Beast Wars: Regenerated

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    Well i have this idea for a beast wars fanfic. It stars off just like the original series with the two ships crashing onto prehistoric earth. This time only Megatron and Optimus Primal are the only known survivors. Megatrons alt mode is an alligator and Optimus' alt mode is a bat, just like their original toys. After a while the two leaders find some recruits. Buzz Saw, Iguanus, Inferno, Insecticon, Scorponok, Snapper, Tarantulas, Terrorsaur, Waspinator are on megatrons side and Armordillo, Cheetor, Dinobot, Rattrap, Razorbeast, Rhinox, Polar Claw, Tigatron and Wolfang follow Optimus' lead. A little bit into the series Megatron gets upgraded and gets a t-rex alt mode and optimus gets a gorilla alt mode. Later on the Maximals andthe Predacons get more and more recriuts until both sides have full on proper armies, unlike the series.

    In my story all of the characters look and transform(they transform more like the transformers movie characters) differently to their tv and toy counterparts.

    How does it sound.

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