Big G1 + G2 + Beast Wars collection being parted out

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    I grew up with the Transformers in the 80s, and I was a big collector back in the 90s when I used to play on various TF MUSHes. Attended BotCon a couple of times in the late 90s and bought whatever caught my eye.

    I've been out of the fandom for awhile, aside from the odd figure I liked enough to pick up because I liked the character. Times are tough, and I've decided to let go of everything that doesn't have personal significance to me. Check out my list of TF related auctions here:

    My collection for sale

    Mostly G1, some G2 and Beast Wars and newer stuff. Most of it ends within the next day or two.

    Complete or almost complete:

    Alternators Sunstreaker
    Astrotrain (G1)
    Bombshell (G1)
    Broadside (G1)
    Catilla and Chainclaw as a lot (G1)
    Doublecross (G1)
    Dreadwind (G1)
    Metroplex (G1)
    Quickswitch (G1)
    Repugnus (G1)
    Slugfest (G1)
    Protectobots as a lot (G1)
    Terrorcons as a lot (G1)
    Cheetor (Beast Wars original, green eyes)
    Cheetor (Beast Wars Transmetals)
    Megatron (Beast Wars, T-Rex)

    Odd stuff:

    Takara Transformers Juniors Chromedome/Convoy/Fort Max giftset
    The MC Axis Hot Rod model kit


    Apeface head
    Grotusque Wings + Gun
    Trypticon battery cover

    There's also a mixed lot of incomplete G1 and G2 figures, and a parts lot of mostly G1 figures.

    I have been an Ebay member since 1998 (mostly a buyer) but my recent feedback speaks for itself.

    I still have a few more auctions to add over the next few days as I sort through things. Look out for a complete G1 Omega Supreme and a pink Transmetals Megatron to be added soon.

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