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Discussion in 'Transformers General Discussion' started by Auto Morph, Mar 27, 2010.

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    Many of you many find this hard to believe, but up until a week ago, I had never seen an episode of Beast Wars.

    I know.

    However, I have recently set about changing all that and have been starting from the very beginning watching the first handful of episodes. The problem is, that the only access I have to them is through Youtube, which is ok but not really, due to the poor quality and screen size, not to mention every episode comes in 3 seperate parts.

    I've done some half-arsed research and it seems that Beast Wars was never really released on DVD in Region 2 (I live in the UK), with the exception of a few compilations of episodes which I can pick up cheaply through eBay or Amazon.

    I suppose I could shell out and get a multi region DVD player and get the American releases, but the sheer cost and hassle involved kinda prevents me from doing that (have you seen how much the box sets are on Amazon???).

    So really, I'm looking for any help or advice from any fellow TFWers as to how I can watch every episode of Beats Wars, in the correct order, on my televsion.

    I'm willing to accept any suggestion, but please know that I don't do illegal downloading. And by that I mean I don't do it myself.

    I'm REALLY loving the series so far but the prospect of sitting at my PC for hours on end day in, day out, is not too thrilling.

    Help me TFW, you're my only hope.

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