Beast Wars

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    New story

    Chapter 1: The stasus pod

    Dinobot sneered as he stood outside the maximal base. Rhinox fiddled with the turbolift as he guarded.
    " That should do it." Rhinox finally said.
    " Good, lets go inside." Dinobot stepped onto the platform alonside Rhinox. The lift slowly lifted them inside th Axalon. Rhinox walked off the lift and sat at a computer console. Dinobot stood by the turbolift.
    " Hows the lift?" Optimus said as he entered the room.
    " Working, Tigatron and Cheetor on partol?" Rhinox asked.
    " Yes, they should have repoted in by now.." The COM buzzed.
    " Cheetor to base! Come in Rhinox!" Cheetors voice said over the COM.
    " Rhinox here Cheetor."
    " We need back up! The Pred's are bombarding us! We found a stasus pod in the jungle! Sector 476!" The COM faded.
    " A status pod!" Dinobot hissed. Rhinox pulled up a map on the console.
    " There." He pointed at the grid. " Thats were CHeetor and Tigatron found the stasus pod."
    " Dinobot, your with me. Rhinox stay here, and when Rattrap comes back from patrol send him." Optimus ordered.
    " Beast mode." Dinobot sneered. His sleek, robot mode turned into a rapter in less than a second.
    " Ok lets move." The two went down the turbolift and stepped outside.
    " Optimus maximize!" Optimus's gorilla body changed into a tall, sleek robot form. He turned on his thrusters and rocketed into the sky.
    " OK Dinobot watch for any stray preds!" Dinobt nodded and began to run to the battle.

    Cheetor hefted his blaster and fired at Waspinator. He dodged, rolled and hide behind a large tree. Tigatron fired rapidly at Scorponok, he too dodged, and fired two missiles at them. Cheetor dove and hit the ground hard, Tigatron got caught in the blast of the second one.
    " Tigatron!" Cheetor yelled. Tigatrons limp body lay only a few meters beside Cheetor. CHeetor turned and fired again at waspinator, hit him square on and sent him tumbling into a deep ravine behind them. Cheetor rapidly fired at Scorponok, he missed and Scorponok fired a missile. Cheetor rolled and the missile missed, sending debris flying through the air.

