, but It's going to get thrilling! I hope you enjoy chapter 5.

    Chapter 5: Way of the spark

    The optics of Optimus Prime shone with a bright glow of a soul, deep blue with silver white cirkels in the midst. He stood firmer now, more proud of his descent. His weapon comparment was already open when he saw his opponent bending over his father. Ex-Haust’s spark was instable after the surprise attack of the bounty hunter Starscream. The Decepticon was surprised of Optimus’ reveal, but he quickley reacted with aiming his null-rays at the Autobot sergeant, he smiled and narrowed his optics. Optimus jumped forword and made a rol, kicking his legs against Starscream. The bounty hunter fell down and he fired his null-rays, a big chunk of the seeling fell down. The Autobot evaded it and jumped for his father, quickly he closed his arms and pulled his father along with him. Starscream had also evaded the big stone chunk. The Decepticon stood up and an inner flame erupted from his core, the reflection lighted his optics.

    ‘My databanks don’t show any combat skills on you’, he once again aimed his null-rays.
    ‘Not for long.’ A purple light emitted from the inside and the beam blast off.

    Optimus activated his cyber shield and stood up. The ionic fibers retained the power of the pulse. The blue aura of the shield turned purple. Starscream stopped shooting and examined the shield, it had a tremendous energy level.

    ‘What the..’ A smile covered Optimus’ face as his face plate shifted up.
    ‘No, impossible’, Starscream jumped up and started to transform, his engines roared.
    ‘No running from me bounty hunter!’ Optimus jumped up from his knee and ran towards the hole in the window.

    Starscream was still turning in the chamber trying to flee. Optimus aimed his shield at the Decepticon who finally found the exit. His back engines roared harder and errupted. He raced trough the opening and started to ascend. Optimus turned his head and followed Starscream.

    ‘You won’t run after what you’ve done’, Optimus took away the shield off his arm and started to thwirl around. A bit of wind stook up and spread some dust.
    ‘Here’s your punishment!’ He yelled for power and let loose on the purple disc. It chased Starscream and hit his tail blade after a few clicks. A giant explosion lit the sky and the combat phlane crashed down somewhere beyond the city. Seeing this Optimus nodded hapily, an other emotion he hadn’t felt yet. Suddenly a strange feeling filled his spark, a big need for protection and incertanity. He turned his head and saw his father lying against his father. The Autobot had pulled himself up against the hard tablet. His voice was weak and fragile. Optimus came closer ad holstered his gun, he kneeled down and helped his father to sit straigth up.

    ‘Are you allright father?’ The young bot layed his hand on the chest of the sergeant.
    ‘My son, I’m glad you’ve finally got a soul..’ He coughed up some oil and his optics faded.
    ‘Father!’ optimus pilled back his hand and uncovered a wound to the spark chamber.
    ‘A lost soul has been pasted on my son…’ The last words left his mouth and his optics completly faded away. His head tilted back and the glow in the wound was gone.
    Something inside Optimus broke, rage combined with sorrow. Suddenly a heavinly light behind him pulled his attention.

    ‘Optimus, I lend you my soul for the battle to come. Avenge the death that kills your spark’, it was the body of Ultimus Prime wich glowed in the light. Optimus came closer with a not so understanding look in his eyes.

    ‘Don’t disappoint my soul young warrior’, the light and the body disappeared into nothing.

    Optimus nodded and turned back, the first thing he would do is give his father a honourful resting place. Then he would chase down Starscream, the wounds would slow him down long enough. The giant door opened and a black gorilla, sportscar and fighter helicopter came charging in. The three some transformed, Bumblebee and Prowl gave Primal a weird look.

    ‘What’s going on, my sensors picked up gun shot traces’, asked the Maximal. His optics scanned the area thouroughly.
    ‘We came as fast as possible when we…’ Prowl’s look landed on the body in Optimus’ arms.
    ‘Is that?’ He pointed with his index finger and came closer. The younger bot nodded.
    ‘Father..’ Optimus kneeled down and let his father rest on the ground.

    He stood up and walked to the shattered window. One foot on the step, one hand on the edge. The three other bots came closer, Primal activated his jets and hovered in front of Optimus. His gaze checked the young bot toroughly.

    ‘Are you going to leave him here behind, without any proper funeral?’ The Maximal crossed his arms and waited for an answer.
    ‘I have to seek my vengeance beyond the city limits. He will receive a proper funeral when the security bots find him.’
    ‘With other words, you’re going to leave him behind’, Primal lowered his arms and looked the other way, at the city limits.
    ‘You’re still having problems with your soul, haven’t you?’ He hovered back in and transformed to beast mode with a loud resonant roar.
    ‘He has a soul?’ shouted Bumblebee.
    ‘Yes he has’, said Prowl while scanning the body, ‘his spark is glowing stronger and deeper.’

    Optimus had listened to the conversation, he knew Primal was wright. Without any further warning, Optimus jumped down, he soared trough the air and at the last moment he hooked his hand in the wall. Briks fell down where the Autobot passed, a few feet further down he slammed his feet in the wall and let his wheels spin backwards. When he landed he walked down the entry stairs, leaving other robots behind with a strange gaze on their faces. It was time for vengeance.

    ‘Are you sure he knows what he’s doing?’ Asked Bumblebee.
    ‘Even if he did, he’s going to get in big troubles.’ Said Prowl.
    ‘There’s something wrong with his soul, and I don’t thrust it’, said Primal after jumping behind Optimus, he had no problem using the greppel Optimus had left behind. Prowl and Bumblebee followed to, the yellow bot using his friend as a lift.


    A cloaked robot stood on top of the Autobot Academy, he looked down in dissaprovement. His friend also looked down, without an opinion. He just looked down for the action.

    ‘It seems he has a team behind him.’
    ‘I don’t know if you can call it a team, but followers indeed.’

    The dissaproving robot followed the group a bit, he walked over to the other edge of the roof. They weren’t hurrying, what they maybe should’ve. His friend joined him at the edge and layed his hand ons his friend’s shoulder. The cloak flickered a bit trough the contact. At the same time he looked at the black assending cload at the horizon.

    ‘His destination is clear, the cause is coming nearer and faster than we thought.’
    ‘No, it is no good, we’ll have to slow him down’, he uncloaked himself and turned around towards his minions.
    ‘If you think that’s the best way. Then Grimlock has just received his first mission.’

    The Maximal’s eyes glowed darkly red when he activated his searching program. He was ready to test his organic body. He tried out his limbs and organis proportions. Grimlock felt an ancient roar coming up and released it, the ground shaked beneath his feet and the edge of the roof crumbled.

    ‘Maximize!’ His flesh became torn apart and fibers cracked every where. Several bone structures rearranged itself and made place for an underlying robotic structure. The organs packed together and disappeared inside. The blood made room for energon and finally he was transformed, the pain was still rushing trough his body as he stands up from his kneeling position.

    ‘Grimlock.. Ready’, his leaders nodded and smiled.
    ‘I love this new technology, it has some sort of.. Treatchery.’
    ‘He better not think of it(, said the grumpy leader robot.

    Grimlock straightened his back and folded out some wings, quickley he jumped of the building and flew off. The two leader figures watched his going and then looked at each other, then he looked back. Two other Maximals layed down on the ground, dead.

    ‘When did he do that?’ Asked one of them.
    ‘Since when did he had the bodycapacity for three alt-forms?’ Both looked at each other and ran towards the edge of the roof. The Maximal had already left their eye sight.

    ‘Now we’ve got big problems.’
    ‘Aye to that my firend, aye to that.’


    Starscream transformed when he crash landed on the Metal See. His left feet engine was shred to pieces, a part of Optimus’ shield still stuck deep in his legiment. He ripped it out and threw it away, he was still a day walk away from his destination. He cursed Optimus and started to walk.

    ‘Wretched Autobot, I’m not build for walking’, he tript over a metal plate and fell down.

    A bit of energon leaked out of his wound and it drupped on the ground.

    ‘Oh bummer’, it exploded.
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    Sorry to be so late with a new chapter, with ongoing holidays and the exam periode I just finished I didn't had many time. So here is the next chapter:

    Chapter 6: Ancient roar

    Iacon City wasn’t as silenced as before, the fight in the Autobot Academy had started a rumor trough town. Some bots said a young Autobot had protected his father and attacked a bountyhunter, others said a new leader had risen and murdered a Decepticon to declare a war to the other faction. Others said nothing happened. But one thing was certain, everyone had heard the big explosion just outside town, and about that an other rumor had circulated the big city.

    ‘It was that Starscream guy, you know the bounty hunter. I’d reckognize that jet every where’, said an Autobot against his compagnion.
    ‘No, you’re sure?’ He rubbed his head in an unhealthy way.
    ‘Yeah and he was shot by that Optimus, you know the new kid of Ex-Haust.’
    ‘No, the soulless one?’ The other bot nodded and bothe laughed slamming their energon cups.
    ‘Best joke ever.’

    What they didn’t know was that their story was true. Optimus, the soulless one, had fought Starscream, the vicious, and won. When the Autobot crossed town in pursuit of the explosion, he didn’t realize that a group of other young bots were following him. Everyone was looking at the small group and not at Optimus, who’s steady walk made everyone step aside. The reason everyone was watching was the Maximal Optimus Primal, who was following the Autobot in beast mode. Soon he knew he was pulling to much attention since he still was a classified project.

    ‘Primal, do you mind?’ Asked Prowl who know much of these projects.
    ‘When your file says “classified” it means not for other optics then those of the scientists.’
    ‘Calm down soldier, you’re still talking to a squadron commander.’ Prowl nodded and didn’t talk for the rest of the journey.

    It turned out to be more difficult to follow an Autobot into the core of Iacon, at certain moments he just disappeared into the crowd and found not to be seen for the next 5 mega cycles. Until they heard a loud explosion, one that didn’t bring happiness or luck. Prowl, Primal and Bumblebee speeded themself towards the sound and found devastation. A giant crater had formed itself in the midst of the streets. Big debrees were still falling down from above where there used to be bridges and building tops. In the center of the crater there was Optimus, whom was looking up to the skies, he stood on a 10 foot wide piece of rock that wasn’t destroyed. He was aiming his gun at the air and it was still smoking from the previous energy outburst. The air thrilled from heath, and so did his body armor. He had been in contact with a serious attack.
    Prowl was the first to look up and saw a strange creature terrorizing the clouds, it had already finished off with the sky patrol, and was re-aiming for the ground. A lightbulb - wich was formed at the place where the head seemed to be – showed an upcoming attack.
    Optimus threw away his gun because it was useless after his defensive manouvre a few clicks ago. When the beam from above was fired Optimus uncovered his axe and detached it from his wrist, his hand reappeared and he threw it up. It headed for the beam which had already doubled in size. When the axe hit the beam it split up in two beams that nearly missed Optimus. The crater became hit again and a huge thrust of wind errupted from the inside. It soared in every direction, even up. Primal and the others were blown away as also the big strange creature in the air. It fell down and rammed some buildings on the way. When the three Autobots were able to stand up, only one question rose up.

    ‘Why is Optimus still standing and unharmed?’ asked Bumblebee, who didn’t knew much of fysics.
    ‘He certainly knows much about combat for such a young robot.’ Continued Primal who was astonished too.
    ‘How did he knew that another blast would be reflected in the form of winds trough the dept and round form of the crater? And even more importent, how did he calculated the speed that was needed for his axe to deflect the beam enough to be unaffected by the knockback?’ Asked Prowl himself who did knew much about fysics.

    Suddenly Primal transformed and bursted forward trying to save Optimus from the falling danger. What he didn’t expected was that the young Autobot jumped on to him and used him as a lift, from wich he jumped even higher to tackle the falling creature into a building. Glass spred every where on the ground and battle sounds left the building. When Prowl and Bumblebee caught up with Primal they saw laser beams and missile fire destroying the building.

    ‘We need to get up, why did he even think he could handle that.. atomic bom?’ Said Primal in a hurry activating his thrusters.
    ‘Climb on Bumblebee, if Primal goes, we go! If we won’t help him his fur’ll burn.’ Prowl transformed and Bumblebee jumped up while activating his electro sword.
    ‘Then we should call him Frimal.’ The yellow bot clapped on top of Prowl to sign he was ready while he was laughing with his own joke.

    When they reached the hole in the building they saw a huge bulky transformer dodging Optimus’ attacks. The young bot had the widest combat moves all alligned. He jumped up and thwirled around with his legs kicking his opponent twice in a row. The monster stumbled back when Prime landed and tackled the attacker. When they crash-landed on the ground Optimus kept rolling and grabbed the ‘beast’ after which he used the momentum so he could lift the twice bigger opponent and trow it trough the wall. The young Autobot followed his enemy in the air and used the falling debree as munition, he aimed for the head and hit. Optimus managed to reach the giant falling body and landed on top. He slammed his fist into the body and pulled some wires out, a compartment opened in the body and a canon formed itself. Optimus climbed to the back and aimed it towards the skies. The blast errupted and made them fall faster, before they hit the ground Optimus climbed back on top and pushed even harder. Both crashed into the crater again. Bumblebee had jumped into the building and couldn’t close his mouth.

    ‘After I saw Primal I tought I’d seen everything..’
    ‘That can not be our Optimus, I’ve battled him before, that were not his moves’, Said Prowl hovering behind Bumblebee.
    ‘According to my database there’s only one Autobot with that same technique, Ultimus Prime, The Legend amongst Warriors.’ Said Primal, who couldn’t believe his own database.

