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    While I'm not up to date on the current/newer shows, I am G1 fan who saw it when it first broadcast back in the 80's, but am a bigger BW fan. I have also seen Armada.

    I recall enjoying "The Five Faces of Darkness", but overall it's the "Golden Disc Arc" (I guess you guys are calling it "The Agenda" here) from BW that takes top honors for me. The enmeshing of G1 lore with the Voyager Record (real history) with Megatrons's plan to change history, was just .....awesome.

    It may sound childish but I still get chills when I think about it. It was definitely an ambitious, far reaching plan. Plus it featured Dinobot's heroic arc, which is just one of the best stories ever IMHO. Once he figured out just what that disc was, and what Megatron was planning, I think he immediately knew what his battlefield was going to be, and was resigned to it. He knew how his story was going to end, it was just a matter of when.....

    I wish we could've seen more of the Vok and what they were all about, because there was definite potential there. Also wished we could've gotten the "Dark Glass" episode. I just don't get not airing/producing it. I mean seriously, they showed Dinobot's death. Personally, I think kids could've handled the "Dark Glass" episode. Kids aren't dumb, I think they could have understood it (gets off soapbox now). Whole damned series just should've been longer, and I wasn't overly fond of Beast Machines....:confused: 

    (FWIW: If anyone can recommend some of the new shows/comics they think are worthwhile, please feel free to do so).

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