    Optimus activated and aimed his twin laser cannons, and opened fire. Dinbot ran a skidded to a hualt.
    " Dinobot, Maximize!" He transformed back to his robot form and armed his spinning tail. OPtimus landed beside cheetor and Dinobot. Scorponok retreated.
    " Wheres the stasus pod?" Optimus asked. Cheetor transformed and ran up onto the ciff overlooking the ravine.
    " Up here Optimus, on that ledge." Optimus ran up to cheetor and looked down. The ravine streched farther than the eye could see. Optimus estimated that the ravine was roughly seventy-feet down.
    " Dinobot," Optimus said as he turned to him and the injured Tigatron. " How is he?" Dinobot shook his head.
    " He needs the CR chamber bad." Dinobots sensors flashed.
    " And we have another problem, preds incoming!" Cheetor transformed, Optimus rocketed into the air and Dinobot hid Tigatron.
    " Dinobot! Get the stasus pod out of the ravine!" Optimus ordered as Terrasaur swooped in. Dinobot ran over to the ravine and looked for the stasus pod. He spotted it, and jumped onto the cliff of witch it sat. He looked up, Optimus was busy with Terrasaur while Cheetor was bombarding Inferno on the opposite side of the ravine. Dinobot then looked at the stasus pod. It wasnt injured, but it had scrathes and dents along its sides. half of it was submurged in the ravine wall. Dinobot hesitated and then grabbed hold of pod. Rocks and pebbles bounced off his head from cheetors mis fires. Dinobot muttered something under his breath and continued to tug on the pod.
    " Can I give you a hand with that?" Terrasaurs high pitched voice asked. Dinobots eyes got big and he slowly turned around. Terrasuar fired his pistol, striking Dinobot in the chest. Dinobot slammed against the stasus pod and fell forward, down into the ravine.
    " Dinobot!" Cheetor yelled. Dinobot spiraled and hit the ravine bootom with a loud thud.
    Optimus sat up and looked around. Debri was all around him, and his head was shakin. He groaned, and stood up. Optimus remebered Terrasaur, and quickly went over to the ravine. He scanned for the stasus pod and Dinobot. The stasus pod was still in place, but instead of Dinobot, it was Terrasaur pulling on it. Optimus aimed his arm gun and fireed repeatedly. Terrasaur was hit in the back and he lay limp on the pod. Cheetor leaped onto the ledge and moved Terrasaur. He transformed and began to remove the pod from the cliff wall. Optimus flew into the air and joined him.
    " Wheres Dinobot?" Cheetor panted.
    " I dont know." Optimus looked over the edge. There, in the small creak at the bottom, lay Dinobot, sparking.
    " There!" Optimus rocketed down to Dinobot and held his head.
    "Dinobot." Dinobot lifted his head.
    " Im fine." He hissed. Optimus gave a weak smile.
    " We need to get you out of here. And Tigatron." Dinobot laughed.
    " Hes your first priority not me." He breathed.
    " No, your both getting back." Optimus layed Dinobots head down gently and stood up.
    " Optimus two base." He said over the COM.
    " Rhinox here, rattraps on his way Optimus."
    " Good, Tigatron and Dinobot need imediate evac from the drp zone."
    " Slag. Im coming, Rattrap will bring Tigatron back, Ill get Dinobot." The COM clicked off.
    " Rhinox and Rattrap on on there way Cheetor!" Optimus yelled. Cheetor nodded and continued to work.
    Rhinox and Rattrap finally show up and begin to take Dinobot and Tigatron back to base.
    " Ill be back Optimus. You can count on it." Dinobot said as Rhinox carried him away. Optimus gave a weak smile and then rocketed up to Cheetor. The stasus pod had been removed from its crash site and Cheetor had activated its DNA scanner.
    " Scanning for compatible life forms. Scanning. scanning." The computer said as a probe popped ot of the pod. After two nano clicks the probe went back inside and the transformer within began to take form.
    " Woa, what do you think it choose big bot?" Cheetor asked. Optimus stayed silent as a small winged bat emerged from the stasus pod.
    " Greetings maximal, I am Optimus primal, leader of the Maximals." Optimus said. The maximal looked up.
    " Hello Optimus Primal I am Sonar." He responded. Cheetor's sensors flickered.
    " Sorry to break this up guys, but we have preds on the way." Cheetor advised.
    " Ok cheetor, take Sonar back to base, ill hold of the preds." Cheetor transformed and jumped onto the higher ledge, Sonar followed. Optimus rocketed into the air and fired at the incoming predicons. Waspinator rolled to dodge it, Megatron fired from the ground. Optimus was caught off guard, tried to dodge it, but then hit square in the chest tearing apart his torso. He fell out of the air, spiralling down to the ground.
    " Find him, yes." Megatron ordered. Waspinator dove into the ravine. Four nano-cycles later he reappeared.
    " Waspinator couldnt find monkey bot." He said. Outraged, Megatron roared and smacked waspinator out of the way.
    " If we cant find him, well make sure his allies cant! Yes." Megatron began to destroy the cliff walls, making huge boulders collaspe in on itself. Megatron cackled as the smoke cleared.
    " Goodbye, Optimus Primal, yes."
    Optimus awoke, rocks surrounded him. He groaned, and began to sit up. His torso began to spark madly and he layed back down.
    " Slag. Optimus too base." He said over the COM. Static.
    " Optimus too base." More static.
    " Slag." Optimus looked around him. Rocks, and water fell around him. Water that was once in the small creak was now running down the misplaced rocks. He lifted his head and examined his dammaged torso.
    " I'll live. For now."
    Dinobot stepped out of the CR chamber and flexed his joints.
    " Ahh. Good as new." Tigatron walked over to him.
    " Good news freind. We hasve the stasus pod you guarded." Dinobot walked over to the turbolift and went down.
    " Ill be back Rhinox, I need to check this out." He sneered.
    " Beast mode!" Dinobot transformed and ran off, his tail flailing behind him. He apporoached the jungle, and stopped. Cheetor and The new Maximal apporached.
    " Cheetor!, Wheres Optimus?" Dinobot asked.
    " Dinobot! He's holding off the Predicons at the ravine. Dinobt looked behind them, smoke billowed from the tranch in the middle of the jungle.
    " Go on back to base, Im goin to help him."
    " Roger that." And with that cheetor and the maximal sped off.
    " Now, to settle a score."
    Terrasaur swooped over top of the Ravine, blasting every square inch of it.
    " All done Megatron!" He screeched. Megatron turned around.
    " Very good Terrasuar, Yes. Patrol for any Maximals that come into view." Terrasaur nodded and transformed. He flew high above the jungle, scanning. Then, a blip ringed on his scanner.
    " Terrasaur, Terrorize!" He transformed, hefted his blaster and flew over to where the blip originated. He spotted Dinobot, who was running towards the ravine. Terrasaur smirked and fired rapidly. Dinobot skidded to a hault and dove behind a large boulder. Terrasaur armed and aimed his twin blaster cannons and fired. It blew the rock apart, sending Dinobot into the bushes behind him. Terrasaur bombarded the plants as he cackled.
    " This time you wont escape Dinobot. You traitor!" He screeched. Dinobot stood and ran towards the ravine. Terrasaur swooped in over top of him and landed a few meters ahead.
    " Not this time." Terrasaur lifted his blaster and fired. Dinobot ducked, rolled towards him, and shoved his sword through Terrasaurs arm.
    " AHHHH!" He screamed and stumbled back. Dinobot picked up Terrasaurs fallen blaster.
    " That does it," He armed it. " Now, wheres Optimus?" Dinobot pointed the blaster at Terrasaur. Terrasaur looked at the gun, then Dinobot.
    " You woudnt." Dinobot shot the ground next to him.
    " Oh I would." Terrasaur trembled.
    " He in the ravine. Hes probably scraped, Megatron shot him pretty hard." Dinobot sneered.
    " Megatron is here?" He asked, shoving his gun in Terrasaurs face.
    " Y-yes, He ordered the ravine to be destroyed. Thats all i know!" Terrasaurs arm sparked, and DInobot pulled his sword out. He then grabbed Terrasaur by his neck, and lifted him off the ground.
    " Score settled." Dinobot threw him into the bushes.
    Optimus tryed to lift a rock that hung over his head. No use.
    " Slag." He tried again. Still no use.
    " Optimus to anyone in range." More static. He sighed, and wondered if hed ever get out of here, let alone this planet.
    " Optimus to anyone." Static and then, a voice.
    " Dinobot here Optimus, are you injured?"
    " Dinobot! Am i glad to here your voice, yes i am my torso is severly damaged, watch for Megatron."
    " Ah Megatron. I know, i ran into Terrasaur, what is your location?" Dinobto sneered.
    " Sector 3490, Im under eight feet of rock, youll have to dig me out." Optimus heard him sigh.
    " Alright, be there in a second."
    Rhinox fiddled with the Axalon's defence terminal. Tigatron sat at one of the consoles, monitoring there surroundings.
    " Rhinox! Its Optimus and Dinobot! There back!" Rhinox stumbled and went down the turbolift.
    " Optimus! Are you alright?" Rhinox asked as he looked him over.
    " Ah, I need the CR chamber, but other than that, im just Prime."