    Back on the ground Optimus stood up from his lying position, he picked up his gun from the ground, he could still use it now it had cooled down. From behind him a beam tore open the ground and big chunks of metal plates soared trough the sky. A weakened warrior crawled out of the hole and rolled over onto his back. Optimus intended to walk away, for him the battle was over. He’d won. But the transformer behind him found the courage to step up again, it uncovered a flamming sword and dragged it along. Rage filled his optics and with each step he grew more confidend off itself. Optimus had noticed the tred of his attacker and stopped walking, he prepared to interveign and counter each and every move.
    The robot lifted his sword arm and slashed at Optimus whom turned around and caught the blade between his palms. The clash was surprisingly powerfull, sparks jumped of the sword and hands and ignited some parts of the ferocious beast-former.

    ‘So, you are an organic transformer?’ The first words Optimus said in this battle, trying to distract his oponent.
    ‘How you know? File secret,’ responded the creature without any problems.
    ‘So, we can speak. Why this attack? What did I do to you?’
    ‘Me Grimlock. Me King!’ Suddenly Grimlock found a new source of strength and ungrappled his sword and kicked Optimus back.
    ‘You not steel what mine is. You wont take my kingdom!’ The beast-former thrusted forward and unleashed a series of sword attacks which troubled Optimus.

    The Autobot saw a hole in Grimlock’s offence and dove in. He grabbed his blaster and shot at Grimlock’s thorax. The flesh burst into flame, Grimlock threw away his sword and unfolded his wings. He blew out the fire but didn’t see that optimus had taken the sword and driven it into Grimlock’s back. The big robot fell down. Optimus kneeled down and pulled the weapon out.

    ‘Who send you, tell me before I finish you off.’ Optimus said very cruel.
    ‘You be happy you may. The attack not planned so soon was. I ordered was to wait. Then attack you with other two Dinobots.’
    ‘So, you’re a Dinobot, where are the other two?’
    ‘In me….’ Said Grimlock with painfull roar.
    ‘What do you mean.’ He didn’t get an answer so he pushed the sword back in.
    ‘Ungrh, when me was assembled, I received upgrade. More malfunction.’ He spit out a bit of energon before he continued.
    ‘With every murder, I spark absorb of victim. Together with alt-mode.’ Optimus pulled the sword back out and gave him a breath.
    ‘I could not wait to strike, me Grimlock, me no need plan.’
    ‘Who send you? Starscream, if so, you’re messing with the wrong Autobot.’ Optimus rose the sword again.
    ‘No, Priest Dio…’ Grimlock blacked out.

    Optimus stood up and walked away, there would not be any more threat. Grimlock had already taken care of the other two Dinobots. He continued his journey to the edge of Iacon and the Metal Sea. Primal, Prowl and Bumblebee landed and didn’t know what to do. They couldn’t believe that it was Optimus they saw. But suddenly something stopped the young Autobot. Optimus turned into himself and saw a blue transparent figure.

    ‘Your task is not finished here Optimus.’ Spoke the ghostly Autobot.
    ‘What is my task then?’ Asked the soulless Optimus again.
    ‘I did not lend you my soul and skills to make havoc amongst the citizens my son.’ Ultimus Prime tried to make a point, but Optimus wasn’t rationel now he had no soul again.
    ‘I’m not a puppet, I’m a sentient being, what lives out there is just a combination of our souls.’ The young Autobot tried to explain the best he could, he wanted to leave this revelation but the ghost stopped him with the mystical powers of the unknown.
    ‘That’s the problem Optimus, you don’t have a soul. The moment my soul entered your body, it was your spark who had decided to accept me. As in which you signed an unexisting contract. Your body is mine and will function as my will, so far you just took knowledge of my past to protect yourself. You are no more than a vessel that guides my wisdom and strength.’ Ultimus prime came closer and looked straigth into Optimus’ eyes.
    ‘I am no vessel of a spirit, you entered my body, so your will is my choice. I will bend your spirit in the ways I want it to.’ Optimus gained more and more control over this inner state of mental capacity and pushed Ultimus back.
    ‘You will go back and assure life amongst this planet. You will rescue that fallen Dinobot and give it back what it deserves.’ His voice shook the spiritual dimension and anger dripped off his words.
    ‘Like your kingdom? He believes what was yours is his. So you actually benefit the evil that lurcks inside off him. I won’t help you in the demonification of that soul. It has suffered enough. I will only go back to finish the job. As he was ordered to do with us!’ Optimus was finally capable to cut trough the connection with the soul of Ultimus Prime but he waited for a reply.
    ‘You don’t know who you are facing Optimus. I lived inside the Allspark, my wisdom is the wisdom off all Transformers. If you threaten me, you threaten Primus himself. So do as I obey and go save Grimlock! Do as the Allspark orders you because there is no evil nor good in the eyes of the Allspark!’ Optimus now found something inside himself, a light that shone so strong that it could resist the power of Ultimus Prime.
    ‘No! From now one, you are my vessel! I decide wether evil or good exist! I no longer want your power nor knowledge, I’ll create my own!’ With that last burst off anger Optimus created his own soul that pulsated so hard that there was no room left for another. The young Autobot drove out Ultimus Prime and shattered the spiritual connection, with that rapture he caught Ultimus into an artefact and hode it inside his chest.
    ‘Now you are my vessel, and I call it the Matrix.’

    Optmus stood up – he had fallen down while he was talking to Ultimus Prime – and revealed the Matrix. He was still trembling after the fight with his “soulmate”. Slowly he walked back to Grimlock who had entered stasis lock. His three compagnions still stood behind the body, the last few micro-cycles, they’d seen their friend falling down, grabbing his head and screaming. After wich he stood up and unfolded a strange object. Optimus knelt down aside Grimlock. He aimed the Matrix and the golden orb in the middle opened and showed a smaller blue orb. Little shiny stars fell down on the body and Grimlock started to wake up.

    ‘What.. happened..?’ He asked still a bit dazled.
    ‘One last thing to say before I delete your memory banks?’ Judged Optimus.
    ‘I.. regret what I’ve done. My spark screems for peace but my body seeks death. I can’t control it. Help me. My program shows glitches I can’t control me. Save me!’ Grimlock begged and lifted an arm so he could touch Optimus who seemed to be further away than he tought.
    ‘As you wish, Grimlock, Swoop and Slag.’

    Grimlock didn’t understood what Optimus mentioned, but the Dinobot body began to glow white and red and shifted into three seperat ones. When the light disappeared three dinosaurs layed down on the ground, each different in size and alt-mode. Still there was a visual sign who was Grimlock. The big T-rex in the midst showed a sign on his chest, the sign of the Dinobots. Optimus turned around, covered the Matrix and walked away. Grimlock pushed himself up with his legs – his arms where to short – and turned himself to Optimus.

    ‘Me.. Grimlock thanks you,’ The Tyranosaurus Rex transformed and showed the familiar face of Grimlock. He raised his arm so he could give Optimus a handshake.
    ‘There’s no need for that, I just did what was good. For everyone.’ Optimus continued his journey without looking back. The Triceratops and Pteranodon Dinobots stood up to and transformed, there eyes were filled with compasion and gratetude.
    ‘Still, we owe you one. We shall respect you as our leader. Join us.’ It wasn’t really a question from Swoop.
    ‘No, our path’s split here, my destiny lies somewhere else.’ Optimus transformed and drove, symbolicly speaking he didn’t want to speak again.

    All the time Primal, Prowl and Bumblebee stood there. Listening and observing, except for Bumblebee whom had gone to power-safe mode. They had no idea what had just happened. Prowl had recognized the artefact Optimus had used as the Matrix of Leadership. But how in Primus’ name could he craft it. The divine artefact was the link to the Allspark. Only the Prime’s were allowed to use one; and he just made one of his own.

    In the distance they heard Optimus driving off and still yelling a message to the Dinobots:
    ‘Tell your master that if he wants to fight me, he has to fight himself.’


    One of the solemn tops of the nearest buuilding wasn’t as solemn as normal. It was being visited by two larger entities. During the combat and all the other mystical happenings they’d stood still. Not one move, not even when they were threatened to be blown off the top. Not even when the blasts neared there position.

    ‘This is.. unexpected,’ said the one on the left.
    ‘Very unexpected indeed,’ said the other on the right.
    ‘For once, things go not according to plan.’
    ‘But maby, this can benefit our plan.’
    ‘In what way do you think my brother?’ Spoke the one on the left again who had turned to face his compagnion.
    ‘Now Optimus has been granted power and drove Ultimus out off the picture, nothing else lies in our way.’ He explained.
    ‘You want to use his new forged Matrix?’ The left one asked.
    ‘Yes indeed, this unexpected – let us say miracle – shows us new possibilities. Possibilities that can increase our chance on victory.’
    ‘Should we inform Leon to send out Omegatron?’
    ‘No, we’ll track down Starscream… And then when Optimus finds him after we’ve repaired him we unleash Megatron.’ The right one turned around and showed his back to his brother. His crimson colored body sparkeled in the light of the many moons. His brother raised his hand and stepped closer.
    ‘Quicksilver, are you mad? Starscream will take our victory away when he gets the chance. If he finds out what we want to do, we can forget everything!’
    ‘Then we have to make sur he won’t survive Optimus, don’t we Swampghost?’ Priest Quicksilver smiled and left his brother.

    The Priest jumped from the building and activated his thrusters and folowed Optimus. Swampghost had no other choice than to transform in his jet-copter and follow his brother. With his black and green camouflage patern, he wouldn’t be reckognized as quick as his brother in the sky.
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    It has been a long time again since I posted a chapter, it's been a bussy time for school. It seems to me that the more I write the less time I've got to wright. But I'm happy a vacation is coming up so I can work on my story again, but here's chapter 7, I hope you'll like it.

    Chapter 7: Take It To The Stars

    The enormous Metal Sea, covered in metal colored plates. There’s no live sign to be spotted. After the Great Wars, nothing was left of this once so beautiful place. The only spot on Cybertron where there was still a hole in The Great Roof. The Giant Hole, the only exit to this planet and the only view to outer space. Some say that this is the last wound of Primus’ battle against Unicron, but even less believe it. Others say that the closing of this so called ‘wound’ is the proof that the fight between Unicron and Primus has happened and that their God does exist. Who shall say, the ever dorment giant, or the inhabitans of Cybertron?

    ‘If I just could transform, I would be out off here!’ Scolled Starscream.

    His left leg was missing after his jet had exploded. All the way he had dragged himself towards his goal, the land of the Decepticons. Everytime someone flew over he had covered himself with his experimental cloaking device. But he hadn’t got any luck, it had crashed. Now when there was a threat to be seen he sought cover under some wreckage from the Great War.

    ‘Peace is amongst us,’ he spit energon on the ground.
    ‘So why do we live abroad?’ He covered himself by pulling a giant metal can over himself.
    ‘I’ll tell you why, the Decepticons hate those Autobots,’ he heared two jets coming closer, they were flying unusually low.

    He held still and tried to stop his sparking wound. The bounty hunter heared a transformation sequence and Starscream uncovered his null-rays. He would not be discovered, he had to fullfill his task, or else he wouldn’t be worthy to be a bounty hunter.

    ‘Put those guns away Starscream, you won’t be needing them for us.’ Starscream didn’t move untill the metal can was thrown away.
    ‘He said you won’t be needing them.’ The blinding light only showed two entities.
    ‘Who are you?’ Starscream hadn’t lowered his arms yet, he didn’t feel quite safe.
    ‘My name’s Priest Quicksilver, this is my brother Swampghost. We are neither Autobot nor Decepticon.’
    ‘Then what are you, you must belong to a faction!’ Starscream pushed himself up with one arm and changed aim every nanosec.
    ‘That’s not important right now Starscream, we know everything about you. We know you work for Leon. And you must do something for us!’
    ‘What faction!’ Starscream activated his null-ray and aimed for the speaker.
    ‘You interferred in our plans, and now you have to save our mission. Fight him, pretend to loose, and maybe you might receive a price.’ Priest Quicksiler didn’t react to the threat.
    ‘Tell me who you are!’ Starscream fired his ray just next to Quicksilver who didn’t react, but his brother didn’t hesitate a sec and grabbed the bounty hunter by the throat.
    ‘You could call us Unicons.’ Responded Swampghost to Starscream’s question.
    ‘Servants of Unicron?’ The Decepticon screeched.
    ‘Not quite, we are unique in our kind, no other Transformer has the qualities to be part of our faction. Neither does anyone know of it. We protect and guide the secrets and hero’s of every age. As for now you know enough. Swampghost, repair his leg. Optimus is coming.’

    His brother – Swampghost – nodded and his arm transformed to a strange gun. He mumbled something that could be; “hold still”. After he aimed his weapon at Starscream’s stomp the Unicon fired his weapon. A purple ray left the intsrument and touched the wound just a click. A flash of light appeared, a leg was formed by the surrounding metals. The bounty hunter didn’t feel a thing, not even when the leg had taken his final shape. Starscream bend it and tried to walk on it. Swampghost transformed and flew away. The Decepticon was happy, he didn’t had the intention to thank him. Sooner or later he would’ve repaired his own leg.
    Quicksilver was right, in the distance he heared some noises of speeding tires on metal. He could recognize two cars and a helicopter jet and some black thing. The first car stopped and transformed. He seemed to be familiar.

    ‘Starscream!’ Optimus yelled uncovering his blade and axe.
    ‘You killed my father!’ He growled and ran towards Starscreams position.
    Not him again, I don’t want to loose another leg, Starscream thought in agony.

    Prowl and Primal transformed and stopped their raging friend. They tried to slow him down with all their strength.

    ‘Come on Optimus, don’t do any foolish things. He’s a bounty hunter, he won’t show any murcy!’ Prowl dropped to his knees and blocked Optimus at his torso.
    ‘He’s right, you can’t storm upon him just like that, we need a plan.’ Primal roared for power but Optimus was to strong.

