Better Times.

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    One-shot story I wrote for Sentinel Prime [DOTM], a view on his thoughts just before his deal with Megatron.

    War. War ravaged this world like no other.
    War is where I stand right now, I march in the saddned barren wasts of Cybertron against the Decepticons with my fellow apprentice Optimus and our soldiers.
    I can't help but wonder: Why? Why are we fighting this War?

    I step in the sand bravelly, but I remember...I remember the prosperity of this very place eons ago, this used to be such a beautiful garden, a place where I could sit in peace and gaze at the stars alongside the young Optimus.
    But the War consumed all peace within this land, just like it consmed all peace in our Sparks.

    "Here they come, Sentinel!" Optimus breaks my thoughts with warning. Optimus, always hopeful, always the bravest in the battlefield, ready to give his life for innocents, a truly wide-eyed idealist among the cynic Autobot army.

    I stare in the horizon, a black army approaches, Optimus closes his mouthplate, my fellow Autobots ready their weapons, but I can only stare in sadness: Those men were once under my command, they were once my brothers, now I had to slay them. every single one.

    The black army comes closer and closer, screaming threats and warcries.

    The armies clash, an imagery of pain, anger and death flashes my eyes. As I watch brothers killing brothers, again I wonder: Why? We were all on the same side once, now we are drowning ourselves in blood amidst our dying planet, cursed be this War, cursed be this War.

    Suddenly, a enemy hits my head ferociously, I fall to my knees, bewirlded.

    "SENTINEL!" I hear Optimus screamig vividly, "SENTINEL!" He screams again, now even farther from me.

    I close my eyes, perhaps I should be focused on my pain, perhaps I should be thinking about Optimus' future or what the Decepticons will do to me...But I can only remember the peaceful times of Cybertron, times where we could walk the streets without weapons in our hands, times where we could gaze at the stars endlessly, times where we could greet our brothers without fearing they will turn against us, times...where a Prime had to guide his people, not wage a War against them.


    I open my eyes slowly, part of me wishes not to, to just stay in my happier memories and forget about those grimm times we live in.
    But regardless, I open my eyes, gazing at the same desert I fell unconscious, alongside the shattered remains of my brothers [both Autobots and Decepticons], an imagery of pure sadness.

    Amidst the battlefield, I saw a familiar grey figure shooting one of my men in the head, before turning his own head at me.

    "It's been a long time, Megatron." I uttered in disgust: He was the one to trigger all this madness, I grabbed my Rust Cannon istinctively, but before I could fire, another gun touched the back of my head; even without seeing it, I could indentify it: Soundwave's cannon, "It appears you have captured me."

    "So it seems." He laughed, but much to my surprise, he followed: "Soundwave, put your gun away."

    Soundwave immediatelly deactivated his fearsome cannon.
    A part of me wished to fire at Megatron and see him rust away in the sand, but another wished to know the reason for such strange course of action.

    "What is the meaning of this?" I uttered confused, while reloading my gun slowly.

    "Sentinel, do you still think about the old times?" Megatron's words smacked me in the head like no foe's fist could.

    "Every day." I answered stoicly.

    "Remember when we used to fight together for the prosperity of Cybertron?" He questioned me again.

    "Yes." Puzzling, Megatron sounded more reasonable than ever.

    "I came here, my old mentor, to strike an alliance with you." Shockind words came from his mouth, my rage couldn't be measured in words.

    I grabbed my rust cannon again, pointing at him "Silence yourself worm, your deceiving words hold no power over me!" I was ready to pull the trigger, not even caring about Soundwave but then..

    "How are your plans to save Cybertron going?" Again, his words disarmed me, "I can offer you something Optimus can't: A future for this planet, a way to save Cybertron from its certain demise!" he walked towards me, offering his hand, "We can save Cybertron my old friend, just like old times."

    Trust me when I say that I wanted to kill him, I wanted to end the War for once and for all, I wante to kill this monster with all my strengths...but I couldn't run away from other thoughts: I could only remember the masses of Hatchlings dying slowly without Energon, generations lost, the cities vanishing due starvations, countless species perishing to the hostile enviroment.

    I was offered life by the fallen one amidst this dying land, was I so selfish for accepting it?

    "In the darkest hour..." I uttered, grabbing his hand just like old times, "There will be light." I repeated the Prime's motto, trying to comfort myself with the thought I was indeed saving my species.

    "How are we going to save Cybertron?" I asked him.

    "You will know in time, My old friend." He then flied away, alongside Soundwave.

    I promised to save Cybertron at all costs when I was a young Prime, now I see my true place in this universe, now I see what I have to become to save my planet.
    "In our darkest hour, there will be light" the Old Primes used to say, but now I see, that sometimes, light can only be found through the darkest path.

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