Non-TF: Big Time Spider-Man

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    So back when I found out about this figure I was so excited. It looked great in the preview pictures. I got the FF version first. When I finally got my hands on the Big Time version it was great at first, but the color scheme slowly grew off of me. I wanted something closer to the image on the box and actual color scheme. I paid more for mine than I wanted to, so I was relucatant to paint it at first. Then my friend found one and I figured it could be a backup if it didn't work out. The lines are not perfect but I still love the result. I've still got a few things to touch up.

    I used a Testors Enamel paint marker(black) and Sharpie paint marker(lime green). The testors likes to dry sticky on non-hard plastic, so I've been periodically coating it with Krylon flat clear coat.

    I took doubles of some photos. With and without flash. With the flash you can see all the imperfections. But normally you don't notice it all that much.

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