    The Autobot pushed them aside and ran towards his enemy, he lowered his sword arm and made carves in the ground. His axe arm was raised in a defensive position and his mouth plate had already covered his face. Starscream stopped him by shooting a hole in the ground a few meters in front of him. Optimus came to a stop slipping.

    ‘Listen to your friends, brat, I will extinguish your spark and feed my own energon supply with it,’ laughed Starscream without any problems.
    ‘I will revenge my father, even if it will kill me in the process.’
    ‘Brave words for a young kid like you, but you won’t get the chance.’

    Starscream raised his arm and charged his gun. Suddenly Bumblebee jumped up from behind Optimus and used his electro sword on the Decepticon’s weapon. Optimus reacted imidiatly and jumped forward and tackled his opponnent. Prowl and Primal came running on and signed Bumblebee.

    ‘What are you doing? You stupid? You want to die?’ Shouted Primal who grabbed his two swords.
    ‘If we can’t stop him fighting, I thought we could fight alongside him.’ Bumblebee stood up and ran towards the fighting pair.

    Prowl nodded and transformed, Primal jumped on him and observed the battle. Optimus received a giant knockback from Starscream’s new leg. Bumblebee filled the hole in the battlefield and started to ravage on Starscream. The Decepticon bounty hunter had no problem at all evading the attacks. He jumped up and activated his after burners. The metal plates beneath him melted and locked Bumblebee in who had seveared burn wounds. Starscream aimed his nullrays for the yellow Autobot’s head. Prowl protected his friend with cover fire. Primal interfeared and used his two swords to cut off the canons. Optimus jumped up from behind Bumblebee and took down Satrscream, he raised his sword arm and lunched at his enemy. Primal acted smart and blocked the attack of his friend.

    ‘Stop Optimus, you may have your revenge, but what will be the benefit off it if you don’t know who sent him?’ Optimus’ mouthplate had disappeared and a nasty growl showed up.

    His eyes were filled with anger and showed a beastly desire for energon and sparks. After a few clicks of hesitating, Optimus pulled his sword back and his arms shifted back to fist-mode. He stepped back in rage and pulled Bumblebee out of the molten metal with one arm. Primal gave him a thankfull nodd, afterwich he turned his head back at the fallen warrior.

    ‘You know what my question is’, Starscream had to answer, Primal had placed the sharp edge of his sword at his troath.
    ‘I’m not allowed to tell you, I suppose you’re not familiar with the bounty hunter code. “To die with and not without your secret”.’ Satrscream taught he’d won with this little self invented quote, he smirked.
    ‘I don’t care if your bond to a code. Give me a name, now! Or my blade will have a nive clean up this evening…’ Starscream searched a way out, desperatly.
    ‘What if I just don’t tell you who has send me? What if it was my own decission to kill someone?’
    ‘A true Decepticon is not even that stupid. We may have lived in peace for several solar cycles, but the history banks don’t lie Starscream.’ Prowl had interfeared at the right time, Starscream took advantage of the distraction.

    Primal had turned his head to listen to Prowl. Starscream forced his body to transform and ascend. He quickley reached to the skies and turned around for an all-out attack. He prepped his misiles and took a lock-on. Optimus was his thorn in the eye, he would be his first victim. Optimus had noticed Starscream flying directly towards him and started to run.

    ‘If you want me, you can have me Starscream!’ He ran as fast as he could for a deluted spot in the Metal Sea.
    ‘I admire your courage Optimus, but you’re no match for me!’ He altered his flight coördinats and fired his misiles.

    Three heat targeted missiles crossed the air in the hunt for Optimus. The Autobot had hoped this would happen. He lunged forwards and transformed, his tires smoked and he sped further towards the great vast of nothing. The missiles where faster and gained in on Optimus, who saw the nearing threat in his mirror. Next to his back wheel a compartment opened and an axe flipped out on to the ground. Optimus let energy flow trough it and the weapon heated up. A red line of wrecked metal followed Optimus in his tracks. The first heat seaking missile attacked the line and exploded. Still two rockets were following the Autobot, he transformed and stood still. They narrowed his position down to a solid rock of steel. Optimus had no space left. The missiles came dangerously close, a sudden humming sound closed in on Optimus’ position. In the distance he saw Prowl coming closer, he was using his afterbunners and the air behind him heated up. The missiles changed target and followed Prowl back up in the open air.
    Starscream sweared and chased the Autobot flyer. His engines roared when the afterbunners emitted. A second set of missiles loaded and he aimed for his enemy.

    ‘I’m to smart for you Decepticon, you can’t hit me in the air!’ Shouted Prowl and he made a tight turn.

    He gained some disctance from the missiles but was now heading straight for the bounty hunter. His wingcannons aimed for the Decepticon and fired at the engines. An explosion lighted the sky, Starscearm was quickley losing altitude and made a dive spin. His scanners showed him that his engines were holding a giant heat source. Far more greater than Prowl’s engines. He saw the missiles coming closer on him now.

    ‘C’mon, c’mon, blasted missiles, change target!’

    He forced his transformation sequence again and pulled his wingblades. The ground was still some few clicks away, which gave him enough time to activate the engine on his still funtioning leg.

    ‘Now I just got a new one, it’s been blown up too.’ Starscream focused back on the incoming missiles and prepared his sword position.

    Carefully slowing down his fall with his thrusters he lunged for the first missile and adjusted his optics to see trough the smoke.The second missile wasn’t far behind.

    ‘Those slagging brats, made me attack my own weapons.’


    At the far end of the Metal Sea, a building was empy. It was the new homebase of the Decepticon headquarters. Now Council member Leon had left his position as political ambassodor, the building had lost it’s rank of Alligiance facility and had become the Castle of Rage. By that action, the Autobots had become the overulling faction. One small fight would throw away peace and start a new war all over again. But even without a war, the Decepticons would be used as slaves, and they could do nothing about it without a representing faction member.
    But the building wasn’t cleared out because of that particular reason. Explosions outside had pulled everyone’s attention. Every Decepticon that was present inside the building had run out to have a clear view of what was happening. They were with few, because the Decepticon faction had lost many members due to the fact that becoming an Autobot made life easier now. The pride war machines weren’t respected anymore like they used too, and that knibbled on every Decepticon’s spirit.
    Leon stood on the front of the growing group. A small laugh decorated his face as he looked at the sky. His arms were folded behind his back and his legs were a bit spread. He didn’t speak, like everyone else. But he knew what was happening out there. A new explosion lit the sky, when the smoke cleared away, several light flashes came closer and moved back away. The real fight had begun.
    A small warrior stepped closer behind, Leon didn’t realize his new body immediatly. The ex-Council member turned his head slightly and saw the eager for battle in Megatron’s optics.

    ‘Have you already inserted the code into the main computer Megatron?’ He turned his head when the bot nodded.
    ‘The proces is already halfway. It won’t last long before the armada is ready.’
    ‘Then go and finish your mission.’

    Megatron smiled and transformed into the battle cruiser he had scanned. A white armored vehicle with eight wheels. A giant canon mounted on top of it. The young Decepticon drove as fast as he could towards the battle. Finally he would get some action.


    Primal jumped over Starscream and striked with his swords. The bounty hunter easily blocked them and kicked Bumblebee behind him. The yellow Autobot flew right into Prowl’s arms and both of them fell down. Optimus aimed his gun and fired, Starscream evaded them and fired his null-rays. Optimus jumped over the deadly lasers and planted his foot in Starscream’s face. The bounty hunter reacted in a reflex and grabbed the limb, he slammed his oponnent on to the ground and aimed his null-rays again. Prowl – who had thrown off Bumblebee a bit earlier – stepped in between and kicked the canons away, after which he kicked Starscream in the gut. The Decepticon fell back, transformed and fired a missile. With a gentle thrust of his engines he transformed back to robot mode a bit further away so he would gain space. His HUD screen flipped from data, going from combat moves to energon levels and burnable areas. He quickley reached for his wing sword and took position for a strike. This was Primal’s area of expertice and he too took hold of his two swords. He opposed himself towards the bounty hunter and mirorred the position.

    ‘This is taking way to long Optimus, we have to fall back. We are in no position or tactical advantage to fight a Decepticon. We all have or wounds, let’s head back to Academy and take care of them!’ Prowl had helped Optimus get up and tried to make him realize they were no match.
    ‘Prowl’s right Optimus, we must get back. Let the specialists handle this off’, Primal blocked an attack from Starscream who had lost interest in the conversation.
    ‘Even I want to go back Optimus, I’m not ready for battle yet’, Bumblebee’s face just popped up from behind a rock for a slight second.

    Optimus seemed to be doubting for a minute, Primal fighting with Starscream, Prowl who couldn’t get a clear aim and Bumblebee who had almost spilled Energon behind a rock. He didn’t want to loose this battle, for him retreat was no possibility. But if he didn’t, his friends would die.
    He quickley looked at Starscream and noticed something. The malfunctioning leg.


    The Control Room of the Autobot Defence facility was dark, the only light came from some monitors in the middle. Several chairs were empty, only two were filled. A large entitie was connected to the main computer and didn’t even blink with it’s optics. The smaller entitie next to it was a bit more lifely, it was nervous and turned a lot. He pushed several buttons a time, looked at a screen and pushed some more buttons.

    ‘Excuse me sir, but wouldn’t be more effective if we survey the city ourself. We could interfer faster if there was a problem.’ Said the nervous Autobot.
    ‘There hasn’t been a problem or distress call since The Great War Ironhide. So I see no use of a survey trough the city.’ The comander hadn’t moved and still held his eyes closed.
    ‘But I’m receiving reports from a battle near the Autobot Academy sir. Even reports from drones near the Metal Sea that there’s a fight going on there!’ Ironhide brought it up the main screen.
    ‘The Metal Sea doesn’t belong to our district. Let the proper autorities handle it.’
    ‘But we are the proper autorities!’ Ironhide jumped and wanted to run towards the door.
    ‘Stop Ironhide, remain at your post, or you may go clean the docking bays.’
    ‘But Ultra Magnus, what about the Autobot Academy?’ Ultra Magnus opened his eyes and disconnected himself from the computer.
    ‘Ironhide, when are you going to learn? Not every report ahs to be taken serious. Probably it were those youngsters again.Why do you think no chair here is filled. Peace has finally returned to Cybertron, let it be and retake your position.

    Ironhide couldn’t neglect the autority of Ultra Magnus and intended to be seated again. But then the video of the report popped up on the screen. For a second, he tought he’d seen an explosion and the sign of a Decepticon. He stormed out of the room and transformed.

    ‘He surely needs to work on his temper.’ Ultra Magnus plugged himself back into the main computer and took place in his chair again.


    Primal had continued his desperate defense against Starscream, but the Decepticon was clearly the better swordsmen. After several risky evasions he had given his swords for a gun. He had learned a bit earlier he had no ammo left.
    Optimus ran towards Primal and grabbed him, then he threw him back. Starcream was surprised and didn’t react immediatly, which meant his death. Optimus kicked on the weak leg with full force and Starscream bend forwards. The Autobot quickley turned round and quickley punched his fist inside the Decepticon’s engine. He pulled out some wires and stabed the other engine with his sword. It exploded and the other burtsed with energy that couldn’t be controlled. Starscream shooted in the air like a missile. Optimus aimed his gun but someone else was first.

    ‘Prepare to fight a real Decepticon, I am Megatron!’


    Starscream sped up with tremendous velocity. His windvisors started to crack and his vision was already blurry. But then he heard a shot. Aimed directly towards his spark core. For once he was happy to have a weak leg. He used his sword to cut a little piece off, big enough to stop the blast. The explosion gave him some more velocity and reached outer space. Soon the energon fuel was gone and his negine stopped, in the midst of space he hoovered, thinking of just one thing.

    ‘You can't kill me! I'm the king of Decepticons!'
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    hello again everyone. I'm pretty happy of this chapter and how it turned out (spend more than 5 hours on it). And for some small side note, I'm happy to say, season one of Birth of a Leader - Rewrite is coming to an end by the end of the next chapter. Of course there will be another season, and hopefully a thirth that will finally end this story. You maybe think that there are many Autobots introduced(and many of my own creation) and very few Decepticons, but that will change soon. In the next season it will be more divided between the Bots and the Cons. So here's chapter 8

    Chapter 8: Battle of brothers

    Once again the Metal Sea had turned into a war zone. The sworn enemy factions against each other in a full out battle. Fot that was the wish of Megatron and Leon. They weren’t satisfied with the current condition of the ruling Autobot faction. But this war wasn’t started trough that minority in the council, but trough the appearance of a prophecy. It announced the birth of a twin, one pure evil. A force that was never seen before, and one devine good soul. The good twin would have an unmatched skill for leading and fighting. But that prophecy, made by Ultimus Prime’s sacrifice, was doomed to begin a war. For evry evil will want to take over the universe and for every good there will be a hero standing up against it. But these two forces were still unknown to each other and unknown to their tasks.

    ‘Who are you?’ Asked Optimus when Megatron had pronounced himself.
    ‘I am Megatron, a Decepticon warrior. Your doom.’ His calmness was very uncomfterable.

    Megatron crossed his arms and smiled, his red optics were focused on Optimus and no-one else. It was like Primal, Bumblebee and Prowl didn’t existed. The fact that he was so self assured of his victory didn’t scare megatron at all. He blinked and continued his speech.

    ‘I’m here to fight you Optimus.’
    ‘Why do you want to fight, hasn’t there been done enough violence for now?’ Optimus stepped closer and raised his fist against the warrior in front of him.
    ‘Since you like to fight Decepticons, I thought you wouldn’t mind fighting a real opponent. Worthy of your effort.’ Megatron lowerd his cannon arm and with his other he pointed at the Autobot in front of him.
    ‘You havn’t revenged your father yet. It wasn’t Starscream who killed him, but the hand that commanded him to.’