    End of chapter 1, next up Chapter 2: The new arrival

    Chapter 2: The new arrival

    Sonar looked around the Axalon's control room, taking in every aspect of the ship. Optimus came up the turbolift and stepped off.
    " Hello, Getting used to everything?"
    " Yes, lot to be thrown into." Optimus smiled.
    " Well, youll get used to everything, including your fellow maximals." Sonar nodded and walked around the room. His bat head was now on his chest, his wings folded behind him.
    " Ah, so sonar how do you like it?" Rhino asked as he entered the control center.
    " Good, where am I -" He was cut off by the bases defense siren.
    " Preds! Slag, Sentinel isnt up yet!" Optimus transformed.
    " Sonar, your with me, Rhinox try to get sentinel up and running. Where in the name of prime is Cheetor?" Optimus and Sonar went down the turbolift. The base was being bombarded. Megatron, Terrasaur, and Scorponok saw Optimus and sonar, and fired.
    " Find cover!" Optimus yelled over the roar of blaster fire. Sonar nodded, armed his blaster and rolled behind a large boulder.
    " Optimus over here!" He shouted. Optimus ROcketed into the air and began to blast there barracade.
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    The stasus pod i guess. Not bad. Watch your caps, "CHeetor". And commas are wonderul things to use when someone is speaking. "hfsdjafsdjklafhjkash," said Bob.

    Otherwise good job :cool: 

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