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    So Tuesday night I took my girlfriend for her birthday to the Rolling Stones concert at Quest Field and wanted to share some of the pictures I took. These would have been posted earlier, but I was nursing a wicked hangover for most of Wednesday. The show started at 7 with the Dave Matthew’s band, and The Stones came on around 9:30, and did a full two hours. The images are a little low res because they wouldn't let us take cameras in, but they didn't seem to stop any of us from taking pictures with our cellphones.

    My girlfriend took this right as we got into the building.

    The line wasn't bad because we got there like an hour and a half early.

    We were like one the first couples down on the field.

    The two of us.

    Cut to about 30 min. 'till show time.

    Side shot at the same time.

    The legend himself on stage with the big screen behind him.

    Can't really tell here, but Dave Matthews came back out and he a Mick did a duet.

    There was this long stage section that cut across the middle of the field. We figured it was so the band members could run out into the middle of the crowd in safety (which did happen a couple of times). But, towards the end of the show, they started to play "Start Me Up", and the entire middle section of the main stage lifted up on hydraulics and traveled on this strip down the field!

    About ten feet away from the entire band!

    It was incredible. If anyone gets a chance to see them live, I totally recommend it. It was easily the best concert I've ever been to.

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