    Optimus was shocked, his eyes widened. Several thought flow trough his mind and a fear took grip on his spark. He lowered his fist and fell to his knees.

    ‘Just when I thought I killed the murderer, just when I thought I restored peace. You show up.’ Optimus lifted his head and looked Megatron straight into the eyes.
    ‘And tell me, with no sentiment at all, that there’s still somebody else!’ The Autobot jumped up to his feet and the inner flame of his soul and spark combined rose up like an explosion.
    ‘Are you telling me that you were his commander!’ Megatron stopped smiling.
    ‘No’, he aimed his cannon for Optimus’ head.
    ‘But I wish I was the murderer. There’s nothing more satisfying then watching a spark fade away.’ He fired his cannon, the Autobot was just fast enough to jump away.
    ‘Prepare to die!’


    Somewhere far away from the Metal Sea, beyond Iacon, even beyond Cybertron. On a distant rock in space, there were two space crafts flying next to each other. They were familiar with the planet, every tunnel or pointy edge wasn’t hidden for them. The first and fastest jet flew down in one of those tunnels and reached a platform. The phlane was followed by the second and bothed transformed. Nowhere on their bodies was a faction sign placed.
    The platform was wide and led to a cavern deep within the rockplanet. At the end of this platform there was a smaller and higher one. On that platform there stood a being, covered in the shadows and drapes. Quicksilver touched the gestalt and mumbled some words.

    ‘When will the time come you are reawakened?’ He asked out loud, loud enough for his brother to hear.
    ‘Stop it Quicksilver, the creature is dead. It can’t be reawakened and you can’t receive orders from it.’ Swampghost said to his brother turning his back towards him.
    ‘You are no longer a priest, remember. You do not longer posses such kind of abilities.’ The black transformer made way towards the opening in the wall again so he could fly away.

    Quicksilver turned around to face his brother and sighed. His brother was too young and too familiar with science to understand such things.

    ‘Stop Swampghost’, he walked to his transforming brother and layed a hand on his shoulder.
    ‘Don’t you understand, we are all doing this for the higher good.’
    ‘Which higher good? The death of innocent Deceopticons and Autobots?’ He grabbed the hand of his brother and removed it from his shoulder.
    ‘All we’ve done uptill now is provocing fights and wars. And that for many eons now. It’s time we stop and continue on our own.’

    Swampghost stepped away and closed his eyes. He didn’t want to see the face of his disappointed brother. Quicksilver turned his head towards the dead creature and nodded.

    ‘I understand. Brother, we can’t leave each other. The moment is near! The moment the Autobots will enslave the Decepticons is near!’ Quicksilver was convinced that his brother would believe him now.
    ‘What? Enslave the Decepticons? So that is your secret plan, I know you were up to something, but this. We are Unicons, fighters for unification! I thought our plan would made sur Autobots and Decepticons would be able to live besides to each other!’ Swampghost’s eyes started to glow fiercely.
    ‘If that is your plan, I will join the Decepticons and fight the Autobots. Come with me brother, we can still change what we’ve done.’

    Swampghost’s chestplace suddenly went purple when the Decepticon sign appeared, he transformed and flew off. Quicksilver stood there and watch his brother leave there homebase. He began to shake, everything where he had worked for. The assasination of Ultimus Prime, the training of Optimus and the guidance of Megatron. He wouldn’t stand here and let Swampghost make his plans undone.

    ‘If you don’t fight alongside me brother, then I will fight against you.’ Quicksilver transformed and his jets and afterburners fired up.

    He sped trough the tunnel, in matter of seconds he had gained in on Swampghost. Quicksilver’s wingcannons aimed and fired. The new Decepticon wasn’t fast enough to react and was hit by his brother. Swampghost transformed and looked back at who shot him.

    ‘Quicksilver what are you doing?’


    Optimus layed down on the ground wounded from shrapnell that was send flying by trough Megatron’s shot. The Decepticon laughed and came closer slowly. He loved to see Optimus thwirl in pain and agony. Primal, Bumblebee and Prowl were surprisd by the power of Megatron’s attack. The Maximal grabbed his swords and ran at the enemy.

    ‘C’mon, Optimus is in danger.’ The two others followed with their weapons.
    ‘Hmm, do you let your friends fight for you? Interesting.’ Megatron turned himself to the friends of Optimus and prepared for a battle.

    Primal jumped and striked with his swords, Megatron grabbed them between his hands and kicked the Maximal away. He turned on his toes and threw the swords at Prowl. The swords pierced trough Prowl’s legs and he fell down, unable to fight any further. Bumblebee saw his tree friends and was filled with rage. He ran towards Megatron and evaded several punches, after which he stabbed him with his electro sword. Bumblebee’s sword broke on the hard armour of Megatron. He swallowed loud and looked up. The Decepticon laughed and grabbed Bumblebee’s face and slammed him into the ground. The Autobot’s face was pushed deep into the metal and he became immobile. Megatron looked around and saw no more threat in the warriors.

    ‘I expected some more action from you Autobots, and especially from you Maximal.’ He looked at the wounded soldiers and walked back over to Optimus.
    ‘The time has come Autobot, you’re going to die by my hands’, Megatron placed his hands at his sides and looked down on the wounded Optimus.

    He stepped closer to Optimus and bended trough his knees, and grabbed the chin of the Autobot. He shook his head and had a great idea. Why not play with the Autobot a bit. Just like a cat plays with it’s pray before eating it up. He slammed the head against the ground and then he pulled optimus up. The feet of the Autobot didn’t touh the ground anymore. Optimus grabbed hold of Megatron’s arms, but he was to weak to resist.

    ‘Just wait until I’ve extinguished your spark and the armada of the Decepticons attack Iacon. All will be ours.’
    ‘You’re going to attack Iacon? You want to start a new Great War?’ Optimus smirked, he voice receptors were shut off from his mouth, he almost couldn’t talk.

    Megatron smiled and lifted Optimus higher and threw him back on the ground. The other Autobots could only watch, they were no match for Megatron. Even Optimus who had a matrix didn’t stand a chance.

    ‘You know Optimus, you may be my brother. But that won’t stop me from killing you.’ Megatron aimed his gun and started to boost it with some energon reserves.
    ‘Your… Your brother?’
    ‘Yes, Leon told me that we are twins, but we only share 1% procent of spark DNA.’

    Optimus wanted to respond, that it was impossible that they were brothers. But a warrior cry interupted. Primal hung in the air, his jetcannons weren’t functionning properly and so he fell down quickley with his fists raised. Megatron was surprised but he reacted and guided Primal in an other direction than he wanted; the ground. Megatron aimed his charged cannon for Primal and fired. He purple ray shred apart the Maximal’s armour and blasted him to pieces. His spark chamber was still intact but he went in stasis-lock. There was an arm and a leg missing and those limbs weren’t complete neither.

    ‘Organic transformers, there even more fragile than Autobots.’ Megatron smiled and heared Bumblebee speak and cough at the same time.
    ‘Optimus Frimal, I thought it would be funnier.’

    Megatron aimed his cannon again and fired at Bumblebee. He was in the same condition as Primal. Optimus looked at his friends, one by one they were slaughtered and it was all his fault. He couldn’t let this happen, he searched for his last bits of power and pushed himself from the ground. Everwhere inside his body energon fuelcells and tubes cracked. Energon leaked down from his limbs and torso. He could lift himself to his knees and manually opened his chest. The Matrix in it shone vagualu trough the power shortage of Optimus. He took it and pushed it in the direction of Megatron.

    ‘How can you be so evil Megatron? That prooves that you can’t be my brother at all, never!’ The Matrix started to emit a glowing blue orb and sparks flow of it.
    ‘You will pay.’

    Megatron could feel the waves of power emitting from the core of the Matrix. It was a strong and raw power. Megatron scanned the artifact and could only speek four words.

    ‘The Matrix of Souls.’

    He couldn’t neglect his sudden eager to posses it, it was like the pure core of energy yelled for Megatron’s touch. He had to steal it from Optimus. With that idea, the purest form of his evil spark created an idea. With that artifact, he could overthrow Leon and leed the Decepticons himself.
    Optimus had finally loaded the Matrix with his last energy, he tried to fire it, but Megatron placed his hand on the Matrix and kicked Optimus away. He lifted the artifact, crafted by the channeling of Ultimus Prime’s soul’s energy, above his head and felt the power surging trough his arms. He felt that his spark lowering itself in his body and a room was made in his chest, the compartment opened and he placed the Matrix in it. His body absorbed the raw energy and upgraded itself to a new and more powerful form. Megatron grew in mass and strength, his intellect increased and he could feel two puslations in his chest, his spark and the Matrix.

    ‘This.. this power, it is amazing. Thank you for the gift Optimus, it is most satifing indeed. With this body I am superior to everyone! I will thank you in a special way Optimus, with your death!’

    Megatron aimed his new weapon, his arm-mounted cannon had increased in size and power. He redirected some power of the Matrix of Souls and aimed for Optimus’ spark chamber. The loading HUD’s on the gun lightened purple and a humming sound left the cannon’s mouth.

    ‘Stop, in the name of Cybertronian Justice!’ Shouted somebody a few feet away from Megatron and optimus.
    ‘Step back from the Autobot or I will fire.’ Megatron turned around and saw a middle-sized red coloured Autobot aiming his gun for him.
    ‘You are no match for me Autobot.’
    ‘I grind Decepticons into garbage any way I can.’ Ironhide said with a smile on his face.

    The Autobot fired his gun and a massive concussion blast left the weapon. Megatron duck away, just in time to see the metal parts behind him fly apart. Megatron looked at Ironhide and then to Optimus. He jumped up onto a higher piece of metal and looked back at Ironhide.

    ‘You’re lucky now Optimus, I’m maybe strong, but I can’t handle the Cybertronian Guard on myself. Besides, your injuries will bring you off-line in a nano-click. I’ll let the Armada take care of the rest.’ He transformed into an ugraded form of his alt-mode and drove off.

    Ironhide covered his weapon and went to go check on the wounded Autobots and their fellow Maximal. He opened his intercom panel and called up Ultra magnus.

    ‘Chief, I need some assistance here, and you better mobilize whole Iacon. The Decepticons are on a war path.


    ‘Brother what are you doing?’ Asked Swampghost when his brother punched him around in space.
    ‘Killing you!’ Quicksilver kicked his brother in the thorax while he threatened him with death.

    He grabbed his twinloop rifle and fired all the amunition he had. Swampghost got hit in the face and one optic shattered. Quicksilver came closer and punched on his brother’s face until the rest of the optic was destroyed. Swampghost started to fight back and lifted his knee against Quicksilver’s chin. The Unicon flew back and unfolded his barberian sword. Swampghost, on his turn, let his arm transform into a fusion rifle and fired at his brother, the traitor. Quicksilver evaded the shots, which was easy because Swampghost couldn’t aim properly with only one eye.

    ‘So many invention, such an intellect, and you can’t function with one eye?’ Quicksilver approached again and raised his sword arm.

    He sliced and hit Swampghost’s shoulder. The arm couldn’t transform anymore to fist mode due to internal damages to the circuitry. Swampgost swore, he implanted al his weapon systemes in that arm. Quicksilver was smart, that was for sure. His evil brother came closer and striked one last more time, he hit Swampghost in the spark chamber. The decepticon’s internal systemes failed and he went in stasis lock, he lost his legs and his still functionning arm trough weapon fire of Quicksilver when he fell into the rock. He crashed right in front of the creature. Suddenly the a few pair of eyes lighted underneath the sheets.

    ‘You served me well Transformer’, spoke the creature.
    ‘To prove you my gratitude, I will repair you and give you a new body.’ The being became charged with electricity and fired it at Swampghost.
    ‘Rise, Shockwave!’
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    The end of Season 1! I've never gotten so far! I'm not going to make you wait any longer, enjoy the first part of chapter 9

    Chapter 9: To be Prime or not to be Prime

    Iacon, the biggest city of Cybertron. Main seat of the Cybertronian Council of the Autobots, short the CCA. Also the location of The Autobot Academy. Used to be the location of The Decepticon Academy. The city and the Academy were in distress; there had just been a live video stream of a fight at The Metal Sea. Every Autobot had watched it in agony, they saw how several Autobots had been slaughtered by just a single Decepticon. The Cybertronian Elite Army had prepared themself for a world wide hunt.
    Orion Pax stood in front of his window, the headmaster chamber. He sighed and turned around to look at a panel on his desk. A face of an Autobot commander was shown.

    ‘Does it all have to start again Ultra Magnus?’ Orion crossed his arms and closed his eyes, the commander nodded in agreement.
    ‘Autobots and Decepticons were never made to live in peace. It doesn’t matter how hard we keep trying, it will never be the way we want.’ Orion Pax opened his eyes again and stared for a moment at Magnus.

    The eyes of the commander were filled with experience and sadness. He had seen fading sparks, exploding cores and the devastation of cities. He had seen the pain that was caused by war. Ultra Magnus wasn’t a young bot anymore, but he would have to proove himself loyal to his faction one more time.

    ‘I’m afraid you’re right. So you may execute your plan. I hope it won’t start the war all over again.’ Ultra Magnus thanked his superior and ended the video conversation.

    A knock on the door notified Orion Pax of his appointment. He had schedualed a meeting with the Council Members of the CCA. He wanted to discuss the new emerged topic of an upcoming war and other possibilities. But it wasn’t a politician that entered, but Hot Rod, his best student.

    ‘Sir, Ironhide has arrived with Sky Linx, he has brought the victims along. They’re in med bay Alpha right now.’
    ‘Thank you Hot Rod, notify my assistent that my appointments are canceled for the rest of the cycle. I’ll be in the med bay if someone needs me.’ The student nodded and left.

