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Discussion in 'Transformers Toy Discussion' started by Kindred, Apr 10, 2009.

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    Hello Guys, I'm starting to collect transformers and I'm particularly interested in the Classics 2.0 and ROTF/Movie line.
    Thing is, where I live, there isn't much choice regarding toy stores, and the main stores (namely Toys R Us) are about 100 kms from my city, and even there the Transformers Section is pretty lacking (as in... REALLY lacking. Last time I checked there was only one Animated Magnus, and a couple of figures from the real gear line of the 07 movie....)

    So I thought about ordering them online. But I just don't know about a good place to order them from. I tried which has some really kick butt prices, but thing is, most figures are dispached from other stores that don't ship figures to Portugal (namely Kapow toys... God I SO want a Classics Starscream...)

    So I was wondering if anyone knows a good site to order them from, preferably with great deals!

    PS: Sorry for the crappy English :p 
    PPS: Also, I'd like to know if the Music Lable black Soundwave is worth the €40 or so that is charging me (with shipping included)
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    Ebay is your best bet and try the Junkion Exchange forums, there's always good guys with good prices.

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