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    Starring Soundwave as the main character.

    It's a story I'm doing for L.A, so I drew a title page for it.

    This is how Soundwave is what he is now.
    PART 1
    I heard the signal from the base. We left the base and lined up in the battle torn bunker outside.

    "Decepticons, it is time," A voice boomed, "to take back what is rightfully ours."

    Most of the soldiers agreed, as did I.

    The commander gave a slight smirk and gave my squad our assignment. "Squad thirteen, you are to join the Autobots in Iacon. You shall act as spies, and report in once every solar cycle. When we know enough about the Autobots, I shall give the signal to attack."

    I heard that Iacon was the Autobots main headquarters. It would surely be tricky to gain access to the city.

    He gave the other squads their assignments and dismissed us.

    All the squads, including mine, left the cold steel building. I stopped my squad at the assigned bunker, and we entered. "Alright men, get your systems secured and your weapons un-armed. This is a non - assault mission. We can't get caught on our way into the city. And be sure to switch your faction logos. We can't be Autobots with Decepticon factions. "

    Everyone started to do so. I checked my systems as well, which were high grade, unlike the other soldiers in the base, except for two others. Most of the upgrades were by choice. My second in command, Blaster, and I, ejected a barrage of cassette type devices. They morphed into robots and other earth-like creatures.

    "Whoa, you guys are packin' some heat." It was another of my accomplices, Jazz.

    "This 'heat' is needed."I replied "Do you not have minions?"

    "Nope. Jus' You an' Blaster. Not my style." He said in disagreement.

    "An inferior choice, do you not agree, Blaster?"

    "Well, to each his own I guess. Can't force em' to change his mind."

    "I guess you're right." I looked over at my minions.

    "So, Soundwave, When are we gonna bust outta here?"One of my minions, Frenzy whined eagerly.

    "Yeah, I wanna get this mission over with so I can rumble with some Auto-Butts."Rumble, another one of my minions, agreed with Frenzy.

    "Patience, we will leave shortly, make sure you're prepared." They switched faction logos and re-encrypted their data. They then transformed back into cassettes and I returned them to my specially made chest compartment. Blaster's minions did the same

    "Alright men, we ready?"

    They all nodded in agreement. "Alright then, let's head out." We exited the bunker and left the war-torn city.

    "Good thing we're new, huh Blaster?" Jazz exclaimed as he switched to his vehicular mode.

    "You got that right. If we we're old news, then they'd recognize us from earlier battles."Blaster agreed as he hopped onto Jazz's vehicular form.

    "Megatron would never send Decepticons out on a mission like this if they had been in a battle with at least one Autobot before." I cut in the conversation. "His circuits may be old, but he's wise when he needs to be." Everyone laughed.

    "My servos are getting warn down. Can't we take a break?" One of the soldiers complained.

    "Well maybe you should've gotten a couple upgrades, you old slag bucket." Another snarled back.

    "Maybe you would like a rusty steel plated foot up your-"

    "Cool it guys, there's the border!" butted in Jazz.

    "I see it. And there's a ton of Autobots guarding the entrance. Everyone in vehicular form, transform back to Robot mode. We'll need to talk face to face." I ordered.

    "We should probably eject the cassette bots too. We wouldn't want to be suspicious."

    "Good point Blaster. Eject them, and be sure to keep them under control." Blaster and I each pressed a button on our shoulders. Several cassette tapes ejected out of our specially made chest compartments and switched into humanoid robots and other mechanical creatures.

    "Alright guys, you'd better act like Autobots. No Rumbling, growling, hissing or sonic screeches. Nothing you would normally do, or we might get caught."

    "Aww, Soundwave, you just gotta ruin everything, don't ya?" Frenzy Whined.

    "Quiet Frenzy, I don't like this any more than you." I snapped as we got to the border.

    "Halt. Identify yourselves." The heavily armed guard Bellowed as we approached him.

    "I am Soundwave, and these are my seconds-in-command, Blaster and Jazz. These smaller bots' are Frenzy, Rumble, Ratbat, Ravage, Buzzsaw, Lazorbeak, Overkill, beastbox and Squalktalk." I exclaimed.

    "We would like to join the rest of the Autobot's here, in Iacon. It's much safer than waiting the badlands for help."I pointed out.

    "The Badlands are terribleā€¦ I suppose you just happened to pick up a Decepticon there, didn't ya?" The Guard accused

    I looked around for a Decepticon faction logo. There was only Autobot faction logos. "I see no Decepticons."I questioned in confusion.

    "Well, of course not! If I saw a Decepticon, I would've blasted and taken him into custody by now!"The guard croaked.

    "Clever trickā€¦ Might I ask what your name is?"

    "You can call me Ironhide." He suggested

    "Sounds like Iron head. Seems easy enough to remember." Frenzy mumbled.

    "I wonder if he's as stupid as he his loaded." Rumble added.

    "It's not exactly wise to insult someone that is larger and more heavily armed than yourself."One of Blasters minions, Rewind, warned.

    "Ah, Shaddap, you sad excuse for a cassette." Frenzy threatened.

    "Just because we have different ways of doing things, doesn't mean that you are superior."Another of Blaster's minions, Eject, informed Frenzy.

    "You think so?" Rumble Threatened. "Let's find out!" His arms suddenly morphed into piston-like hammers and started pounding the ground to create a miniature earthquake.

    "Rumble, cease Piledrivers!"I ordered.


    "Stop it, right now!"

    "Fine." He stopped the piston-like hammers and they morphed back into his arms.

    "I am extremely sorry about that. He freaks out sometimes." I apologized.

    "No, no, it's okay. The war has made all of us a little testy. I understand why he freaked like that." Ironhide said understandingly. "Come on, I'll show ya to the boss."

    Ironhide walked away towards the huge city and we followed. Moments later, we found ourselves standing in front of a set of huge steel doors.

    "Prime, we've got some new recruits. Should I send 'em in?"Ironhide asked his leader on his comm link. I heard a voice reply on the comm link. It was Optimus Prime, and we were about to enter his quarters. Our undercover mission had officially begun.

    [C&C welcome]
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    so far im lovin it

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