    Orion Pax closed the door behind him and transformed in his truck-mode. It was bussy in the hall. Everyone was running around, with weaponery and chemical objects. Orion had to evade several times and decided to transform again. He couldn’t risk another injured Autobot in times of war. After a short walk he reached the med-bay and saw the bed with casualties. Optimus lying on the first bed, Primal next to him and the other two students. Prowl and Bumblebee weren’t that lethal injured but it could count. Orion Pax stepped closer and saw that the energy levels of Optimus were low, he had used all of his energon reserves for a final attack. The monitor above the bed showed other readings too, his spark was instable.
    On the other side of the room stood Ironhide, he was talking to Ratchet - the medic on duty – he didn’t seemed all that confident. The Autobot saw the headmaster and ended the conversation with the medic and came closer.

    ‘Good day sir, I’m the bot who saved them.’ Ironhide said greeting with his right arm.
    ‘Thank you soldier, that was very brave. I understand two of them aren’t badly damaged?’ Orion stepped closer towards Prowl and layed a hand on his head.
    ‘They’ll be moved to med-bay Gamma within one cycle Orion Pax. But it could take longer, with the latest happenings, no-one seems to be too happy to help. SO it could take a little longer than expected’, said Ratchet when he heard the question.

    Orion looked up and nodded, then he folded his hands behind his back again. He stepped towards the door and opened a panel next to the entrance. He punched a button and a video channel opened. On the other end of the video channel sat his assistant, he was typing on a computer.

    ‘Jazz, is there any activity behind The Metal Sea?’ The assistant punched some buttons and jumped up from his chair.
    ‘Sir, I think we have a problem’, he turned the screen and pointed at several red triangles, then at a blue dot.
    ‘We are the blue dot, the triangles are Death Gliders, Decepticon war ships.’

    The red triangles formed a large triangle that was bigger than the blue dot.

    ‘What does this mean Jazz?’
    ‘As far as my databanks go, just one ship has enough ammo to blow away Iacon, what with an armada of twenty ships?’

    Ratchet and Ironhide looked scared when they heard the comparison. They came closer and didn’t saw the readings of Optimus change.

    ‘Why did Ultimus Prime die? We really need a Prime.’ Asked Ironhide with no hope left.
    ‘I agree. Jazz it’s time to call all the students, I’m passing down the Matrix of Leadership.’

    Ratchet and Ironhide gazed at the Headmaster, they thought that the Matrix of Leadership had vanished together with Ultimus Prime. Ratchet suddenly noticed something and raised his hand. His eyes narrowed down in a speculative gaze.

    ‘Wait, what do you mean with “I’m passing down”?’ Ironhide looked at the medic, then to Orion Pax and back again.

    The Headmaster touched his chest and opened it slowly, a bright light escaped from the chest and illuminated the chamber. Inside the torso there was a little diamant cage which holded an artifact that wa well known amongst the Autobots.

    ‘Before Ultimus passed away, he let the Matrix conceal itself in this ‘prison’ until its new master would claim its possession.’ Orion took the artifact out of its hidding place and placed it on a field bed.

    The Headmaster sighed and looked at Ratchet with a concerned gaze. The Cybertronian law said that an artifact of great power, like the Matrix of Leadership, had to be in control of powerful and responsable hands. Those hands could only be crafted in an Academy, like the Autobot Academy. But sadly enough, there were no capable students at the moment of speaking. Ratchet knew of this fact, he had to give every student a solar-cycle based check-up. And he was aware of the requirements that were needed to be worthy of the title Prime.

    ‘We have to wait Orion, I’ve known you since you just were a spark fragment. You know as well as me that when you pass down the Matrix we will be further away from home than we are already. Please listen to me wait a little longer.’ It was true, Ratchet was older than Orion.

    But they needed a leader to guide them trough battle. The Autobots couldn’t survive if they would strike with several small groups under the lead of several commanders. They needed a united force.

    ‘Ratchet, would you accompany me to the group of students? I need your professionel advice.’ Orion didn’t wait for the medic’s answer, he left the room already to be followed a few clicks later.


    The dark slightly turned warmer and clearer. The noise of regular pulsation sneaked in eternity. Optimus drove around in this unvast reality, he saw a small glimps of three Autobots at the end of the darkness. He could only hear a soft whisper, it couldn’t overthrow the sound of the pulsation. Suddenly a sharp light cracked his cell of shadows. It originated from a small object on a bed. Optimus gained back control over his body and he reached for the light. It felt familiar, it was like he had seen such a light before. It warmed his soul and body and the shadows around him took form. But the light disappeared together with an Autobot. Optimus lost grip on his suroundings but he wouldn’t give up. He made a last jump for the borders of this ‘dream’. He could feel his sense of time slipping into something different. He could feel his senses adjusting. His optics opened in a burst and his torso jumped straight up. optimus tore loose the wires he was attached to and pulled a sensor from his spark. His chest closed automaticly. He could feel the loss of the Matrix of Souls. He looked to the right and saw the remains of Primal. His spark balanced on the edge of life and death.

    ‘Sorry my friend, from the beginning you where there for me. From the beginning you risked your life for me, but I was never there for you when you were almost killed. Let me pay back my dept.’ Optimus stepped closer and opened the chest of Primal.

    He realigned some wires and punched a button on the screen. The spark of Primal was small due to the damage, it hardly pulsated and gave any light at all. It was a ghost spark, the hearth of a transformer that was supposed to be death. Suddenly the monitor started to make a high pitched sound. Primal’s spark started to dematerialize. Optimus had to act fast, he opened his own chest and grabbed his spark. It was weird to feel your own source of life. It was fragile, but certainly stronger than that from Primal. Optimus started to see vaguely, he pushed his spark further away from him and deeper into that from Primal. Optimus could feel the mind of the Maximal at the back of his own mind. A small cry for help. The Autobot’s main processor started the emergency stasis lock sequence. Optimus could feel how his spark merged with Primal’s, the pulses became one for just two mini-clicks. A bitter small fragment of Optimus’ spark split off and joined that from Primal’s. He pulled back his hearth and pushed it back in his own chest. Immediatly he went into stasis lock. He didn’t saw how Primal became reformatted into a transtech being with a healed spark.


    Orion Pax walked slowly to the main hall. His tred was regular and controlled, he wasn’t being hasty. The Headmaster was being followed by two Autobots, Ratchet and Ironhide. Both transformers were iritated by Orion’s slowness. In times of war it wasn’t ment for things to go slow. But they didn’t know that Orion had to make a tough decission. The fate of all Autobots layed in his hands, on who would he pass down the Matrix of Leadership? The knowledge of all former Prime’s and Prima’s. Only one name went rough his mind, but he felt sad for the young Autobot, he still had yet so many things to learn. The medic caught up with him and started to give him a lecture.

    ‘If you don’t start to walk faster in the next nanoclick, I’ll bust your ass up there on my own. Understand?’ Ratchet knew he could say such things, he had known Orion far long enough to be more than ‘just’ friends.
    ‘Alright, if you really want so. Besides, I already made up my mind.’ The Headmaster transformed in his vehicle-mode and sped down the hallway for the main hall, that was just two levels down.

    Ratchet and Ironhide had troubles following Orion Pax, the soldier cursed the medic for being so rude. He had already had his portion of action this morning. After a few nano-cycles they passed Orion’s room, Jazz – his assistent – just came out running with some data-pads. He saw his boss and let his data-pads drop on the ground and transformed. Jazz came driving next to Orion and didn’t speek. It didn’t took long before they entered the main hall. A group of Council members had gathered befdore a group of students. Orion transformed and stepped towards the group. His fellowship had transformed too but they hadn’t joined Orion in front of the students.

    ‘Hello students, Council members. You might guess that certain events are leading us to a war.’ Nobody interrupted him, neither discussed with this fact.
    ‘So I’ve made a dicission without notifying the Council, there for I excuse myself. To make a long story short; I’m passing down the Matrix of Leadership on one of you.’ Immediatly a giant protest coming from the Council members punched Orion in the face.

    Several Autobots stepped forward and made wild jestures at Orion Pax. They were mad and eager to fire Orion, they had lost control on the society, the one thing they wanted to keep. So everything would go the way they wanted.

    ‘I understand you’re protest, but…’
    ‘Are you mad, are there some loose wires Pax? These students aren’t capable of wielding the Matrix!’
    ‘I know but…’
    ‘No, you don’t know anything. The Matrix shouldn’t be put in the hands of some child!’

    Orion got enough of this arguement. He opened his chest and unfolded the crystal box of the Matrix. Immediatly the Council members stopped raging on about the mistake he was making. The Matrix’s glow illuminated the whole entrance hall.

    ‘Ultimus Prime gave me this artifact, he told me I’d know when the time was right to pass it down. And I know, but he also told me I wouldn’t know who. So it stays my chose.’ One of the Council members opened his mouth again to interrupt but Jazz interfered.
    ‘I’m sorry tocome in between sir, but if you watch my data-pad here, you’ll see we desperatly need a Prime.’ The Council member took the pad and was shocked.
    ‘Are these…’ Jazz nodded.
    ‘Death Gliders.’

    Orion Pax ordered the students to form a line. He walked past them and checked them all thouroughly. He knew that his choice would change everything. But he already knew who he would choose, he was only waiting for some sort of sign. He had finished the line of students, he could no longer wait and postpone this urgent decission. He sighed and held the Matrix in front of him.

    ‘Hot Rod, please step forward. It’s time for you to accept your destiny, take the Matrix of Leadership and lead us as a true Prime.’


    At the border of Iacon there stood a tall and muscular Autobot, his body was decorated with flames and symbols. He stood pride and firm in front of an army of Autobots, all aimed to the teeth. His name was Rodimus Prime, no longer Hot Rod the student. His body had been upgraded and his knowledge had been increased.
    He wasn’t scared of the approaching fleet of Death Gliders. He thought of the million possibilities, but he only needed one strategy.

    ‘Wing Saber, fire the missiles.’ A small bot next to him nodded and spoke something in his comlink.
    ‘Sky fleet, take off, I want you to strike when the missiles hit target. Use the smoke as camouflage.’

    A group of hundred Autobots on his left transformed in their alt-modes and took off, after the missiles.

    ‘Wing Saber, activate the defensive shield after the ground troops have left the cityborders.’ Again the Autobot nodded and spoke something in his comlink.

    Rodimus turned around and spoke to the remaining soldiers. There wern’t many, for some reason he didn’t know, the Cybertron Elite had already left on a secret mission.

    ‘As soon as the first Autobot falls, we give the rest of them ground cover. Death Gliders are weak at the engines. There isn’t enough sufficiant armor there, they can not reach shooting range.’ Behind him an explosion tore the sky open.
    ‘The war has begun.’

    End of part 1

    I hope the next part will be up soon
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    I apologize for the lack of updates, part 2 of the season finally will be up a bit later. The cause: I'm sick and not improving, I tried to write a bit but everything is a bit lame and not good enough for me to pass (with other words: BORING). So I hope you readers can bring up a bit more patience until I get better, thank you in advance.
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    Hello everyone,

    I've got good news, and and a liitle minor bad news. I'm better and I've got rid of the diseas for ever (hopefully), so I've been writing the entire vacation.
    The bad news is that I wrote the entire time I had time which is not much. I only wrote one page so not long enough for an update.
    This weekend and next week are locked up due to schoolwork. The week after that I'm traveling for a week to Prague, so I can't write anything. But then it's a bit chill so I can finish the season's ending finally, if I can find some spare minutes I promis I shall think of you guys and write some more but till then, be a little bit more patient please.
    This might be good thought for you to keep: it's only two weeks longer without an update.

    Yours truly,
    Rhinox 007
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    So I found some time again to finish the season finaly!!!! Woehoe, it's here finally, begin of season 2 will be up soon.

    Begin of part 2

    The Death Glider’s engine room was empty, but there was enough sound to tear open a organic beings head. An engineer opened the acces door to the room and checked a few readings. The engines where doing fine, the Armada was fully prepared for an all out attck. The Decepticon closed the door behind him and the room was once again empty. On top of the Death Glider two Autobots were seated next to a panel. They were waiting for the engineer to leave the perimeter of a heath scan.

    ‘Coast is clear sir’, whispered Ironhide to his commander.
    ‘Then we can commence.’

    Ultra Magnus opened a panel in the ceiling they were sitting on and jumped trough. With his optics set on night vision, he checked the area again to be sure. Ironhide followed his boss and activated his electro-magnetic hands. He went over to the door and secured the lock. Ultra Magnus walked slowly towards the control panel and nodded at Ironhide who nodded back.
    The soldier opened the door and sthealthed his way trough the corridor. Ultra Magnus unfolded his weapon and blasted the computer. The engine went haywire and the commander sped his way out of the room. A bit further he saw how Ironhide overmastered a guard with his electro-magnetic gloves. They sent a shock trough the body which paralized it. Ironhide grabbed the head and banged it into the wall without making a sound.

    ‘Ironhide, make your way towards the comand tower, send the ship into another one. I’ll crash the weapon systems.’ His soldier nodded and layed down a Decepticon that entered the hallway.
    ‘Yes sir.’ He continued his path and dissappeared in the darkness.
    ‘I hope you obey me now, I can’t loose a soldier this time.’


    The head of Primal felt soar, it felt like a giant hammer had fallen on his forehead. He raised his arm and rubbed the back of his head. Something felt different, his energy levels were higher than usual and his hands seemed bigger. The Maximal opened his optics which adjusted to the light almost immediatly and Primal stood up. He thought somebody else lay on top of him because he couldn’t recognize his own body. The Maximal commander started a diagnostic scan trough him and he was shocked about the results. He had an entire new body!
    No longer an organic vessel, but a new transtech. This was an upgrade he had dreamt off, only the best soldiers received such an honnor. Primal felt a very weak pulse nearby, probably next to him on the ground. It was an Autobot signal, but it was fading. He turned his head and saw Optimus, the bot had entered stasis-lock, he almost went offline. Primal jumped up from his bed and lifted his friend, it was easy with his modified body, he had all the strength he needed. He hoocked Optimus onto the machines and ran a new diagnostic scan, but on the Autobot.

