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    If you loved Bioshock, watch the video. It's funny if you're a fan.
    Hopefully this hasn't been posted yet.

    Co-Op Life Presents BioShock (At Its Most Hilarious) - Joystick Division

    It has been many moons since the first BioShock title knocked our damn socks off, but there are still plenty of amateur filmmakers and comedians out there that like to make fun of its characters and atmosphere. Because a lunacy-ridden, broken fantasy underwater Utopia is hilarious!

    Machinima, the game-centric video publisher, has brought us the latest in fan-created BioShock fun as part of its new series Co-op Life. This one is a nicely built, special effects laden comedy sketch involving two friends and their first encounter with BioShock. I liked watching it, so I thought I'd share with you. I hope you do enjoy. Also, the little girl who plays a Little Sister is hilarious.

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