Beast wars: The movie.

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    My script for a possible beast wars film.
    (live action or animated)

    Enjoy and comment.


    (Pan across the universe we pass several galaxies. The camera stops on a Large planet. The mettalic surface of the planet glows with the rise of the sun. Optimus Prime's voice is heard.)

    Optimus Prime: Our World. Once a war-torn planet on the brink of death, now a hospitable utopia for every race in the universe. We the Autobots, Protectors of the allspark returned to our home when our war ended. The Decepticons surrendered and Have retuned to cybertron to sign a Treaty.​

    (Optimus Prime stands in his robot mode. He still retains his Earth mode. Bumblebee,Ironhide,Rachet, and Sideswipe stand behind him. Skids and mudflap are Bringing a canister. They place the canister in front of Prime.
    A few seconds later, A green beam rises from the canister. The beam then shifts and turns into a large holographic viewing screen. Primes image is seen on the screen. Several miles away, The remnants of the Autobots army stand and stare at the screen.)

    Optimus Prime: My fellow Autobots, After several years of fighting we have finally come to peace with the Decepticons. I commend you all for both your service and your loyalty, And to remember the comrades who fell to protect the allspark.

    (The Autobots let out a thunderous cheer. Back on earth, The alien peace treaty signing is being televised on all the news networks. Sam witwicky is sitting in his parent's home. His father brings some drinks, His mother begins to pet mojo and frankie, While Sam is holding Mikeala's hand, Mikeala kisses him on the cheek. A wedding ring is seen on her hand and she is now pregnant with their first child. The camera cuts back to cybertron with Prime continuing his speech.)

    Optimus: Though through it all, we stood together and never forgot our planet. Even when we faced the trek to several worlds, we never forgot our home. All the while, we found species that were willing to aid us in our struggle.

    (Cut back to earth. In a house very far from the Witwicky home, William lennox is enjoying a cold pepsi. His daughter starts to walk to him, he then picks her up and puts her on his lap, his wife then joins them. In another couch, Epps is sitting with his wife. Then Lennox and Epps pound each others fists. Cut back to Prime finishing his speech. )

    Prime: We have found peace...and lets make it last... TIL' ALL ARE ONE!

    (The Autobots then began to chant the battle cry repeatedly. Meanwhile, in another part of cybertron, The decepticons, battered and shaken, begin clearing away debris left by years of warfare. One decepticon finds the shattered head of a deceased autobot. He looks around the battlefield and stares at his comrades conditions. He feels anger. He begins to speak with the voice of Micheal Clarke Duncan.)

    Ramhorn: Enjoy it while you can Autobots, because we will wait...and we will have vengeance!

    (Ramhorn then crushes the head with his hand. He then drops it and begins clearing debris again.)

    To be continued.....
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    YAY! Beast wars!
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    Que the Beast Wras Theme!

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