    ‘C’mon Optimus, don’t die on my. I know you gave me this upgrade, now I ow you my life.’

    The screen above the fieldbed showed the spark status; it was very weak, it seemed that there was missing a piece. Optimus’ power weakened again from 10% to 7%. Primal was shocked, what had he done? Primal ran towards the wall and punched a red button. The transmission jumped open and the face of Ratchet appeared, the background flashed red several times. The medic didn’t seem to have any time left.

    ‘What?’ yelled the medic who got covered in energon from a fallen Autobot.
    ‘There’s something wrong with Optimus, you must help me here!’
    ‘Primal is that you?’ Suddenly a small explosion made Ratchet concentrate back on his patient.
    ‘Da*n Primus! Primal I don’t have time for you, search for Red Alert. He’ll have time, he’s there somewhere!’ The link ended imediatly.

    Primal punched the button again but now with the link-codes of Red Alert. The screen stayed blank for a few clicks but Red Alert’s face popped up eventually.

    ‘What’s the problem?’ The medic seemed to be somewhere outside the building, running.
    ‘Optimus needs help, his core power is set on 6% and weakening!’ The transtech face of Primal still showed emotion, even for such an advanced Maximal technology.
    ‘I’ll be there as fast as I can. For the moment you can upgrade him with the apex armor, it should be in the experimental weapons depo. Hurry, it will keep his power up for at least halve a megacycle.’
    ‘What do I have to do to install him?’
    ‘Just place him inside the armor, the apex technology will do the rest.’ Red Alert closed the channel and the panel in the wall closed.

    Primal checked on Optimus’ spark energy level and chuddered, he had to act fast. He transformed into his alt-mode. The Maximal discovered that it was the perfect combination between animal and machine. A truck-gorilla, a massive vehicle with a gorilla head perfectle protected behind thick armor. He couldn’t enjoy very long, he punched the gas-pedal all the way down and sped trough the halways. His wheels adjusted immediatly at the groundtype and his lights shone brighter or dimmer when necesary. The journey didn’t took long, the experimental weapons depoy wasn’t far away from the med-bay. Primal transformed and opened the giant door with a palm reader. The screen confirmed his identity and the entrance opened. A giant hallway with many shelves filled with the strangest weaponery.
    All the way at the top of the shelves there were various name tags. Categorized by function, name or size. The Maximal kept looking until he found something that resembled ‘armor’ or ‘apex technology’ or ‘bot-sized’. Finally he saw what he was looking for at the back of the room: ‘rejected equipment – A.P.E.X.’. Primal ran towards the gateway and opened it, there were two suits, one tall and blue colored. The other one was white and red colored with many weapon systems. Above the suits hung name tags. Above the blue one hung ‘Diamond Defender apex’, whilst above the red-white colored hung ‘Comet Striker apex’. He had to choose qickley and went for the red-white one. It was a bit smaller in size and should fit Optimus perfectly. Primal inserted a command in the panel and the apex armor transformed into a trailer. The Maximal transformed too and drove backwards to attach the apex suit. He heard a soft click and started his journey back to Optimus.

    When Primal arrived at the med-bay, Red Alert had already arrived. He turned around to see who came in and immediatly focused back on Optimus. The energy level of his spark hadn’t lowered anymore, but the torso had been unfolded. Red Laert was carrying a tool that covered his whole underarm. It had three claws and emitted sparks. A little screen on top of the machine showed an enlarged image with extra information of the area that had been filmed with the little camera. The medic took hold on Optimus’ spark and view on the screen adjusted, small paterns were shown and Red Alert signed for Primal to come closer.

    ‘You see this dark blue lines?’ Red Alert pointed to a smal frame on the screen, Primal nodded.
    ‘Those are cracks, places were the spark is going to break or is broken. I think it’ll be the second. The electro fluid is overstressed too. The spark had to be channeling a lot of power recently. I fear the worst.’
    ‘What can we do about it?’ Primal looked worried, he didn’t knew much about spark biotechnology but it didn’t sound too good.
    ‘I’d suggest a spark transplant but due to the current state of distress, we don’t really have plenty of sparks left. We need every one of them for the victims but even if I got a spare one, I don’t even know if Optimus is compatible with that spark. With his curent condition it’s even dangerous, his internal systems could crash if I changed the spark. He wouldn’t have enough reserves.’
    ‘How much spare energy does he have?’
    ‘To know that you have to divide the spark energy level by two. In this case he would have an average of 3%. He wouldn’t last a nanoclick.’ Red Alert retracted the claw and put it away.
    ‘The only other possible solution I see is to install the apex armor. It’s technology would maintain his levels, but he wouldn’t be able to fight along the other soldiers. Which suit did you brought?’
    ‘The Comet Striker, why?’ Primal pulled the suit inside and showed it to Red Alert.
    ‘Good, this attack suit makes sure the energy levels of the carrier keep steady, a soldier who’s bound to attack may not loose energy or stamina so this is perfect for Optimus’ condition. It uses a combination of energon based steroïds and berillium proteins. It’s powered by solar cells so it would keep functoning even if the host is offline, primarely self-deffence mechanism.’ The medic gave it a quick check and approved it.
    ‘Why is the other one not appropriate?’
    ‘The defensive suit uses energy of the host for back-up, because apex armor was supposed to be worn at the front lines, it would severe many shots. Knowing that the energy would be soon depleted so it had to have a back-up system, now you understand?’ Primal nodded.
    ‘Further technical disadvantages are the cloaking mechanismes. We stole the idea from the Decepticons but we didn’t quite get it wright. The suit’s supposed to hide the carrier by the cloaking procedure, but the program uderstands ‘cloaking’ as ‘non-visable on radars’, that’s only possible if there are very, very low energy signatures, so it just spills the energon of the carrier. So I guess you understand why I don’t want to use that one.’ Primal nodded again whilst Red Alert hoisted Optimus in the suit.
    ‘But how do you know so many about these things?’
    ‘They’re my idea, together with a scientist, Wheeljack, I drew the plans and constructed the technology.’
    ‘Why did the door mentioned ‘rejected’?’
    ‘The board rejected this idea, I thought it was perfect, so did Wheeljack. He saw some sort of society protection unit in it. I, contradictorary, saw a military equipment. It could change the odds with such sort of weaponery in our hands. But the board said it was useless in the time of peace, they believed there would never be a war again. That’s the first reason, the second one is the technicall imperfectness. The suits still have some flaus but we don’t receive any necesary goods anymore to finish the project. So we stashed it away for spare parts.’

    Red Alert closed the last connection panel and typped his personal code. On Optimus’ arm a panel flipped open. The energy level started to raise, the suit was fully operationel and achieved 100% power supply. Even Optimus’ spark was even more stable now. The young Autobot’s optics started to glow and they opened, they were dazzled, they focused on Primal like he was some sort of stranger. But then the young warrior remembered, he touched his chest and shivered. Red Alert pat his shoulders in a silent gsture to calm him down.

    ‘Take it easy bot, I don’t know what you did exactly, but your spark needs rest.’ A gentle flash of light ran trough his giant bar-optic, a sign of careness.

    Their conversation was interrupted by a bleeping sound behind them. It was the comunications pannel. The transmission was weak and unsteady, only a sound came trough.

    ‘Red Alert! Get your tailpipe up here! Did I tell you you could sleep or something?! Get over here, this instant!’ A massive explosian ended the transmission.

    Optimus had straightened his back and looked angry. He didn’t know a war had started, but he had to end it, he knew it was his fault. Suddenly the energon concentration in his system had doubled, he was furious. Optimus stepped towards the door, limb, his body was still suffering from his spark transfusion. Primal and Red Alert ran towards him and stopped him at the door.

    ‘What are you doing Optimus. I may be your accendant, but that won’t stop me from keeping you in bed!’ Red Alert looked at the Maximal, now it made sens what Optimus had done to his spark.
    ‘Yes, this war isn’t yours, besides, troops from all over Cybertron have already been called. The war will soon be over.’

    Optimus didn’t stop for his friends, he activated the apex armour and used the new gained power to press his ‘guardians’ away. He cleared the hall and transformed, his armour changed to a trailer and he sped out of the med bay.

    ‘Should we follow him?’ Primal asked when he pulled himself out of the hole in the wall.
    ‘Yes and fast. That technology is still a prtotype, I don’t know till what it’s capable about.’
    Red Alert transformed into his jeep mode and sped trough the hallway.

    Primal trasnformed to and he felt he had thrusters on his back. He activated them but they weren’t strong enough to make him airborn. So he hade a huge speed boost.


    The battlefield was covered with bodies, both Decepticon and Autobot soldiers. Explosions lit the sky and interrupted with the silence of a war. One Deathglider had been destroyed and had crashed into an Autobot bataljon. They were fine warriors but Rodimus Prime couldn’t think about the loses. Like he always said: “Loses are ment to be made in a war”. The Academy had hardened him, now was the time to bring his training to practice. He called in a team on a status report.

    ‘Hound, are the hunted in place?’ A crackled voice answered quickley.
    ‘Yes Rodimus, let the party begin!’

    Rodimus nodded and closed his intercom panel. He stood up from behind the rock he was hidding and used his binocular vision. In the distance he could see a few Decepticons running.
    He signed a soldier behind him to start the trap. It would still take some seconds before the enemies entered the area so he checked on the Deathgliders’ position. They were nearing Iacon, something had to be done fast.

    ‘Sir? They’re in position?’
    ‘Good, let the bombs explode’, the soldier pressed a button but nothing happened.
    ‘What’s going on, they’re leaving the area!’ The soldier looked confused, he pressed again and again.
    ‘There’s something wrong, they’re not working.’
    Rodimus looked like he could blow his own head off.
    ‘Don’t you think I can see that!’ Rodimus Prime grabbed his gun and jumped over the metal rock. He yelled for his warriors to follow.

    The first Decepticon closed in and Rodimus fired for the legs, he hit target and his enemy fell. The Autobot stopped in front of his target and he raised his gun. He looked the Decepticon straigth in the optics. He knew he had to pull the trigger. Death crowled trough the eyes of the Decepticon, he couldn’t stand up, he looked patheticly. But Rodimus couldn’t pull the tricker, something restrained him. Was it the first kill that was hard? Or wasn’t he brave enough to meet death. The Decepticon noticed and grabbed his own gun, he aimed and fired.


    A red light flashed trough the hallway, a screeching alarm sound was the only thing to be heard. Electric sparks flew trough the air when a piece of wall exploded. Ironhide flew trough the hole and landed head first into the next wall. A Decepticon slowly stepped trough the hole, Laughing.

    ‘You may be an Elite Autobot, but you’re no match for a Decepticon.’

    Ironhide pulled himself up and patted his head. He laughed to, looking at his injured shoulder. Sixshot was a fine warrior, but a bit too cocky. Ironhide could have him, if he wasn’t surprised by him. The Autobot stood up and prepared for a hand to hand combat situation. He had to be carefull, rumor has it Sixshot was a sixchanger. A failed experiment which turned out to an even bigure failiure: a mentaly disturbed Decepticon. Ironhide saw a glitch in Sixshot’s movement, the Decepticon started to transform. Ironhide jumped to the left and his enemy crashed into the hole. The Autobot warrior made a roll and grabbed his gun. He aimed and fired a couple of rounds. Nothing happend. Suddenly, a roar that wasn’t natural, screeched trough the air, to the right of him he saw the wall moving. Three claws bursted out and Ironhide heared a wolf crying. The entire arm of the beast slashed trough the metal and the head and body followed quickley. Ironhide evaded just in time. Sixshot’s turned in the air and jumped forward. The Elite Autobot dropped himself and kicked his enemy upwards. The Decepticon transformed into a jet and fired a heat-seeking misile. Ironhide jumped over and fired his own gun, afterwhich he activated his electro gloves. The rocket turned around in the small hallway and aimed back for the Autobot. Ironhide layed his hand on the misilehead and it deativated when the electro wave hit the control system. A few seconds earlier Sixshot had evaded Ironhide’s gunfire and he had transformed into his tank mode. Ironhide threw a smoke grenade and transformed too and drove down the hallway into the other way.

    ‘Commander, come in.’
    ‘Yes Ironhide.’ Spoke the calming voice of Ultra Magnus.
    ‘I’ve got a little situation at hand here.’
    ‘Decepticon trouble?’
    ‘Yes, it’s Sixshot, he’s one of those Decepticon’s I can’t grind into garbage.’ A blast surprised Ironhide, the smoke distraction hadn’t worked.
    ‘I see, guide him to the engine room, we’ll use him to frie the circuits.’
    ‘I understand.’ The com link ended.

    Ironhide transformed to face his opponent, he called up the blueprint of the Deathglider and searched for the engine room. He was standing right above it! He send a coded message to Magnus to get out of the area. Sixshot came to a stop and transformed into his robot mode.

    ‘Stopped running I see, I thought you could handle me?’
    ‘Strategical manouvre’, Ironhide said with his poker face up.

