beast wars the lost episodes?

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    i found this while doing a search yesterday to see if some of the other transformer fan fic sites i happend to frequent back around the late 90's or so were still around at the time i did the search yesterday

    originally i was trying to find a surviving copy of bwratbats story seperation

    long story short i happened to like reading the guys stuff storywise back in the day.

    anyways about 4 or 5 years or so back my computer got totally fried virus wise and ever since iv been searching the net checking the old sites to see if i might still find a copy of that particuler story

    no such luck

    anyways i managed to find a few websites that still had a good copy of

    the beast wars the lost episodes arachnid, tripredicus,repercussions fanfic trilogy

    just thought i would leave a note on the matter in case anyone here has gone through the same run of bad luck over the years like i did

    near as i can tell bwtle happens to revolve more or less around the non show characters exploring what the series may have been like if the non show characters had actually appeared in the show character wise

    this is just my opinion but the whole trilogy is a rather interesting alternate take on the beast wars when it come to it exploring in large part the whole predestined time loop scenario

    heres the link for the lost episodes arachnid, tripredicus, and repercussions fanfic story series trilogy

    the arachnid story series appears to takes place somewhere about halfway through season 1 with the tripredicus series expanding on the second season to a full 26 episode season with it taking place presumably as the first half of season 2 while the repercussions series takes place somewhere betweeen season 2 and 3 with the repercussins storyline itself serving in some part as a sort of tweenseason storyline that explores how the timeline during the present day on pre-post beast wars cybertron is changing from what was meant to be the original timeline for that period of the time stream

    if there are any episodes you cant read due to a broken net link the episodes with a broken link can be found over at transformers lexicon

    heres the lexicon link

    or they can also be found here as well

    good reading there people

    if anyone has been looking for that particuler fanfic series over the years do yourself a favor and save yourself a copy of the bwtle story series trilogy while you can
    once they dissapear for the 3rd time chances are they will be gone for good

    by the way heres the website i used to track them down with;list

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