Beyond Victory

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    I've been experimenting with an online tool that I'm planning on using to do a video-photo-comic series, but I wanted to do a proof of concept before I put any major work in, so I took the first few pages (the completed ones) from my old "Beyond Victory" comic and used it as the basis for a mini test project.

    A little background: Once upon a time, myself and two artists (Gigaleo/Tigerburn still active on the boards, and WingedSiamese/Graffiti Convoy now on to bigger and better things) started a little studio called Mechacat. We were planning on hosting a number of TF fan comics on our site, including Gigaleo's Gobots vs. Transformers , a BeastFormers (BattleBeasts) comic, and a number of comics that continued the Japanese animation, including sequels to Headmasters, Victory and BW Neo, in addition to some entirely original concepts. I wrote a lot of scripts, and we actually finished quite a lot of pages, just not enough to complete a single issue of any given comic, but eventually we all got pulled into other more important work.

    The video represents all the finished pages of the "Beyond Victory" comic re-presented in a new form.

    YouTube - Beyond Victory

    I'm pretty pleased with the results.

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