    The Decepticon smiled and stepped forward, he didn’t know what Ironhide was up to. The Autobot sensed the trouble, he could try to overpower Sixshot in hand-to-hand combat, or he could blow a hole in the ground. Slim chances for both choices. But he had to acht fast. Then he saw the energon pipes hanging on the ceiling. He jumped for them almost instinctly and used them to kick the Decepticon with two legs. Sixshot was surprised and fell down, back first. The Autobot tore loose a pipe and the energon flew trough the air and on the body of the Decepticon. Ironhide immediatly grabed his gun his gun with one hand and fired. A huge explosion sent the Autobot flying. Fire rained trough the metal hall, but quickley disappeared, there was no air or any other fire-feeding-element to keep it burn. The walls were bend and Sixshot lay in a small hole. The metal showed cracks made by the epicentre of the explosion. Ironhide pushed himself up and saw his chance. He ran towards the Decepticon and jumped at the body. The ground shattered underneath the sudden force of Ironhide. Both fell trough the ceiling of the engine room and Ironhide saw what he did wrong, he just killed himself.


    ‘Are you crazy, you had a clear shot at his processor!’ Hound yelled when he had killed the Decepticon after saving Rodimus Prime.
    ‘What’s wrong with you Rodimus?’ Hound turned around to check the perimeter, holding his gun at shoulder level.
    ‘I… I don’t know. I never had to kill someone in practice.’ Prime covered his eyes with his hands, he coudn’t get the face of the Decepticon out of his head.
    ‘What do you suppose? That the teachers would let you kill one of the students? You’re far too young to be a Prime, let alone to lead an army to war.’ Hound was satisfied, the area was clear. He covered his gun and bended trough his knees.
    ‘Look, get out of here as fast as you can kid, no one will blame you. Let one of the Elite commanders handle this. Save that little pride you still got left and run!’ Rodimus looked at Hound, he was deadly serious.

    The Deathgliders were still hovering over the Metal Sea. There weren’t any others brought down, just that single one. They had to come closer before the Autobot Council could aproove to use of the Iacon Defense System. On the ground several little groups were fighting here and there. Several casualties were lying on the ground. The Metal Sea hadn’t got her grey color anymore, but purple-red from the spilt energon. Rodimus Prime stood up and glared deeply into Hound’s optics. Deep blue, the color of wisdom. The young Autobot turned his head once again to the battlefield and the Gliders.

    ‘As long as my Name is Rodimus Prime, I shall lead this war to it’s end. I may be young Hound, but I was educated to this very moment, nothing will stop me from forfulling my depth to the Cybertronians.’ Hound smiled aprovingly.
    ‘Do you know if the plates of the Great Roof are detachable?’ The smile on Hound’s face suddenly changed to something was a crossbreed between fear and interest.
    ‘You want to losen those enormous plates?’ Rodimus smiled.
    ‘Yes I do, you know how?’
    ‘I know one way, but it’ll take time.’ Hound faced the Great Roof, it’ll take time for sure.
    ‘Doesn’t matter how long, just do it. You’ve got my approval. I’ll make sur you’ll get the time, I’ll distract the entire Decepticon army.’ Hound nodded, not quite understanding how the youngster would do that.

    The Autobot warrior signed for an other Autobot to bring him up to the Roof. Wingsaber, also an experienced soldier, showed up in his jet mode. Hound explained to him quickley what he needed to do, Wingsaber looked a bit confused but he told Hound to climb on and they flew off. Rodimus turned himself around and hoped the plan would work. He transformed and drove off to see a singular entity overlooking the war at the end of the battlefield. If he would fight him, he knew he would distract all the other warriors.


    Optimus drove as hard as he could, he had already reached the edges of the Metal Sea and had already seen the presence of the huge Decepticon warships. Red Alert and Primal were following and they were close. He didn’t care at all, he only wanted one thing. Revenge. He saw his goal at the end of the sea: Megatron. He activated the thrusters on his A.P.E.X. armor and he sped trough the Metal Sea, he ran over some Decepticons or Autobots, but he didn’t mind. Megatron would die, it didn’t matter if he was his brother or not, he had taken Optimus’ only chance to avenge his father away. In a matter of seconds he had reached his enemies position. The Decepticon looked a bit surprised and unclutched his arms. Optimus transformed and felt how bodyplates shifted and changed positions. He got arms and legs and pushed himself up from the ground. His head popped up and he felt the last parts take place. The A.P.E.X. armor transformed to and his body adjusted once again. Now he was as tall as Megatron and for once he felt like he was the victor.

    ‘I didn’t expect to see you here Optimus, but it will make my day when I crush your spark with my hands.’
    ‘You’ll be the one who’s going to be crushed Megatron!’ Optimus engaged immediatly, testing his new found apex power.

    He charged Megatron like a hurricane, his movements were as fast as lightning, the Decepticon had problems following him. The enemy fell on one knee and Optimus used it as a step up, the Autobot kicked him with the other leg right in the face. Little metal parts ripped loose from Meg’s chin as he dropped back. As finishing touch Optimus landed hard on Megatron’s chest and kicked the Decepticon’s face again. The Autobot stepped away and pulled his enemy above his head.

    ‘Let’s see what if you can handle this one’, Optimus lowered his arms fast and bend trough his knee but Megatron locked his arm round the Autobot’s neck and pulled him along.

    The attack was stopped and the momentum went over in a barrel roll. Optimus pushed himself up to meet Megatron’s fist. He rolled back and evaded the crushing footsteps of the Decepticon. Optimus used his arm cannons and hit Megatron’s right leg. He uncovered his sword and lunged at his enemy, but Megatron absorbed the attack and threw the Autobot away. Optimus rolled again and jumped to see Megatron charging at him. The Decepticon jumped and kicked, the Autobot grabbed the leg and twisted it. The Decepticon warrior fell down and used his other leg to hold Optimus back. The young Autobot raised his arm canons again and fired. His enemy evaded the shots with his head and kicked Optimus in the air. The Decepticon warrior scanned the A.P.E.X. armor and found something that looked very familiar towards a power pack. He shot at and it exploded. Optimus yelled when he felt the power draining out of his body. If he didn’t act quick the suit would explode with him in it. He pressed the emergency switch and the suit unlocked itself. The Autobot hoisted himself out and faced his opponent with a huge power reducement. Megatron lowered his arm mounted canon that was still smoking after the shot.

    ‘Looks like you’re losing, again.’
    ‘I won’t need the A.P.E.X. to fight you.’ Optimus covered his face behind a face plate and engaged when the A.P.E.X. armor behind him errupted.

    His sword risen he attacked with a new ferocity. The battle cry hadn’t left his vocal processors yet when Megatron gave a frontal kick on Optimus’ leg. It broke off and electricity charged the surounding vacum. Optimus fell on top of Megatron who ripped of the Autobot’s swordarm. The Decepticon threw him on the ground and pierced him with his own sword. Optimus yelled from pain. His enemy aimed his canon for Optimus’ head, the young Autobot grabbed it with his remaining hand and pushed it away. Both were struggeling with each others power, but Optimus was losing, his shoulder was already cracking by the pressure of the sword. Sparks escaped from the wound at his leg, arm and shoulder. Megatron was still pushing on the sword but his concentration made him break the sword in half. He didn’t notice, he and his gun, that was everything that existed for now. He charged it with the energy of the Matrix of Souls he had tsolen from his brother. The purple shadow casted shadows over both entities.

    ‘This will be over soon Optimus, I promise I will make this as painful as possible.’
    ‘I don’t want your promise, I want your spark!’

    With his last bit of strength left Optimus used his remaining leg to kick Megatron at the back of his head. It startled the Decepticon and the Autobot let loose of the gun and thrusted his palm into Megatron’s face. Optimus could feel an optic shatter. His evil brother fell back, crawling from pain. Optimus pulled himself loose from the sword and tried to stand up. He couldn’t with just on leg, he fell back again. His enemy stood up and faced him with an angry growl. Megatron uncovered his laser sword and pointed it at Optimus’ spark chamber.

    ‘This has taken long enough. Now die!’ Megatron couldn’t finish his attack, a red flash interrupted.

    Rodimus Prime had jumped in between and had taken the strike from Megatron. The sword sliced trough his abdomen and he landed a few meters behind Optimus and Megatron. The Decepticon cursed and ran towards this new oponnent. Optimus didn’t knew who this Autobot was, but he gthanked him for nothing, he too was lost now. Suddenly, from somwhere in front of him, a blue laser hit Megatron at the back of his head, the soar spot that Optimus had given him. Primal had shot him and uncovered his broad swords.

    ‘Optimus, try to get out of here now! We’ll hold him off.’

    Primal and Red Alert charged at the Decepticon, with his Transtech body, the Maximal evened the power of Megatron. Optimus saw a chance in this situation and crawled towards the fallen Autobot. He was dying.

    ‘Why did you do that?’
    ‘I saw you fight with such passion, I don’t know who you are warrior, but I believe you fight for a noble cause.’ Coughed Rodimus Prime. Then Optimus saw the Prime insignia on the chest of Rodimus.
    ‘But you’re a Prime, why would you sacrifise yourself for a low class soldier like me?’
    ‘Because I AM a low class soldier like you. I’m just given the Matrix of Leadership because the Council needed someone to blame a possible lose.’ Rodimus coughed some more energon up.
    ‘But you soldier… Thanks to the Matrix I know things, I can see you were the creator of the Matrix of Souls, the counterpart of the Matrix of Leadership. I know Megatron stole it from you, I know you’ve lost your father. And so, I know you should be carrying the Matrix I now wield.’ His chest cavity opened and the artifact began to hover.
    ‘Please, take this and avenge your lost ones. ‘Till all are one!’ With that, Hot Rod, the former Rdimus Prime, closed his eyes and his spark faded away. Optimus shielded his optics and accepted this task. His chest openend and the Matrix of Leadership entered his body with a massive power surge. His limbs were reformatted and his energy was restored. He felt reborn.
    ‘For the Allspark’, he whispered,’ for Hot Rod, The Brave.’ He stood up with new strength and wisdom that channeled trough him. A sudden divine light embed his eyes in a deep saphire color.
    ‘I am Optimus Prime!’


    The engine was closing fast, Ironhide could already feel the shock he would get when they’d hit the nuclear reactor. He closed his eyes and opened his memory bank. Various memories flashed by, happy moments, hard times, painful moments and friendships. The Autobot opened his optics again and saw that he only had seconds to live. Then he felt a massive pressure in his side. He turned his head to see a blue pusle wave pushing him away from Sixshot’s body. He followed the beam to it’s origin and he saw his commander holding a pulse gun. He was thankful until he crashed into the wall. It was one metal wall too many today. When he slid down the obstacle, Ironhide could see Sixhsot waking up and transforming. But the Decepticon was too late and he fell into the engine, a black smoke spouted up and electrc jolts flew trough the air. An alarm went off and Ultra Magnus came running on.

    ‘My apologies for that, it was the only thing I thought was possible to save you. Let’s get out of here, things are getting hot in here.’
    ‘I’m sorry chief, but I couldn’t reach the control tower.’
    ‘Don’t mind, better one ship down, then no ship.’ Ironhide nodded and let him be pulled up by his commander. Both struggled out of the errupting machine room.


    It was colder high in the stratosphere of Cybertron, the hole in the Great Roof offered a beutiful view. Stars lit certain part of the Roof, the metal plates had a greyish blue color. Hound had to hold on tight on Wing Saber, the winds almost blew him off. He had his wind visor risen and searched for ‘cracks’. Wing Saber reached the right altituede and started to fly horizontally, Hound nearly could nearly touch the plates. The Autobot warrior bend over and looked down. The Metal Sea didn’t look that big, the Deathgliders were small spots, nothing to worry about from up here. He started to yell at Wing Saber.

    ‘Turn around! We’re nearing on the coördinates of the hole in the Great Roof, we’ll have to detach a plate closer to Iacon!’
    ‘Isn’t that dangerous? I just summoned a plan of the Great Roof, it shows that the best strategical choice is to detach a plate a few kilometers ahead, but 50% of it’s mass will fall on Iacon. Many inocent Autobots will die!’ Suddenly the wind brought along a dark feeling.
    ‘Then what’s what’s the other best choice?’
    ‘That’s the problem, there is no other choice!’
    ‘Why did I accept Rodimus task?’


    Shocks were sent trough the Metal Sea when laser blasts colided. Optimus Prime sat on his knee aiming carefully at Megatron. The Decepticon was also sitting on his knee, he didn’t mind aiming, he just fired with Matrix energy. Prime had a hard time aiming for the shots. He couldn’t think of the possibilities, he couldn’t survive other deaths. From the moment he received the Matrix of Leadership, everything had become clear, he wasn’t the only one suffering. Cybertron was suffering, he was the only one strong enough to save it, he had seen death in many ways; Ultimus Prime, the assasination of his father. Only the one who hadn’t seen death in war yet, but the death of family could manage this destiny. He focused on the battle again and thrusted his hand in the ground. He ripped a piece of metal losse and used it as a shield. Optimus stepped closer and closer until he was in jab-range with Megatron, the blast shock had become heavier and heavier. Prime calculated the blasts’ interval and waited for the right moment. He jabbed the shield inside Megatron’s gun and it imploded. Laser shards left burn marks on Optimus’ armor, the charcoil colored stains gave him a barberian look. The Autobot leader threw away the remainings of the metal shield, it made a hallow sound when it touched the ground, and stepped closer towards Megatron. His brother, not so long ago a deadly viper, a potential mass-muderer, so strong and undefeated. The Decepticon opened his optics slowly, half of his arm was blown off, energon leaked out. He pushed himself up with the other arm and his mouth transformed into a grim of pain.

