BEWARE of Fraud: MP Swoop by Heirofthedog of S70 fraud seller

Discussion in 'Creative General Discussion' started by Demonss, May 11, 2010.

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    Hey guys.. be careful if you see someone trying to sell the masterpiece swoop that sold on ebay a few days ago by heirofthedog from s70.

    A day ago a person on ebay posted the same item (same description and all) with 0 feedback.

    Heirofthedog has confirmed on s70 that the person is not the person whom the custom was sold to:
    MP SWOOP with dying Shockwave base unit

    I managed to contact this seller who wanted me to make an offer on "her" item after the ebay auction was yanked (so if someone else contacted them they might ask you too, so be careful!) Who knows it could get relisted.

    The email of the scammer was vanessa Allen <>

    So please don't get scammed out of thousands!
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    Thanks for helping take 'em down, Justin! I just got a few emails from Stu (Maximo Prime) about it all and I couldn't help but laugh at how hard this person was pushing to sell the item that "they" created.

    I also noticed the fishy Western Union payment option......I've been on ebay for a decade now (since 2000) and I've known for years that if someone offers Western Union as a payment option, it's usually a possible scam (I believe it's nearly impossible to get your money back--and most who offer that, want you to wire transfer the funds, THEN they'll send your item.........BS).

    Again, thanks for helping out on this. I was too tired and sore when I got the PM from Alex over there, so I passed it along to a few of the other admins to help out.

    If anyone else has had something similar happen to them, be on the lookout (especially on those high value auctions). I don't want to see any collectors or artists taken for any amount of cash when it is something that is an obvious scam.

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