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    Hey guys i thought id touch on a tutorial subject started by sioce and try to offer a little advice from my misfortunes to try and help anybody who might be going down this road!

    now your going to read some of these and say duh! but really,sometimes you will try the stupidest shit when your kitbashing! trust me!

    ok then-

    1,under any circumstances do not use alcohol dipping methods to remove factory paint!!! because

    A,its totally unnecisary,the primer will cover it up regardless
    B,the only thing you should be looking to remove is grease and dust ect.a fe companys make products for this purpose.i use spazstix pre prep.
    C,depending on the type you use you figures will die,if not it will severly weaken the joints!just dont do it!

    2,be very carefull when gluing magnets,this may seem like a no brainer but gluing magnets close together is a total pain in the ass.take your time and do them seperatly.

    3,STOP! whenever you feel like it just needs that extra bit of paint or battle damage or extra varnish just go away and come back,i find nearly all mistakes are born out of impatience.going away from a project then coming back alows you to get much better perspective on things and not think iracionally.

    4,wear gloves!no matter how fast your paint drys or how clean your hands are nothing ruins a nice paint job like a greasy finger print!this happens most often when drybrushing i find and you think you can handle the custom freely.

    5,paint mixing!use the smallest amount of paint to avoid wating so much.sometimes ther is just no replacement for a strong vibrant rather than mixing like 10 paints together to get a colour you dont have try just finding it at your local store,im not saying dont mix paints by any means because thats where the best colours come from but just sometimes with certain colours its better to buy them rather than waste them

    6,AIRBRUSH PROBLEMS! ok ther are many of these i have found but ill just list the main ones

    A,water really messes up paint jobs,use a water catch on your compressor and avoid humid conditions like the plague because it will spit!

    B,CLEANER,i use badger airbrush cleaner because it removes every type of paint i have found,do not use white spirit or turpentine because yes it cleanes but it makes paint congelle rather than thin it making switching colours very time consuming

    C,LEARN THE PARTS! most airbrushes will come with a parts diagram,learn the parts and there functions because at some point something WILL go wrong!mine broke and i messed it up big time when i asumed i could "figure it out"

    D,loss of pressure,if your compressor keeps startin up again without you pressing the trigger you might have a pressure problem,check the hose and connections,pressure loss will lead to bad paint apps

    E,OK THIS ONE REALLY IS SILLY BUT IV DONE IT COUNTLESS TIMES HAHA-ON GRAVITY FEED CUPS USE A LID!!!!you wont belive how easy it is to tip the paint out!my shoes are many colours!

    7,IT PAYS TOO SHOP AROUND!if your kitbashing on a budjet scoure the internet for the best deals cos you will kick yourself when you get done!

    8,SAFETY GLASSES,again a no brainer but sioce said he had magnectic eyes when using a dremel and i can confirm this is a real phenomenon!

    9,TALK TO OTHER KITBASHERS!knowledge is power!so true,people on the boards are the best resource of info (as long as your poilte when asking)

    10,MIXING PAINT TYPES! be carefull when mixing chemicals,dont just say it will be ok check out compatibility of paints and finishes.sometimes even when a custom has been fine for weeks reactions occur and trust me they arent pleasant!

    11,TOOLS!another no brainer but you really do need the right tools to avoid disaster!if i had a pound/dollar for everytime i just winged it with the wrong tool and messed something up id be....still poor but slightly better off i guess!

    12,OVERSPRAY!when using airbrush or spay paints mask everything with VERY LOW TACK MASK! because no matter how good you shot is there is always some element of overspray which can mess up a nice paint job!

    hope some of these help and please feel free to comment and add to this thread!

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