    ‘So it has come to this brother. Only with the Matrix you can kill me?’ The pain on his face changed to happiness.
    ‘The Cybertronians fought various battles, but all were the same. The war between Autobots and Decepticons have to end, all shall be one at the end, so why can’t we be one now?’ Pain of previous battles fought by other Prime’s leaked trough the Matrix inside Optimus.
    ‘Sorrow and dispair have ruled this lands long enough Megatron, finally peace had come to this planet. But you had to ruin it all, you let loose another war!’
    ‘What are you fighting for Optimus? We Decepticons are made to fight, it’s burned in our processors, Decepticons were only made to maintain peace and act like a military puppet dol. It were you, the Autobots, with your evolved intellect and “serve the higher good”, the machine of consumption, that brought us inside the political systems of Cybertron. You caused your own death!’ Megatron had managed to get up to his knees. It was almost like he was begging Optimus to give him a second chance, but his voice asked something different.
    ‘Your intellectuals knew this day and all those other days of war would come, they knew Decepticons could never be a normal citizen or something that would look like an Autobot. But you ignored them and they left, but the Decepticons, pride as we are, had tasted the power, the chance to rule, we wanted more, we wanted everything. So, in stead of punishing us, you should punish yourself.’ Optimus had stepped back, the raw anger in Megatron’s voice seemed so real. But Optimus Prime knew, thanks to the Matrix, that Decepticons too developped a higher sense of self acceptance, they were no longer just utility drones, but sentient beings. They cried for rights, laws, they wanted their own lives. But their instinct overmastered them and everything went back to normal.
    ‘I won’t let my be misgided by you brother, you forgot an important part of our history. We are brothers, you and me, we are the same. But yet I’m an Autobot and you’re a Decepticon. This prooves that there are no races amongst us, every Cybertronian is the same!’ With those words still departing his mouth Prime jumped forward.

    He grabbed Megatron’s torso and arm, turned on his tows and swung his brother over his shoulder. The Decepticon, surpirsed by the sudden anger, flew trough the air and crashed into rubble. The Autobot leaped forward and unleashed his ruby colored ax and sword onto Megatron. Remaining limbs were torn off, deadly carves uncovered the inner armor and spark chamber. Optimus stopped quickley, he didn’t want to kill Megatron, he wanted him to suffer. The Decepticon was still awake, but pain tore him open from the inside out. He managed to smile.

    ‘You say you are an Autobot, but you fight with the fire of a Decepticon in your hart.’ Prime didn’t listen to what Megatron said.
    ‘Now we are even brother.’


    Hot Rod had entered stasis-lock far before Optimus Prime had taken care of his nemesis: Megatron. The Autobot leader picked the light body without any life signs up and carried it to Primal and Red Alert, they hadn’t moved the entire struggle between the two brothers. They were to astonished and scared for their own spark. They had also noticed that the Death Gliders had almost reached the bounderies of the Metal sea.

    ‘What are we going to do, I suppose I can call you Prime now?’
    ‘I think we have to evacuate Iacon, everyone can acces the sublevel tunnels. They can flee the city in every direction they want. That should do it for now, but for the war ships, I don’t know yet. If we destroy them here or above the city, Iacon will severe serious, un repairable damage. We’ll have to wait until they reach an open area.’ Primal agreed but he looked at the Decepticon who was entering stasis-lock.
    ‘But what about him? Are we going to let him live?’ Optimus didn’t look at what Primal was pointing at.
    ‘Let him suffer, let the Decepticons find him, there isn’t much hope left for him, he’s beyond repair.’
    ‘Like me?’ Optimus looked at the Maximal.

    Optimus gave Hot Rod to Red Alert and walked towards Megatron. Prime could see the Matrix of Souls, it was engraved into Megatron’s spark and chasis. Optimus had been to rough with his sword and ax. It couldn’t be retrieved.

    ‘This artifact is too powerful to be left alone with you.’ Once again he uncovered his blade and thrusted it inside his brother’s chest. The spark imploded alongside the Matrix, they vanished into nothing. Prime hadn’t showed any hesitation or regret. He had killed his brother, his young brother who hadn’t seen life as it should be.

    ‘Back to the Death Gliders.’


    ‘Are you ready?’ Hound shouted at Wing Saber when he hooked the last chain onto his compagnion.
    ‘Jump on Hound, you don’t want to be on that plate when it falls!’ Hound listened to his friend and jumped onto his back.

    It had taken a while to detach all the locks on the roofplate of the Great Roof. But it didn’t came loose and hadn’t fallen yet. It would take brute force to make it fall down onto the battlefield. Wing Saber activated his thrusters and started to move. His engine ran wild as he tried and tried, but there was no movement. He activated his afterburners and a mighty flame left his boosters. A little shake disturbed the peace of the place.

    ‘It’s coming, prepare for the backfire!’ Hound shouted, but his voice wasn’t loud enough.

    But the chains broke and they whipped both Autobots. It hadn’t worked, but it moved, so there was hope. He signed for Wing Saber to open his comlink and they could hear each other clearly now.

    ‘There’re only tree contact points, if we hit them all at once, they’ll may break.’
    ‘That certain is an option!’

    They flew over and programmed the coördinates, Hound count down and Wing Saber fired all his six misiles at the contact points. They hit at the same time and tree seperate explosions disturbed the silence of the everlasting night.

    ‘It’s coming! Fly us away!’ Hound opened his com link to odimus Prime, but there was just static.
    ‘Saber, contact Rodimus, I only get static!’ The Autobot tried too but the same happened with him, so he searched trough the general radio frequence database.
    ‘Uh Hound, I searched his radio frequency, itisn’t there. Or he his so high-tech he doesn’t use it anymore, or Rodimus Prime doesn’t exist!’ Hound was startled, was he killed?


    The giant plate covered the whole Metal Sea, the destruction was unbelievable, every Death Glider was burried beneath, Optimus Prime and his compagnions had just escaped. A slight part of Iacon hadn’t. The sound kept growling trough the air. Prime looked sad, this was the last drup that could possibly happen wrong. It stopped the Decepticon Armada, but innocent lifes were lost. Many Autobots were there and now they were offline.

    ‘What now Optimus?’
    ‘There’s nothing we can do. Now, the most important task for us is to spread the news that I’m the Prime and that I declare war to very Decepticon out there. May Primus be with us.’
    ‘This is just Prime’, said Red Alert.
    ‘At least the greatest evil amongst them is dead.’ He looked at the place were Megatron should be lying.
    ‘My brother’, he whispered.

    Suddenly two Autobots joined them, they came from above. They looked at the life less body of Hot Rod and they understand what had happened. Hound and Wing Saber looked up at Optimus Prime and they understood what they did wrong.

    ‘Ultra Magnus and Ironhide were in of those ships…’ said Red Alert.
    ‘What?’ asked Hound.
    ‘They were sent on a secret mission to destroy them from the inside out, nobody was allowed to know it so we no one would act like a hero, we needed everyone out here, down below.
    ‘This is awfull.’
    ‘Indeed, but it is far from over’, Prime started to walk over the enormous plate back home, to remaining Iacon.
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    So as promised, here's the beginning of season 2 faster as you'd expect. Next chapter will take a little longer because the last weeks of school are starting( the bussiest) and the exams are going to begin. I also need to draw some lines for this season, make some things clear in my head, many ideas, not so many usable. So enjoy.

    Season 2: Ancient settings

    Chapter 10: The fall of a universe


    A great nothing was spread out amongst the eternity, only two entities clamed live to their own. An invention they had made, they would make. Time nor existing had been made yet. Only these two Gods. Primus, God of Light and Unicron, God of Darkness. The Knight of Eternity and The Demon Rebel, as they once were named in an other present and dimension. But that one had been destroyed by their awakening. So it was that another universe had to be born in this emptyness. Primus, The Morning Sheppard, opened his hand and a drup of light thwirled around, hoovered a few inches above his finger tips. It shone a bright light in this darkness. Unicron thought it was good, no one would see or know you. It was safe.

    ‘No, no my brother. Where there is darkness there should be light. That is the law we are bounded to, that is the law that ensures out existens.’ Primus stretched his arm en the tear of light hoovered away on it’s own strength. It grew bigger and bigger.
    ‘Let it be like it is, Primus. We went over and over this, everytime it ended in nothingness. War devoured our creations, not that I dislike it, but my spark breaks with the pain our people use to kill themself.’
    ‘No Unicron, without the light, we won’t exist. Our sparks exist out of light. SO, for we are Gods, we should bring life. If it wishes to kill itself, so be it.’ Unicron crossed his arms, his body became more visible now the light has reached his full size.

    The God of Darkness didn’t like this decission at all. Every other time they created an universe, they had this discussion, and never it turned out the way he liked. He disgusted life, he himself didn’t want to live at all. But thanks to his brother, his life wouldn’t end. Because he was the entity above any other, he couldn’t kill himself, he had to die of natural causes. If his brother, Primus, wouldn’t give him what he wanted by asking friendly, then he would have to take it by force. He spread his arms and took hold of Primus’ shoulder.

    ‘No brother, I’ve lived far too long, even a God wants rest.’
    ‘What are you up to Unicron?’ The optics of the Nemesis Lord Unicron flared red in the shadows of the light, blood hunger overmastered his toughts.
    ‘I will destroy your source of live!’

    Unicron thrusted forward and pulled Primus backwards. HE raised his arms in a clapping position, if he would extinguish the tear, all life would end, including that of his own. But the God of Light interferred and blocked the attack by embrasing the arms of his brother. The struggle for power had comenced.

    ‘Let me be Primus! It is better for the both of us, everytime we fight, you always win. Don’t you grow tired of this?’
    ‘No my brother, life is meant to be there, think as a God, act like one!’
    ‘Too late!’

    Unicron managed to make one of his arms loose and punched his elbow inside Primus’s abdomen. The Morning Sheppard stepped back, with his arms crossed over his stumach area. He growled. Unicron made a move towards the orb of light again, but Primus took hold again. The God of Darkness grabbed his brother and swung him over his back, the Knight of Eternity didn’t let loose. Suddenly they found themself facing each other with the drup of light between them. It pulsated and showed signs of blocked power.

    ‘Your struggle has ended Unicron, life is born.’ The orb started to expand with great verocity drove the two Gods apart. The Universe was made. Ages, millenia and Star cycles would go by before the two slumbering giants would wake up again to finish their battle.



    Cybertron, home of the Transformers. The planet was silent, except for the hole in it’s roof that just had become bigger. The solemn rock nearby showed no mouvement, it hadn’t showed any the past solar cycles. It hung in space, like it was placed in a giant piece of cement. Sometimes a black figure covered in flames, stirred the perfectness of the lonely rock. It gazed down at the planet, waiting.

    ‘Prepare yourself Transformers, let’s hope your God awakes before my master arrives.’ The being kneeled down and rubbed his chin.

    Fire, surrounding his body since the day he had left that place, burned everywhere. It was his punishment to carry it untill he died. A penalty casted on him by Vector Prime, approved by Prima, the first of the Transformer race. He had betrayed them by reawakening Primus on single nanoclick, so Unicron could sense the presence of his brother. Prima, the only one who knew the history of the two Gods, had questionned him how he could know this valueble information.

    “It’s is impossible for Gods to excist, even if they could, the universe couldn’t contain their power and it would explode.” That was the explenation Prima had given.
    “To create an universe, a powerfull source is needed to awaken the even more powerfull Zone Energy, which created this place! And that’s only possible if two Gods with contradictorary forces exist, just like your teachings tell us!” I shouted then quotting her lessons, it was perfectly logical. Zone Energy was the most powerful thing that excisted in the far edges of space itself. Only a stronger force can create something like that.
    “It is impossible, I tell you! Zone Energy has always excisted, what you think are Gods is the Zone Energy!” Prima had ended are so maniest discussion with that phrase.

    But it was far from over, I implanted a virus in her systems. It downloaded every ounce of information Prima possesed directly to me. But I couldn’t resist, I implanted the virus into every one of my brothers and sisters, so I became allmighty! Now I know how to use every one of their powers. Accidentally, I programmed the bug to destroy every trail of it’s excistence, and so it also killed it’s host. They found out before the bug could deactivate and punished me with this fire. It wasn’t enough, I was also banned from Cybertron. They tried to awaken Primus to cure them, but he wouldn’t wake up. So they crafted new bodies and imbuned them with a spark like their own. But they feared that if they would transfer any more of them the new lifeforms would receive this virus to. So the Quintessons were born, ugly creatures with more than one head and they didn’t look like anything we looked. I suppose my brothers and sisters didn’t had much time left. The First Twelve died and the planet seemed abandonned. I was the victor, but not for long. The Quintessons awaked and they left Cybertron, but their memory served too well. They remembered their ancestors and so they started to use their intellect and they made new Transformers. Not as powerful as me but simpler. Only the power to transform and think for their own. They were an homage to the First Thirteen, for the thirtheenth, I, was the devil in their eyes. A greater evil than Unicron himself.

    I stood up and transformed, I flew off into the great universe that would fall quickley. The great God of Darkness would be hear soon.

    ‘Darkness had developed it’s own soul, and his name is Unicron!’

    A portal in the time fabric opened and the future got linked with the present. A great wave of energy, Zone Energy, made a small appearance. A Transformer stepped trough. His armour resembled that from a knight, a great blue sword hung on his back.

    ‘The Fallen, that’s what we called you brother. Don’t forget.’ He landed on the rock where the traitor had stood earlier on and he planted his sword in the ground.

    ‘My powers may have been weakend, my skills may not be like they were. What if you succeeded in decreasing my abilities. So I can’t visit the future, so I can only travel from present to past. Now I may be locked in this time, to live everything again. So my soul can’t be drifitng in multiple time streams again, I still remember what you’ve done. You forgot I travelled in the future when I should’ve died. I bypassed my death so the virus deactivated itself and not me. I know what shall happen in the time that has to come, but I will not let that happen. For as long as I still live, my link with the future excist, the universe won’t be destroyed in the upcoming cycles. I will prevent that it will happen and stop it here.’ Vector Prime let loose of his sword and merged the space fabric together so he could step from one place to another.
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    Wow, two updates right after each other! Keep it up - I'm loving it!

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