BIG Xbox 360/Guitar Hero/NFL Bundle!

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    PLEASE LOOK. There's a LOT in this bundle.

    Hey, if anyone would like buy an Xbox 360 bundle, I've got it listed on my girlfriend's ebay:

    BIG Xbox 360 Bundle

    It may seem a little pricey, but there's a lot of stuff there. If anyone wants it, DON'T BID. I'll just cancel the listing and sell it to you direct (saves me the final value fee).

    Also, this console is only a few months old, so it's still under warranty.

    Just for your reference, the items included in the bundle are:

    Xbox 360 Console (256 MB internal mem.)
    20 GB Hard Drive
    WIFI Antenna
    Black Elite Controller
    LIVE Headset
    Extra set of A/V Composite cables for HDTVs
    Guitar Hero III with 2 contollers. One wireless, one not.
    Interchangeable faceplate with all 32 NFL team inserts

    ....pretty sure that's it....I'll post another edit if it's not....

    Thanks for looking, guys!
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