before Fleabay: MP-05, Boxed sunstreaker, Whirl, ect

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    Hey folks,
    I don't have time to put these on Ebay tonight, so I thought I'd put them here till tomorrow when they go up.

    PICS: TF auctions - a set on Flickr

    MP-05 Megatron: Opened

    G1 Starscream: original box and bubble. Has everything except 1 long missile.
    Repro sticker included, as you can see I only used it for the decepticon stickers. There is something on the wings, can only see if it if you shine it in the light a certain way.

    Hoist: Box and original bubble. Complete, and awesome!

    Skywarp: original box, repro bubble. Complete and awesome

    Whirl: This thing is badass. Box, outer bubble, inner white bubble tray and backer. Complete with everything INCLUDING AN UNUSED STICKERSHEET! This is as rare as hen's teeth.

    Sunstreaker. original Box and repro bubble. Complete.

    Still deciding on whether to put a bunch more up.

    These will hit ebay tomorrow.
    Please feel free to make offers. I will not even bother responding to "so, how much do you want?" PMs. To put it bluntly, nut up, be a man and make an offer ;) 

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