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    Felt compelled to write a story after watching this video a few times:

    Prologue Part I – Location: Tyger Pax on Cybertron (Events before first movie – IDW Prequel)

    *A jet flies by at low low altitudes over head, then transforms into Megatron and lands in the dimly lit chamber, his blade-like armor gleaming*

    Swindle: “Greetings, my liege.”

    *Megatron does not even give the smaller Decepticon the time of day as he looks over the badly beaten figure of Bumblebee who is sprawled across the floor*

    Megatron: “Have the traitors revealed where they have hidden the AllSpark?”

    Swindle: *bows head low* “My apologies, Lord Megatron, but despite our efforts, the Autobot will not divulge the location of the AllSpark.”

    *Visibly irritated, Megatron lets out a low growl. Without taking his optics off Bumblebee, he continues talking with Swindle*

    Megatron: “You are as useless as Starscream. Leave me to these Autobots. I will extract the information that I need from him myself.”

    Swindle: “As you command, Lord Megatron.”

    *Swindle bows and backs out of the torture chamber/prison*

    Megatron: “What is your name, Autobot?”

    *Bumblebee says nothing, which irritates Megatron even more*

    Megatron: “Ah, what a brazen, young insect!”

    *Grabs Bumblebee by his neck and raises his face to his eyelevel*

    Megatron: “Tell me where the AllSpark is and I may let you live.”

    *Still nothing from Bumblebee*

    *Megatron grabs hold of one of Bumblebee’s arms and crushes it as Bumblebee screams out in pain*

    Megatron: “SPEAK!”

    Bumblebee: *his hatred and anger suppressed, he speaks calmly* “I’ll never tell you the location of the AllSpark. You Decepticons are not fit to use it. You’re kind are a curse upon this planet!”

    Megatron: “Such arrogance!” *rips off Bumblebee’s crushes arm in a swift motion as Bumblebee withers in anguish* “I will tear each of you limb-from-limb until the Cube is safe within my hands!”

    *Megatron stops as a loud rumble shakes the ground. Megatron looks up just in time to see the AllSpark fly upwards into the blackness of space*

    Megatron: *Drops Bumblebee*“The AllSpark! NO!”

    *As Megatron turns and prepares to transform into his jet mode and go after the AllSpark, Bumblebee slithers across the ground and trips Megatron with his legs. A horrified and enraged Megatron looks up to see the AllSpark jettison away*

    Megatron: *glares at Bumblebee and grabs him by the throat again* “Since you refused to speak, I suppose that you have no use for your voice capacitor, insect!”

    *Megatron crushes Bumblebee’s voice capacitor, then throws a “coughing” Bumblebee to the ground before he transforms and goes after the AllSpark*

    Megatron: “All Decepticons report! The AllSpark has left Cybertron’s atmosphere! I, your glorious leader, Megatron, am in pursuit and will singlehandedly retrieve our prize! Once I have returned with the AllSpark, we shall crush all remaining Autobots and begin out conquest of the galaxy! None are to give chase, or they will be exterminated. Megatron: Out!”

    *A small Decepticon command ship, The Darksyde, receives the last transmission that Megatron will ever make in millions of years. The ship’s pilot turns to his commander, waiting for his superior to issue him a command.*

    Wasp: “What shall we do, commander?”

    *The commander of the small Decepticon crew curls his metallic “lips” into a cruel parody of a grin as he issues a command.*

    Gigatron: “We follow it.”

    Desecrate: *snarls*“We were issued a direct order from our superiors. You dare disobey?”

    Gigatron: “Megatron is a fool, taking on the responsibility of pursuing the AllSpark on his own. He is becoming increasingly disorderly, illogical, and impatient as of late. We will eliminate Megatron and receive the AllSpark ourselves; The Darksyde has more than enough firepower to obliterate that old fool. The question is…”

    *turns to Desecrate*

    Gigatron: “You dare have the audacity to question me, your commander?”

    *Clamper, Megatron’s lieutenant, raises his gun towards Desecrate’s head, prepared to fire the weapon if the Decepticon makes a wrong move.*

    Desecrate: “No, forgive me for my insubordination, commander.”

    *Dinobot grumbles as he bows, eyeing Clamper, who lowers his weapon.*

    *Gigatron turns his gaze back towards the ship’s viewport as he prepares to issue a new command to Wasp.*

    Gigatron: “Reduce speed, we will follow both Megatron and the AllSpark, but we must not be noticed… Yessss…”
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    Prologue Part II – Location: Tyger Pax on Cybertron

    *Back on the planet Cybertron, at Tyger Pax, Optimus Prime and a few other Autobots rush to aid of Bumblebee and the other Autobots held captive in the torture chamber/prison*

    “Primus, Bumblebee! What have they done to you?”

    *Ratchet squats down and analyzes Bumblebee’s voice capacitor as he calibrates several tools and a scanner on his forearm as Arcee, who has now been freed, hurriedly retrieve’s the arm that Megatron had torn off*

    “Hmmm… the arm can be easily reattached… As for his voice capacitor, the damage is extensive and may take some time to repair.”

    Optimus Prime: *sighs, a look of sadness in his optics* “Forgive me, Bumblebee… Had we arrived sooner, you might not have suffered this cruel fate.”

    *Unable to speak, Bumblebee tries desperately to communicate with the other robots. Bumblebee soon has a revelation and transmits data from his memory drive to the other Autobots.

    Optimus Prime:
    “Just as I had thought, Megatron has gone after the AllSpark. We must follow him, Megatron must be stopped! Who will come with me?”

    *Bumblebee waves his arms, both of them, with renewed gusto. Ironhide, Jazz, Ratchet, and a few others volunteer as well. Optimus Prime nods his head in approval.*

    Optimus Prime: “I am truly lucky to not only have loyal soldiers by my side, but dedicated friends as well, However, I'm afraid that you, Arcee and Cliffjumper, must remain here on Cybertron to continue combating Decepticon forces... I apologize.”

    *Arcee is visibly upset, but understands that she must stay behind while Cliffjumper salutes Prime, then runs off back into the fray.*

    Optimus Prime: We must hurry, Megatron is still out there, in search of the AllSpark.

    *As the Autobots prepare to leave, static is broadcast into the communications channel*

    Nova Minor: “Come in, Autobots, this Nova Minor of the Autobot command ship, The Axalon. Does anybody read me? We have spotted Megatron in pursuit of the AllSpark and we are on his trail.”

    Optimus Prime: *surprised* “This is Optimus Prime. It seems that Primus smiles upon us! Continue your pursuit of Megatron and the AllSpark and report your progress back to me, we will rendezvous with you shortly.”

    Nova Minor: “Affirmative, commander. This is Nova Minor signing off.”

    Ironhide: *grunts* “Let’s hope they don’t fail.”

    Optimus Prime:
    “For the sake of Cybertron, let’s hope that they don't.”
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    WHAT!?!? Don't stop there...more please!!!
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    I really like this story so far. Please write more.

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