Beta's Box

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    Victor Sigma estimated and calculated as to what would happen if it were ever to be seen in the light of day. As the super computer compiled the data, it immediately transferred the information to A-3. A-3 reviewed the facts.

    “This can cause a great unbalance to our world of peace. So then it must remain sealed, Never to be brought to life by any citizen of Cybertron.”

    And so A-3 took it and locked in a box. He summond his young courrier Kup to him.

    “Kup, it is very important that you take this box to the far end of Cybertron. Once there, either bury this box deeply below the surface, or send it off of the planet as far away as you can. No citizen of Cybertron must ever lay their eyes on that which is in this box. Ever!”

    Kup took the box from A-3. His curiosity has caused him to look over the box.

    “No, Kup! Cried A-3. Don’t let your mind wander off. Remain focused at your task ahead.”

    Kup took heed of A-3’s word and proceeded off on his assignment. He placed the box in his storage compartment, transformed and took off to complete his task. Long the way he ran into Beta. She had been waiting for him for a few moments.

    “Kup, did you forget about me?” asked the fem fatale.

    “No, I never would. But A-3 had summoned me for a very important quest, so I will be a little longer than I had expected.” Replied the courier. He then transformed and leaned into her, “Do you want to see?”

    Beta nodded in affirmation. As Kup opened his storage compartment to reveal the box. Her placed it in her hands. Beat began to study the box. It was an ordinary silver metallic box with a sturdy golden lock on the outside. Kup had motioned to take the box back, when a transmission from Magnus had come through.

    “Kup, I need a hand. Can you meet me at these coordinates?” asked Magnus.

    “Sure thing, I’m right around the corner.” Replied the messenger. “Beta, please hold the box. But do not open it for anything. No matter what.”

    Beta complied, as she made herself comfortable in her spot, as Kup transformed and sped off. She studied the box some more, checking it from every angle. Moments had passed when suddenly from the sky appeared Screamer. He transformed and landed next to Beta.

    “What is that you have there, Beta?” asked the flyer.

    “It’s a secret box Screamer. But I can’t open it, It belongs to Kup.”

    Screamer had looked it over in the hands of Beta. “It’s very ordinary. Why such a big fuss?”

    “I don’t know. But it cant be that serious to be in such an ordinary, and plain container, right?”

    Screamer confirmed her thought. “Very true, let’s check it out.”

    Beta and Screamer used all of their might, and finally broke off the massive lock. They paused, before opening the box. Uncertainty fell on Screamer’s face, while Beta’s face shined with courage and determination. The opened the box.

    What they found inside had shaken them both sternly. Gravity had seemed to pull more heavily on them. And they began to feel a sense of motion sickness. Beta had reached in to take hold of it. It was a face. A face with four horns, its eyes were sharp and wide. As if it could see everything around it. Like a hunter or killer. It had two brows over each eye, with no mouth. Purple and black were its primary colors. It was a horrid face. Beta couldn’t bear to look at it any longer and placed it back inside the box.

    “Primus! She cried, How horrible. I have never felt fear like this before in my life.”

    Screamer, in shock, shook his head. He leaned into Beta. “If you don’t want it, can I have it? I want to show it to my friend Megatram, Please?”

    Beta, looked at Screamer with a sigh of relief, and handed him the box. He placed the box in this storage compartment, and flew off. After this moment, they never saw each other in the same way again.

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