Beast Wars. the next generation. still in planning stage

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    ive got a fanfic idea

    it is the year 3,034 AD, the new wreckers have stopped the quintessons from conquering cybrtron and beast machines has past. cheetas primal (formily cheetor) preaches optimus's teachings. but with rouges magmatron and shockeract on the loose, and a strong militia of anti-organic extremists, cybertron has been torn apart again and its up to cheetas primal, mammus primal, and lio prime to restore peace.

    cheetas primal (cheetah
    silverbolt (condor)
    blackarachnia (spider)
    nightscream (bat)
    botanica (venus fly trap like creature)
    obsidian (reformatted and free of meg's programming, vulture)
    tigatron (tiger)
    primal prime (gorilla, jet, land vehicle)
    roadbuster (gorilla, bomber plane, land vehicle)
    cerberus (cerberus)
    skydive ( pterersaur)
    rapticon (rapter)
    longhorn (bull)
    quickstrike (wolf)
    grimlock (t rex)
    t-wrecks (t rex)
    snarl (lion)
    lio prime (lion)
    mammus primal (mammoth)
    CatSCAN (cat like thing)
    predacons (i still need more)
    magmatron (you know)
    shockeract (crab)
    clawjaw (scylla)
    overbite (charybdis)
    laserbeak ( pteredon)
    buzzsaw (grasshopper)
    waspinator (wasp)
    starscream (jet, terersaur)
    razorclaw (chemira)
    spittor (frog)
    bruticus (3 headed dragon)
    cyclonus (jet)
    scourge ( lokust)

    machine malitia:
    strika (tank
    tidalwave (ship)
    swindle (weird car cycle thing)
    lugnut (bomber jet)
    wreckage (fighter jet)

    thats what i have for now... what do you think?

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